Thursday, 5 March 2015


I make a six-weekly visit to my Physiotherapist and today was the day.   It used to be the farmer going too but he has now been 'signed off',so I go alone.  It is only a journey of around ten miles and the countryside was looking decidedly prettier as the snow melted away.   There were even daffodils out here and there and plenty of crocus.

I can't say that I enjoy the visit but it keeps me mobile.   She says I suffer what she likes to call 'teacher's back' this being a condition where vertebrae in the lower spine tend to get locked together and form strong tissue which limits movement.   She does this complicated 'twist' which I hate (I find it difficult to breathe while she is doing it) which aims to release some of the fluid which has built up and send it into the lymphatic system.   I certainly feel better for it, so shall continue to go.   All part of the process of getting old I find.

I ordered two books from Amazon just after Christmas and was told that they would be delivered in March.   True to form they arrived this morning - can anyone explain to me why they took so long?  As a matter of interest they are two books (paperbacks) written by Shane Spall (wife of Timothy, the actor) about their adventures on their Dutch barge 'The Voyages of the Princess Matilda' and 'The Princess Matilda comes home'.   Light reading, but just right for sitting by the stove on a cool, windy night waiting for The Sewing Bee to come on television - so that is what I am off to do right now.


Sue said...

Love Sewing Bee!

angryparsnip said...

Happy that the roads are better.
Enjoy the books and a toasty fire.

cheers, parsnip

Gerry Snape said...

I watch sewing bee with one of the grandgirls...we were disappointed that our girl went off today...who will win next week?

Frances said...

I may be wrong, but think that physiotherapists are more prevalent in the UK than over here. It's so good that your visits to your physio are benefitting you. The Teacher's Back is an interesting label for the condition you describe.

You can tell that I learn lots from your posts, about many aspects of Yorkshire life. I am enriched by all of it.


Cro Magnon said...

I suspect that Amazon have taken on too much.

thelma said...

There is a new Robert Macfarlane book out as well called 'Landmarks' which should be interesting, it is about landscape and its language..

Heather said...

Books from Amazon seem to take ever longer to arrive. I suppose it depends on the sender.
I am looking forward to a trip to my chiropractor next week - he always makes me feel better though I'm usually very tired after treatment.
Whatever the temperature I do feel that spring has sprung and am enjoying the little spots of colour breaking out in the garden. No more rain for a few days please!!

Mac n' Janet said...

I have a bad lower back too, do you think all old teachers have it?