Thursday 28 September 2023

The Middle of the Night.

 Well 2 am!   Can't sleep.   I don't know why - I had a lovely day.   W and I met our friends from Grange over Sands at The Wensleydale Heifer for lunch.   And a lovely lunch it was too.

The Heifer is a high class mainly fish restaurant and  Boutique Hotel - always full  - today was no exception - Car Park full (of  large, expensive cars).  Sea Bream, Goujons (very large ones not the tiddly little things full of fish 'offcuts' which are the usual fare in cafes - these were huge and came with thrice cooked chunky chips and 'special' mushies (I think they were fresh green peas - lovely bright coloured green 'mush' with just a few whole peas) - tartare sauce - a delightful plateful (water, Black Sheep ale, Elderflower drunk).

I resisted the Eton Mess (which was huge and prettily decorated with spun sugar) and plumped for rice pudding with a crispy brown sugar topping, accompanied by coconut ice cream and a pile of preserved ginger (beautiful.) and decorated with a very pretty purple pansy.

We were  (as requested) in the bar - a tiny alcove with just room for a table for us four and another table for two.

I have nothing to eat since - too full.  

It is always slightly strange in the middle of the night when one can't sleep isn;t it?  Sitting here with a totally silent world outside.

I have to end of a very sad note. My little hedgehog who has been around for the whole week was this morning run over right outside my bungalow.   Why can't folk drive carefully.   Surely a hedgehog is worth slowing down for.

Off to bed for another try.  Night-night,


anonymous said...

Hedgehogs are adorable little creatures, I'm sorry yours is gone now, hopefully it's being run over means it didn't suffer for long.Sleep well,

Cro Magnon said...

Listen to Radio 4 Extra. Always a good play or comedy show on through the night.

Derek Faulkner said...

You portray a normal night for me. I've suffered different degrees of insomnia for years now. I go to bed, fall asleep almost instantly and then wake up two or three hours later and spend the rest of the night trying to go back to sleep. It's so frustrating looking out of the window and knowing that most of the world out there are probably sleeping soundly.

Librarian said...

I hope you can catch up with some lost sleep today by having a late morning or early afternoon nap.
My sleeping pattern has considerably altered over the last few years, a lot of it has to do with the ongoing worries about my Dad, while he was still alive, and of course my Mum, too, as she was most affected by my Dad's health issues. It is rare for me to sleep more than 2 hours in a go; I usually wake up three times during the night (and not always because I need the toilet). One of the things I nearly always do then is go to my kitchen window, open it wide and look, listen, smell into the night.
Poor little hedgehog.

Debby said...

How sad about the hedgehog.

It is 4 am here. I am awake. I am tired, but cannot sleep.

Gerry Snape said...

Pat...was there a full moon or something?..I too had 3 goes at getting to sleep...moved bed...moved brain was buzzing...on a positive note a phone call from the doctor reassures me that my heart is tickety least most of the time!!

Gerry Snape said...

Oh..and re the potter took out the bins last evening what should be scurrying around at the front..but a big adult hedgehog...I'm very thankful...just don't go near the road please!

Gigi said...

I found the food in England bloody awful when we spent a lot of time there in 1989, much better in Scotland. It sounds like it has improved now. Glad you got out with friends again and yes it was I believe, the harvest moon last night. Like Librarian, I only sleep in two hour stretches, but get back to sleep quickly each time. Last night I even had a dream, I was walking whales on leashes in the water. Even nuttier than your ornaments talking to each other!

Sue said...

Aww poor little hedgehog, people do not take care to avoid them in our town at night either. There are far too many little bodies on the roads. Then last week someone purposefully drove into around 15 ducks that were crossing the road, a kind hearted local gathered up those left alive and put the ducklings that were hiding in the hedge into a box and they all went to a rescue organisation that is local to us. So sad.

Your meal out sounds lovely, good food and good company it makes for a satisfying day doesn't it.

Ellen D. said...

Maybe digesting all of that lovely food kept you awake. You'll catch up tonight!

Barbara Anne said...

Hope you got back to sleep or will permit yourself a nap or two during today to make up for your wakefulness. My mother used to have wakeful nights after a larger than usual and richer than usual meal.

So sorry about your hedgehog.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Barbara Anne - interesting. I got straight off to sleep and slept for four hours. I had a catch up nap after lunch today.
Derek - when I have that kind of night I get up and make myself a cup of tea, switch on the World News while I drink the tea and then go back to bed. It usually works.

Thanks everyone. I still feel sad about the hedgehog but it is I fear a happening oft repeated.

Brenda said...

Am 76 today. I have never loved breakfast. I remember, growing up, on weekends, Mother or my grandmother fixing poor man's gravy, white meat...and biscuits...yummmmm...there is a company that makes and sells that gravy...I can't get it here in Florida, but a friend sends it to me occasionally. I have been a vegetarian since 1992, so I do not miss meat at all...I usually drink juice and maybe a cookie with my meds in the morning. Try to eat a meal around mid day and something light evening...used to go out to breakfast before church (in Indiana, WV, Ohio, SC,...) something light...or maybe even split a meal at McDonald's...those were the olden love your blog. I only read a few anymore. I can't take the politics...keep are amazing...I must admit that when in England in 2006 and 2008, studying, etc...Shakespeare...I fell in love with the cream on the scones...yummmmm...there was a little place in London and one in Stratford upon Avon...the best scones...I have never been able to make them as good.