Wednesday, 20 October 2021


 It has rained here more or less nonstop all day.  I had an appointment with the phlebotomist at the Medical Centre this morning.   My son kindly collected me and took me down into town.   It is a once a year thing for checks on blood pressure, blood samples, weight, and then various questions - the only questionable thing seems to be my blood pressure and that has never been questionable before so now I must apparently wait and see whether nurse contacts me or not.

At about five o'clock the sun burst through and it was a pleasant evening.   In line with the weather forecast there was a nip in the air and it is obviously getting colder.   I did not feel like going out but made myself go right round my usual route and by the time I got home I felt better for it.   And the icing on the cake was M next door coming out for a quick chat to see how I had fared at the doctor's this morning.   So all in all a nice day in spite of the rain.   And a lovely sunset.

I hear on the news at six that HM the Queen, who was off to Northern Ireland this afternoon for a two day visit, has - on the advice of her doctor - called it off reluctantly.   She has been told that for her age she has just been working too hard and must have a couple of days rest.   Maybe I am wrong but I certainly found - and I know many friends who found the same - that after the death of one's beloved partner in life there is a tendency to work oneself into the ground in an effort to forget and to prove something - not sure what - to oneself.   I suspect this may well be the case with Her Majesty.   In any case I wish her well.

Hairdresser tomorrow morning, supermarket order delivery in the afternoon, free day Friday (everywhere is spick and span after J and I between us have cleaned, vaccuumed and polished over the last few days) and then - after this year's flu jab on Saturday morning at the Medical Centre (friends T and S go immediately after me so they are taking Priscilla and me down) my God daughter and her husband are driving over for lunch and I am cooking Mary Berry's Sausage and new potato supper (at lunch time!).  I cannot remember the last time I used the oven - for the last year my dear carer J has provided my lunch every day as part of my care package (what would I do without her?)  I just hope it all turns out well.

As a matter of interest it will be a year on Saturday since I fell and broke my hip.   Quite an eventful year wouldn't you say?


Anne Brew said...

I’m recovering from the booster I had yesterday. I had the same fluey symptoms last week with the flu jab! Pathetic! xx

Sue in Suffolk said...

Goodness - a whole year . I remember we were all so worried that you hadn't posted. Thank goodness you got over it and home safe and sound and still blogging.

Mary said...

I'm always amazed at how our Queen keeps such a busy schedule for her advanced age.
Know she has a lot of assistance with everything one requires to get going day after day, and looking so fabulous doing it all, but it still must be hard for her.

The 'anniversary' of your accident can't be here already! We were all so worried when you disappeared - a bit like Agatha Christie - and then so thankful when you popped up again ready to face the often overwhelming challenges in front of you. Glad you are managing - your positive attitude always shines through making those of us with aches and pains realize yours were much worse.

Sending good wishes for all the great days ahead dear Pat.
Mary X
P.S. "God Save The Queen"

CharlotteP said...

You have done amazingly to recover so well...just heed your own advice and have a nice lunch party, but don't work yourself into the ground!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Anne - not pathetic at all - some people experienced no symptoms and others felt pretty rough for a day or two. I felt rough with my second covid jab - but only for a couple of days.

Margie from Toronto said...

You have done amazingly well with your recover and it is to your credit that you make the effort to get out there with Priscilla! My rheumatologist once told me "use it or lose it" and she was right! There are some days that it's an effort but I too make the effort to get out there and move!

How nice to have some company to look forward to - I'm sure the lunch will be lovely.

I know everyone seems a bit worried about the Queen but then I looked at her schedule for the past couple of weeks - my goodness - she certainly deserves a couple of days off! She is amazing.

I'm stopping in to the pharmacy tomorrow to see if I can book for a Friday flu shot - it's close to my office and I only do a couple of hours on Friday mornings so I can pop in around noon as I head home.

Joanne Noragon said...

I read of HM's deferral of her trip. First in all these many years. She does need a good rest.

Debby said...

What a long way you've come in a year though!

Librarian said...

A lovely sunset can make up for an entire day, can't it!
We have had an uncharacteristically warm day yesterday, about 20C and sunny but very windy. Over night, that wind has turned into the first autumn storm of this season, and I will not take an umbrella today for my way to work - no use when it will just flap about and turn over.
As usual, you sound very busy!
Already a year since you broke your hip; I am so glad you are doing as well as you are.

Derek Faulkner said...

It has been an awful night here in Kent as Storm Aurore came along the Channel and swamped us southern counties with torrential rain and gales. Also, as I got up, it has turned noticeable colder than recent days.

thelma said...

I like the fact that the Queen has refused the 'Oldie of the Year' award this year at 95. You are only as old as you feel she said. Doesn't seem a year since you broke your hip, not a particularly welcome anniversary. Freezing cold here as the cold slowly descended yesterday afternoon.

Heather said...

I haven't been given an appointment for my Covid booster yet, but my flu jab is coming up next month. Hope your test results are satisfactory.
I'm sure your lunch party meal will be a success and that you can rely on Mary Berry!
Over the past couple of days we have had torrential rain, thunder and lightning (though not a 'proper' storm) brilliant sunshine and strong winds, extremely mild and colder!! Makes a good talking point.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Heather - glorious day here today until you step outside - bitterly cold.

Thanks everyone - seems we are facing cold and rain wherever we live - Winter drawers on in both senses of the word.

A Smaller Life said...

You've done amazingly well over the last year.

The Queen did look tired on last nights news didn't she, and she's already had a busy week for someone of her age. It's not just the meeting people it's the travelling to the various engagements that must take it out of her and I've noticed she seems to have lost weight since Prince Phillips death. A rest seems like a good idea.