Friday, 5 August 2022


Lovely evening here.   There has been a lot of cloud all day  but now in the evening there is sunshine and the wind has dropped a lot so it is pleasant.   I have been tired all day - it is always the same if I have a jolly day with a lot going on I  am tired for a day or two afterwards.

Still nothing special to do over the next day or two so I can relax.   There will still be tubs to water.   Sad but I shall not do them again after this year - it is getting too much for me to do  especially if we get a hosepipe ban and I have to carry cans of water.   When P and D came over the Pennines yesterday they remarked on how the rivers were fairly full and we had already noticed our local river, The Ure was nowhere near empty so maybe we shall escape the worst of it.

It is a sad situation really because yes, the reservoirs are quite low but the Water Companies are guilty of wasting a huge amount of water through water leakage so it is hard to know where to lay the blame isn;t it?   What do you think?

That;s it for today friends - almost time for my    Pinup (Monty Don of course).  An hour of him and I am sure I shall feel quite perky again and my tiredness will have faded into insignificance.

Goodnight dear friends.


Ellen D. said...

Well now it is around 9:00 pm where you are so I bet you are getting ready for bed. I hope you sleep well and enjoy your weekend! It is 3:00 pm here and we may have a bit of light rain soon. I am hoping we do as it has been dry here too.
Sleep well, Pat!

the veg artist said...

We had what seemed like days of heavy rain a week or so ago, and the grass has totally recovered, but we are still to have a hosepipe ban later in the month, mainly I think because the forecast is for several weeks of dry weather to come. I will leave the veg plot to survive on its own, but the greenhouse and pots will need to be done with a watering can. I'll tell myself it's good exercise!

Jules said...

After quite a heavy downpour earlier (thankfully, I had just brought my washing indoors), it turned into a lovely bright evening here. X

Daisy Debs said...

I never ever water the lawn . I don't bother in the flower garden unless something is really drooping....but I do have to water my vegetable garden as that is my living larder ! So I will be carrying watering cans from my water buts until they run out .... not sure when our hose-pipe ban will be ...soon I expect, in the far south west of Cornwall .

Barbara Anne said...

We've had rain for the last 3.5 hours and most of the time it was torrential with lots of LOUD thunder and frequent lightening (don't like lightening). I always wonder if the birds and deer are frightened by loud thunder. Hope not.
I'm glad you can relax for the coming days to recover from your delightful day yesterday.
Perhaps next year your gardener or a neighbor can water your front door pots for you. You'd get the enjoyment (as will your visitors and neighbors) without the work.
Sweet dreams!


Susan said...

Drought is a real problem with lack of rain. I'm on a well and it has been very reliable so far. That said, I'm not watering gardens and lawns. Everything has gone dormant. Today we got 20 minutes of heavy rain with thunder and lightening. More rain is predicted for tonight. The stream behind my house remains totally dry.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I get my watering can out every day, sunflowers get very thirsty!

Anonymous said...

Our house faces a large heavily-lawned park, and there have been various years where water restrictions have been in place, and lawns are left to bear the brunt of the heat without watering at all. It never ceases to amaze me how they die off then quickly recover when the seasons change. Same with our countryside. Always joyous to go on a drive and see parched brown hills that have turned to green. We are presently in Winter, with lots of rain. - Pam, S. Aust.

Derek Faulkner said...

I found watching Gardeners World a tad depressing last night, looking at his flourishing clearly drought free garden and then looking at my sad, half dead and cracked up one. In a flourish of great enthusiasm this Spring I planted a lot of new perennials and they have barely grown and some have died, all thanks to the lack of rain.
Down here, small leaks are appearing in many streets and roads and it is mainly due to the clay soil shrinking and cracking apart and breaking the water pipes as it does. The water company is not blameless but events such as that take a lot of catching up with at times.

thelma said...

We seem to have had some rain mostly over nights in this valley, the river and canal are still definitely running and full. I water by watering can, and soaking pot plants in a bowlful of water. Loads of green tomatoes but even my nasturtiums got blasted by the hot weather.

Librarian said...

What Derek says about leaks has been happening here, too. When you look at most gardens around here, they are more yellow and brown than green. My sister keeps watering the allotment she shares with her neighbours, since they are all growing fruit and vegetables there, but she never waters the grass, and it is doing quite well because of the large old trees giving shade.
It was very hot here on Thursday and Friday, but last night (Friday) finally a thunderstorm brought some rain (nowhere near enough, but better than nothing) and cooler temperatures, so sleep was possible and the flat is well aired again.
I think your decision to stop on the flower tubs next year is as sad as it is reasonable.

Anne Brew said...

I also enjoy Gardeners' World and in particular the amateur videos sent in by viewers - very life affirming to see how much people can do with quite small spaces and budgets - more power to them.
Pat, you could maybe think of fewer tubs next year rather than none?
Maybe one placed just outside the front door?