Sunday 19 December 2021

This and that.

 Wasn't it good to go to bed feeling nothing but joy from seeing the joy of Rose on winning Strictly?   And also seeing the pleasure John and Johannes got in seeing them win.   As the scores showed - there was no difference in their performances and John actually said they didn't mind whether they won or not, whereas Rose was desperate to win and John actually said he had still enjoyed every moment from start to finish.   The whole programme must have done such good for the deaf community and - hopefully - for the gay community too.    Yes, we have come a long way in our acceptance of the gay community but we are not there yet by a long way. I have gay friends and I have a trans grand child - both are happy in their relationships and as far as I know are well accepted.   But I think one would have to be a member of the community and have experience of living alongside everyone before one could really say how it was.   Hopefully after John and Johannes more people will have learned to accept it.

Very sharp frost here this morning - the coldest night of the year so far.   This morning a very sharp frost - my front lawn is white - and drifting fog - gone one minute, here the next.   I dare n't venture out with Priscilla until all vestige of ice on the footpath has disappeared.

It is now bedtime and I have recalled my blog to add a bit more to it.   The promise of sunshine and blue sky disappeared as soon as the fog began to clear and it has been a dull, dismal day but not particularly cold.   I forced myself to get hold of Priscilla and walk round the block.   I didn't feel like it )don't think Priscilla did either)) but by the time I got to the bottom of the drive I knew I had done the right thing.   I met a lady with an elderly Labrador and we had a five minute chat - very pleasant, and then M next door saw me coming up the road and popped out for a chat, so that plus my carer, then both my God daughter and my son on the phone meant five nice chats altogether.   So important I think.

When my son rang he was also watching the Snooker final with Ronnie O'Sullivan playing Neil Robertson.   We talked about O'Sullivan's 'cool', My son said he got there with only   aQuarter of an hour to spare one day in the week - his excuse was that he happened to be passing Marks and Spencer and he fancied a cream scone and a cup of coffee so he nipped in for one.   - He won- a cheque for £100,000 - I wondered what my father (a keen snooker fan) would have thought of that sort of prize money (or indeed the weekly pay of some of the top footballers) - I am sure he would never believe it.

Stay safe from Omicron dear friends - see you tomorrow.


Susan said...

It is good to hear you had a nice walk and met up with a couple people along the way. Avoiding icy walkways will always be important and you seem to gauge the weather/ice conditions very well. My driveway had some black ice on it this morning but by noon it all melted. Our nights can be quite cold at this time of year. Caution is required.

Cro Magnon said...

Oh dear. I stayed watching the TV to watch Rose win, but promptly fell asleep and missed the whole show. But at least the right couple won.

Librarian said...

Good that you went out and met the lady with the labrador and then your friend, too.
It's been a solid grey sky all weekend, but we are supposed to have a sunny day tomorrow, and some sun left on Wednesday before it all turns grey and wet again; a white Christmas is not likely here.

Rachel Phillips said...

I didn't watch Strictly but there was a very good programme about Charles Dickens' life on Channel 5. I think you would like it. See if you can find it if you haven't seen it already. Lovely weather here. My nephew had his booster jab in Leyburn.

Heather said...

We had fog all day yesterday though not very thick. Clear this morning but noticeably colder.
Saturday night was wonderful. I must say I was torn between Rose and John, and would have been happy whichever of them won. However, I do think Rose was the slightly better dancer. Throughout the contest both couples have touched my heart with their dancing.
Glad you got out for a walk - I don't go out if the pavements are icy.
Keep warm and safe.

thelma said...

Well the weather is going to be up and down this week before Xmas, with frost in the morning tomorrow so be careful. Not a dancing or cookery fan to be honest all I got to watch was 'The Dig', a film that I love for its romantic image of a lost generation now.

the veg artist said...

This has been a tremendous series, with Rose, John and AJ very worthy finalists. It was hard to listen to AJ without a little eye-dabbing, such a shame she could not take part. I think Rose was always going to win, both for her dancing, and also through admiration for her impressive ability to remember all of the dances without being to hear the music. She has done so much for the profile of deaf people in a few short weeks.

Derek Faulkner said...

I've supported Rose all the way through Strictly and wanted her to win but was a bit uncertain that she would on Final night because I thought John's dancing was the better of the two.
Yet another cold, grey and very damp morning here.

Ellen D. said...

Glad you got out for a walk and a visit! Have a great week!

Granny Sue said...

I've been working 4 hours a week at the antique mall, and do enjoy getting to see people. Where I live I often have only my husband to talk to, so the internet is a blessing. I have a gay granddaughter, and many gay friends. It's a better world for the freedom they have now to love without the hate of the past. Still a ways to go there, but we're getting there.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Touched our hearts indeed Heather - television at its very besdt
Rschel we have a big centre at Tennants for vaccinations I think they come frome far and wide.Cro - I think either couple could have won but it was good beforehand that John said he would be happy for Rose to wi - he hadn;t beeen in it to win. I think it was TV at it absolute best.

I have rarely been so moved by television.