Wednesday, 13 April 2016

To begin at the beginning:

Another wet day, although the sky seems to be lightening.   We both awoke at around half-past four and didn't get back to sleep again.   Me because I am always the same when I am going off for the day and the farmer because two arguing blackbirds kept him awake.

One is nesting in the tree peony/clematis in our front garden (that 'dad' sits on the wall by the side of said tree peony) and the other is nesting in the ivy on the opposite wall by the telegraph post.  (that 'dad' sits on top of the post).   And as soon as it is dawn they start to sing.   And they sing.....and they sing.   It is now half past nine in the morning and they are still at it.   I suppose we must give them the opportunity; after all once the babies are born they will be run off their feet (or maybe flown off their wings is a better description).

Today I am going to Kirby Lonsdale with friend W to meet our friends P and D.   I will post details of the delicious Italian food later in the day if I haven't eaten too much. 

It poured with rain for much of the day with a brief Spring-like period just as we reached  the little town.   These two half-grown
cats were taking advantage of the sunshine in a rather unusual place.   By the time we had eaten our meal it was raining again and as we walked back to the car park they were back under the verandah in their cosy bed with their mother!

As so the food, as usual it was superb.   The restaurant we always go to is an Italian one called Avanti (if you are ever in Kirby Lonsdale do give it a try but book because it is always full).
I took a photograph of my meal - a pasta meal with spicy Italian sausage.   It was a mixture of linguine, spicy sausage, roasted cherry tomatoes and wilted spinach - all with an oily dressing.   How easy it must be for the Italian housewife to rustle up a tasty meal if someone calls unexpectedly; these were all the foods which you would have in your fridge.


Derek Faulkner said...

This morning here in Kent has been superb so far, starting with a lovely dawn chorus and then warm and sunny conditions and the promise of very warm later on. A couple of hours walking round the reserve and counting birds came up with even more firsts of summer visitors. A pair of Garganey ducks, a Reed Warbler, a Whitethroat and four House Martins, Spring has well and truly arrived down here.
Don't forget the diet lunch-time.

donna baker said...

Same here only weenies and waterfowl keep me up at night. I am still tired this morning.

Frances said...

Weaver, thank you for re-posting yesterday's picture of the nest in the barn. I would welcome any other pictures you may have of nests discovered by the Farmer.

I certainly do hope that you all will now have some sunny days, to balance all the recent rain. It's good that the rain has not prevented you from getting out and seeing your friends. And having some delicious meals and tea, too!

Even here in NYC I can be awakened at dawn by birdsong along with the sunlight. Of course, I never see these birds, and assume they are our plentiful sparrows. I like your description of the blackbird couple's duet.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Their song is very preferable to the endless scolding "chakks" you're going to get when you or a cat goes anywhere near their nest when the chicks are in situ

Heather said...

I hope the day's weather improves for you Pat. I have had my first cuppa of the year sitting outside watching the frogs in the pond. It might be pouring with rain again tomorrow so I like to make the most of the sunshine.
I love to hear blackbirds singing but not if they wake me at 4am!

Terry and Linda said...

We have a huge winter storm with freeze warnings and wind supposed to hit here on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Ugh! That's the worst part of spring...winter trying to hang on.


thelma said...

Well it has rained in this part of Yorkshire as well, Lucy has slept all day, so I am not looking forward to tonight as she wanders restlessly around

Joanne Noragon said...

After all the babies are born your morning, afternoon and evening music will be the incessant calls for food.

Heather said...

Those two cats must be almost identical - the markings on their tails are unusual.
Your lunch looks delicious.

Rachel Phillips said...

Lovely cat pictures.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I wonder what Mr and Mrs Blackbird were saying to each other
HER Have you got me my worm yet?
HIM Give it a rest woman. I have only just got up.
HER I keep telling you to get up earlier. After all it's...
HIM (interrupting) Yes! I know! It's the early bird that..
TOGETHER Catches the worm (They laugh and tweet happily)

Maria said...

That dish looks very filling, and it is a complete dinner all on one plate; carbohydrates, proteins and vitimins. The cats are lovely. Greetings Maria x

Cro Magnon said...

Ah pasta; What would we do without it!

Librarian said...

To be honest, I would not have any of those components in my fridge, but then again I am (mostly) a single household and only shop on purpose when I know my boyfriend is coming to stay over the weekend.
But I do like a nice spicy salsiccia, and I absolutely love spinach.
Great cat pictures!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Derek - diet was on hold yesterday.
Thanks for calling everyone. Glad you liked the cat pictures Rachel - forgot how much you liked cats.