Thursday, 30 December 2021


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Bovey Belle said...

I am determined to walk every day unless it is raining in torrents. Today's walk was as far a our nearest postbox and back - about a mile and a quarter, so not far, but it's up and down hill all the way, so a good workout. It rained throughout - getting more determined the further I went so now trainers, coat, gloves and hat are drying by the radiators and my soggy socks are in the wash. I feel all the better for it as my hips were sore from sitting and sewing too much yesterday.

We have been joining in the Christmas University Challenge programmes - Tam is much more educated in the Sciences than us, having done two at A-level. I am best at Literature and Natural History and the periods of art which interest me most (Pre-Raphaelite and Impressionist). Keith is good at maths and ancient history. We are all good at archaeology and history generally.

Bits of old films have been watched here toom, but I managed to miss all of Murder on the Orient Express as I was making tea.