Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Nonsense words!

Jinksy (napple notes) is a past master at writing rhyming verse - she has such a sense of humour and she just seems to find the right words. I suggested to her that she send a line round blogland and we all added a line - but she said (and I agree on thinking about it) that it really would not work. However, I have taken up her challenge to write a nonsense verse today - here it is:

Two elephants met in a bank,
where they'd come to secure a loan.
'Hi' said one to the other,'I'm Frank'
'Hi' said the other, 'I'm Joan!'

'No, you misunderstand, I am FRANK,
So I'm telling you right here and now.
That while you are wearing that hat
you look such a silly old cow
that you'll never secure a loan -
you might as well just go home!'

Said Joan, ' I am truly affronted,
I knitted this hat myself,
It's a very intricate pattern
- you want to try knitting something like this
with my 'hands'

The moral of this little 'pome'
If you want to secure a loan,
You are better to do it by phone -
But get a move on before they have spent all their money on paying out bonuses!


Jinksy said...

Weaver, I might have known you'd come up trunks - er - trumps! xxx

steven said...

weaver - rievaulx holds a special place in my heart. i've been there three times and have pictures of it tucked away that i revisit every so often.
i'm enjoyng the fruits of the silliness that is popping up in blogs across england and beyond!!! have a lovely day in the dale. steven

Golden West said...

You do have quite a way with words, Weaver and I'm glad to start the day off amused!

Sal said...

Very good...worth a gold star, I think!!

Unknown said...

Hello Weaver,

Very amusing indeed, particularly the last line, but I'm disappointed you didn't keep the rhyming up!

Ann Christy said...

I think it is a great poem Weaver - it really amused me!
I love your February picture of the Abbey - what a beautiful place it looks - I have never been but it is now on my 'places to visit' list. Thank you.

Moonstone Gardens said...


Cloudia said...

On the phone (and the web) nobody knows you are a wren.....

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Caroline Gill said...

This brought a wonderful smile to my face! Those elephants are certainly crafty characters (please excuse my pun!).

Like Steven, we have had lovely days at Rievaulx. I enjoyed many happy teenage holiday breaks in Masham, and for some reason those creative elephants have reminded me of a lovely sampler in the Reeth Museum, which I haven't seen since about 1980!

Arlee Bird said...

That's pretty darn clever.

Tess Kincaid said...

Very witty, Weaver! Thanks for the smiles!

Robin Mac said...

What a giggle - you are so clever. Thanks for the header of Rievaulx, which I absolutely loved visiting. Cheers, Robin

Reader Wil said...

That was a splendid poem and very funny. Was this elephant Dutch?? Some Dutch people are just as frank and say their opinion about almost everything even if you don't ask for it. Poor Joan! ;(

So your bankers also "suffer"from the financial crisis and are given smaller bonuses??
I love your header!

Titus said...

Thanks Weaver. Loved the choice of elephant names, and that final line, of course!

Heather said...

Very topical Weaver - still chuckling! I have a picture in my mind of an elephant knitting!! Thankyou for posting that wonderful photo of Rievaulx Abbey.

Penny said...

Do wish we had managed to get to Rievaulx but the photo in the header is magnificent.
Not sure your pome is your best!

Hildred said...

A nice bit of silliness, Weaver - and Charles laughed at your fix for forgetting White Rabbits, - abacadraba fiddlesticks indeed!!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you for the comments.
T'was just a bit of fun.
I came up trunks for Jinksy,
But now my rhyming's done.
If I keep on much longer
I'll start speaking all in rhyme,
T'will drive the farmer dotty,
He'll be old before his time!

sanjeet said...

that is popping up in blogs across england and beyond!!! have a lovely day in the dale.
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