Wednesday 15 December 2021


 It has taken me ages this evening to get on to my blog for some reason.   At present I am very shaky about the hands )Benign Essential Tremor) and it isn't always easy to hit the right keys which doesn't help.  But anyway I am here now.   After just listening to the News about the awful spread of the new variant of Covid and the speed at which it is spreading things are really in a sorry state aren't they?

I am sitting here wondering whether or not to go to my usual hair appointment by taxi in the morning or whether it would be better to cancel.   I intend to stay home over Christmas anyway so my hair is not desperately important.   And the first check up on my new Hearing aids (which are very good by the way) really can wait a week or two if they have to.   Perhaps the most sensible course of action at my age is to lie low and stay put.

Apart from a walk to the other end of the road delivering by hand one or two Christmas cards today has been quite uneventful apart from a visit from friends S and T - always a real delight.

I have had my annual Christmas card from my paper boy - the time has come to distribute gifts to our local helpers.   He is a good lad and delivers my Times every morning on the dot so well worth a small gift.   It is all ready by the front door to give him when I hear the paper come into the letter box in the morning.  A small thank you does no harm at all.

Sorry it is a bit of a boring post but there doesn't seem to be an awful lot happening and what there is is not very cheerful.   See you tomorrow.


thelma said...

It seems to be spreading like wildfire Pat, perhaps forego your hairdressing appointment. But then what happens if there is another lockdown? We have an outing tomorrow for a school play, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be cancelled.

Brenda said...

I have been cutting my hair since pandemic started...haven't been in restaurants...however, I am able now to see family as vaccine has been finished...I don't have the food delivered, and I run in. We do tons outside...we are hoping next year will be better...This virus just won't stop, and until people vaccinate and mask...enjoy your blog.

Mary said...

I love thoughts of the traditional paper boy popping the paper through the letter box. I was actually a Devonshire 'paper girl' for a while, helping my brother with his route back in the 50's, wow, so long ago!
We have a 'German paper lady' named Helga who arrives in a vehicle around 5 am and slings the paper in a waterproof plastic sleeve onto the grass! We've never met her but she's reliable, especially holding the papers when we are away and then delivering a bundle on the day we return (which of course hasn't happened often these last 2 yrs). We mailed her Xmas card with a check. Our mailman we handed a card and cash to. For our automobile service guys, two brothers, we will stop by tomorrow with a large tin of Belgian chocolate biscuits for nibbling while they're oil changing etc. There are others we remember - the list is a bit long!
Christmas is more about giving for me - I enjoy that part more than receiving, especially now when there's nothing I really need! 2022 will definitely mean serious downsizing!
Take care - sending holiday hugs.

John Going Gently said...

Chin up xx

Tasker Dunham said...

My view is that it's probably OK up here for the next week or so, and then it's going to be everywhere. The reports are that for most people Omicron is similar to a cold. I hope so because it sounds so infectious we'll all get it eventually.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Tasker you say on my post today that 'it will probably not be up here until after Christmas. Just to say that there are already cases in Leyburn and thy are growing.

Heather said...

The world as a whole seems to be in a sorry state right now. All we can do is be sensible and protect ourselves as best we can, and be grateful for what we have. Here's hoping 2022 will be bring a little cheer, but I think I said something similar last year.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Take care Pat! I had my booster shot today, Pfizer making me feel rougher than AZ did!

Ellen D. said...

You have to decide for yourself what you feel comfortable with. We are supposed to go to my brother's home on Christmas Eve but we will all do a rapid Covid test before we go to make sure we are all Covid free. My middle son is a medical researcher and can get the tests for us. His wife is a doctor and so we always follow her advice.
Stay safe, Weaver!

Anonymous said...

Don't put yourself in the way of risk. Two latest outbreaks in this State have been from a school play night, and a school reunion. Long distances apart, but frustrating as the contact list grows and grows.-Pam.

Cro Magnon said...

In France I used to buy very small boxes of Ferrero Rochet chocks as gifts (plus €20 each for the postie and fireman). Here I have bought several boxes of M & S Belgian chocolate truffles which I shall wrap and keep handy. If any boxes are left over after 25th, they will be very welcome here too.

Jules said...

Naively, perhaps, this time last year I never would have thought we would still be in this situation twelve months on. X

Librarian said...

Same as Jules, I certainly did not expect us to have another Christmas without Christmas market, and another New Year's Eve without big parties and fireworks (not that I attended big parties every year, and I am not a fan of the loud bangs, either).

Pat, like someone else here said, if you feel it best to cancel your appointments, then do it. I felt uneasy at the thought of meeting people outside my immediate family when things started to go downhill again here, and have cancelled all such meetings for the entire month.

Your friends S & T are true gems, you see them almost every day! By the way, not a boring post at all. And good to know you've been out for a walk.

Bovey Belle said...

We have our other two offspring coming for Christmas but all of us will carefully do a test beforehand. Then I think it will be a Lie Low January for us and I really don't want to go to Malvern Fleamarket in January because of it, so will have to Have Words with my husband, who will want to go regardless.

Do what you feel comfortable with is what I would say.

Sue said...

To quote the much missed Eric Morecambe ... ' you are hitting all the right keys, just not necessarily in the right order'. I have that problem some days too :-)

Personally I will be having my hair cut next week, just so I'm nice and neat for Christmas and because I had to miss my last appointment, but then I think we will be having a mostly stay at home January. While we are being very careful and are fully vaccinated and boosted there are so many people not taking much care at all.

Stay safe. xx

Rachel Phillips said...

Have you ever smoked, had respiratory illnesses, are you obese, do you have underlying medical condition/s? These are the questions to ask yourself when considering your lifestyle and whether to hibernate or go out. The decision is yours to make and the television is best left off.

Derek Faulkner said...

The panic being spread by the government at the moment does rather seem aimed at causing us to create our own Lock down rather than them calling one. All of us that have had three jabs, wear face masks and wash our hands frequently, can do no more and I for one don't intend shutting my life down to the degree that government and their advisers are trying to scare us to do. The Parish Council meeting will still be going ahead here tonight and my partner and I have a meal booked in a local resturant for Sat evening.

the veg artist said...

This is a difficult thing to assess. Anyone who heard Chris Whitty yesterday can be in no doubt as to his thoughts, yet there are no bans on mixing as yet in England and Wales. Wales appears to be behind England in rates of Omicron, but cases are increasing by the day here too. The mildness or otherwise of the disease is also difficult to predict. We will each have to decide what actions to take for ourselves at the moment.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I think that between you all you have hit all the nails on the head. We must all do as we see fit. For myself - I am quite frail now. Some days I don't feel it but today for example I can barely walk with Priscilla - just to the post box and back was an effort. So I have cancelled my hair appointments until the New Year. And as I am staying here alone at Christmas anyway I shall enjoy it in my own way - phone calls, some TV, some reading, a delicious Christmas lunch provided by my Carer's Mum and hopefully all will mproved y New Year. At present it is rocketing through our little town.
Thaml you for contributing to the debate.

jinxxxygirl said...

Pat all we can do is take in all the information and do what we think is best. Hubby is boosted(monderna)... i just got boosted yesterday.... arm hurts like a son of a gun but otherwise i feel fine.(pfizer)... My daughter and family refuse to get boosted... The decisions we make affect everyone around us.. Just.... take care of yourself Pat. I think you are being sensible... I think they are unnecessarily frightening us about the new variant in a bid to get more people vaccinated. The lady who gave me my booster said she has been giving alot of people their first dose.. .thats encouraging .. Stay safe Hugs! deb

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angryparsnip said...

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