Thursday 24 March 2011

Everything's Jumping out for Spring.

I did a spot of wardrobe tidying this morning, discarding ancient clothes, putting Winter woollies away (hope that is not too optimistic!) and reorganising and checking whether I need anything new. Then I did an hour in the garden, carrying on with tidying the front flower beds - and what a lot has come into bloom since yesterday.

Tulips which were bought for us by our dear friends in The Netherlands (and where better to receive bulbs from?) have opened overnight and are showing their colourful faces to the sun; anemone blanda shows her vivid blue daisy-like blooms; large bobbles of primula denticulata in all shades from white, through lilac to dark purple; last but by no means least this absolutely exquisite lenten rose.

After lunch, my daughter-in-law (I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful one who regularly takes me out now that I can't drive) took me to an art exhibition and on our way back we spotted this huge aircraft coming in, as we suspected, to drop a line of parachutists. I can't think of a better day than today on which to float through the skies on a parachute.

Finally into our little market town where K persuaded me to buy some long shorts, or short trousers, which ever way you look at it - calf length. I protested that I was too old but she virtually pushed me into a changing room and when I put them on I knew that she was right!

A lovely day - Spring has definitely made an early visit here in the Dales - alright it may not last and tomorrow it may well be wintry again but who cares, Spring definitely has the upper hand and is winning. There is a lovely poem about the fight between Winter and Spring - I think it is by Roger McGough - I shall have a look for it before tomorrow's post. Have a nice evening.


Heather said...

Your spring flowers are glorious Pat - so glad you've had a nice day. I feel just as you do about this lovely weather. Enjoy it while it's here, we might be shivering again tomorrow.

steven said...

weaver thanks for sharing this sweet story of a day and especially for the gorgeous flowers. our turn hasn't arrived yet but it's in the air. the birdsong in the morning here is so rich and how can i not smile when i hear it?! steven

mrsnesbitt said...

Indeed pat - a wonderful day. I am totally beat after such a rewarding afternoon in the garden! Still a hot bath helps it all!

Caroline Gill said...

What cheering Spring photos, Weaver. So colourful!

Cloudia said...

Spring! Joy!

Aloha to you
from Waikiki!

Comfort Spiral



ChrisJ said...

Beautiful, beautiful spring flowers!

Rachel Phillips said...'er .cast a clout 'til May is out.

Bovey Belle said...

What gorgeous spring flowers. Here in our part of Wales, we have the "Hercys" (Hercules) flying low on practice runs - I think it's the lure of the iron baily bridge over the river which is their focus on this route. They fly so low and whenever we hear them approaching, we go out to watch them fly over.

You will soon have some very happy sheep by the sound of things.

bibbitybob said...

Doesn't Spring's arrival seem to make everything so much better! Your flowers look beautiful, and good morning (well, afternoon now...) to you too, love BB and her new floor :) xx

Golden West said...

Springs seems to come more quickly every year! Your flowers couldn't be lovelier, Weaver.

Rachel Phillips said...

The Hercules fly over our house and it feels like they are going to skim the roof off and I duck. However, we love them and if we are outside we wave, and I always imagine the pilot saying "there's those idiots waving again". Even the cats duck.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

The most interesting countryside around your place. The parachuters - I don't think I've ever seen so many. The flowers, beautiful.

I hope the winter stays away for you.