Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Back to normal - well almost.

Needless to say the farmer is wanting to run before he can walk and is champing at the bit to get outside.   At least it is too showery and the ground is too wet for him to do much on the land -so that is a help.   But he is not a good patient.

I am relieved to say that he does get a bit better and a bit stronger each day.   Today saw a normal lunch of salmon, mashed potatoes, mashed swede and sweet potato chips with herbs.   And for tea a slice of New York Pork Pie (Tesco's which is very nice with slices of ham and green olives through the middle of the pork) with coleslaw and then a bowl of melon and pineapple pieces (Tesco again).   Needless to say I went up to Tesco after lunch, hence the nice food for tea.  He is also managing to drink the recommended two litres of water each day.   Every day sees him able to do a little more and today has been a busy day about the farm so at least he has been outside as a spectator.

The sheep which we over-winter (they go back up onto the Buttertubs in the Spring) went home today.   One hundred and forty four of them loaded on to three sheep trailers, pulled by three Land Rovers.  It is quite nice to see them gone this year.

Friend and farmer G, who lives opposite also over-winters sheep and they went yesterday.   When they came to load the sheep on to the wagon twenty were missing.   He went to investigate and found they had all twenty jumped over the wall into the field belonging to
a neighbouring farmer.   There was no connecting gate and no way could he persuade the sheep to jump back over the wall.   No - he had to dismantle a section of wall to let them through and now he has to build the wall up again!

My day consisted of our normal coffee in The Post Horn (without a doubt the best cafe in our little town) - four of us this morning.   Then after lunch up to Tesco (about three miles away) - blissfully in the car on my own.   The views from the top road were wonderful - straight down Wensleydale and as clear as a bell.

Changeable weather - sunshine and showers - temperature of 11 degrees on the car dashboard - still feels pretty chilly to me.   Back to our exercise class tomorrow afternoon - yes - Easter holidays are really over.   I am always glad when things get back to normal.   Are you?


Heather said...

I can't wait for life to get back to normal but fear it will take a few more weeks at least. Glad the farmer is going from strength to strength - my husband is not a good patient either!
What awkward creatures sheep are, making all that extra work.
Your trip to Tesco sounds far more interesting and uplifting than ours. I have solved the problem by shopping online with Sainsburys which I prefer.
Enjoy your exercise class - hope you don't ache too much after it.

Joanne Noragon said...

How awful to need to rebuild a section of fence for sheep! I'm glad it did not disrupt the Farmer's day, though he probably helped with the repairs.

Gwil W said...

I'll be glad when it gets to normal but it forecast to be very warm. It was 27 C in a few places. But it feels warmer because the air is full of Sahara dust, a layer that needs rain to bring it down so we can see the sky again. Orange snow has been falling in the mountains.

Dawn said...

I had a bit of a day of animals all being in the wrong place yesterday and chasing them back, the lambs were in the veggie garden, the kids got into my woodland field and the chickens were in the house garden I think they were all in cahoots together to give me the runaround :-)

Chris said...

My exercise class starts again tomorrow, Pat, and I have sorely missed it. It is called "Stretch and Strength" and is supposed to improve the bones of us seniors so that we don't succumb to fractures as we age. I go to another class on Friday which is called "Gentle Fit" but which is, in fact, quite highly aerobic so we get a good wiorkout and are sweating by the end. All the good effects of the two classes are somewhat negated by our gathering by the coffee bar for a cup of joe and a cookie!

John Going Gently said...

New york pork pie

The Cranky said...

It sounds a lovely day, so glad your farmer is getting better!

Bless said...

So glad to hear that things are almost back to normal.

Cloudia said...

Wishing you both the best!

Frances said...

I'm glad that all seems to be going so much better around your place today, dear Weaver.

What is a New York Pork Pie?. Now that both you and John Gray have praised them, my curiosity has increased.

Today started out really chilly, below the freezing point, but by this afternoon more strong winds had blown yet another front into town. Blue sky, sunny! I took a walk over to Central Park and wished that I'd took my camera along with me. In sunny spots tulips were blooming; in the shadowy parts the daffs were still at the budding state. I succeeded in my mission to scatter more of my yarn scraps along some branches of shrubbery, hoping to help some birds with their nest building.

There are so many version of normal that we all might embrace. I think we do know when a day is not normal.


angryparsnip said...

I am happy to hear things are getting back to the Farmer's normal.
Is Tess happier with some longer walks ?

cheers, parsnip

Cro Magnon said...

Temperatures above 10 C make me feel human again. We are now back to taking afternoon tea outdoors; can't be bad.

Librarian said...

Your drive with views of Wensleydale sounds wonderful! No such beauty for me when I walk the 5 minutes to my nearest Aldi once or twice a week.
Good for the Farmer's continuing reconvalescence that the fields were too damp yesterday to do much. And those sheep...! I hope tearing down and rebuilding the wall did not set the farmer who had to do it back too much in his plans.

I like my day-to-day life a lot and therefore am usually glad when things are back to normal after an interruption of some kind. And when I've been ill myself, getting back into my normal routine as soon as possible seems to help.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Seems we all like our versions of 'normal'.

potty said...

I even feel that it's good to be back to normal when returning off holiday.
Please don't let The Farmer do too much too soon.

Heather said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog Pat. Dick is gradually improving - eating more and moving about more, but progress will be slow I think. I hope David continues to feel a little stronger day by day.
The daughter who made my book also makes wonderful celebration cakes and greetings cards, and our youngest daughter paints in oils and puts my drawing skills to shame. Neither of them inherited their particular skills from me!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Glad to hear the Farmer is coming along little by little. Buttertubs - is that the name of a village, a farm? It sounds so quaint, very Beatrix Potter. However, having to dismantle and then build up a fence to get those silly sheep back must have put a damper on things! Enjoy your exercise class. -Jenn

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Prayers the Farmer is well soon
Reading you blog, catching up feels like Christmas dinner, and everyone shows up. :)

Terry and Linda said...

That is why Terry said we are selling the cows...he was tired of all the fence building.

I'm so glad your farmer is doing much better.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks to you all for your positive comments - I have passed them on to the farmer.