Thursday, 25 June 2020

Another scorcher

Up with the lark this morning, or even before it, as the bedroom began to hot up and I was wide awake.   I have a routine of walking round and opening blinds and curtains as I go and when I reached my computer room I sat down and so have not yet got any further.

Outside my semi wild self-sown poppies are being swiftly brought into flower by this hot sun and my pinks are scenting the whole place beautifully.   Already I can tell you that I shall be doing little or nothing today - too hot for me but an odd ten minutes in the sun now and again will boost my Vitamin D levels.

I am pleased to find out that there are bats around here.   We had a colony on the farm - they never seemed to increase but there were always half a dozen or so.   Last night when I opened the front door to say a last good night to outside and see that everywhere was quiet (as I do every night) there was a bat flying directly towards me as I stood in the doorway I was sure it was going to fly in.   But of course it didn't - with its magnificent radar system it veered away at great speed.   I love them - they are such strange creatures.

The Times has just popped through the letter box so I shall be away to have my two rounds of toast and honey and a banana.   I may well be back later in the day. 

Back indeed at half past two in the afternoon.  My whole body seems to shut down in this hot weather and I am fit for nothing, so I am carefully keeping in the shade and reading The Times.  The weather report for today is really interesting.  Each year more than 100 million tonnes of dust from the Sahara is blown over the Atlantic Ocean - some of it even reaching as far as the Amazon.  It's not all bad news though because much of it settles on the Ocean and sinks to the bottom fertilising the growth of phytoplankton and when this sinks to the bottom and dies it locks the carbon away and helps to  limit global warming.  The dust also acts as a sun shield and cools the surface of the sea by a degree thus starving hurricans of the heat they need to develop.   But for those with chest problems this is not good news.   This year is particularly bad apparently  - but amazing to think of this going on around us while we are so unaware.   I do remember one year when my car was covered in what the weather man said was dust from the Sahara so it does happen every year but to differing degrees and this is a particularly bad year.

Tomorrow thunderstorms begins to creep in and by the week-end our temperatures will be 'a little bit fresher' to quote the weatherman.   Can't come soon enough for me - maybe I would feel differently if I was basking on a Welsh beach.


Derek Faulkner said...

Yea, I was on the nature reserve at 5.30 this morning enjoying the start of yet another fantastic day. It's great to out that time because it's not too hot for the dog and me, plus the grass being wet with dew means that the pollen stays damp and doesn't rise up in clouds and affect my hay fever anymore than it is.
So lovely, even early in the morning, to see so many people out and about in shorts and things and enjoying the sun and fresh air. Mind you, seeing the photographs of Bournemouth beach yesterday in my Telegraph, I do wonder how anybody could be in among what looks like a human ant's nest all day.
Only another week Pat and you should be able to resume your weekly lunches with your friends.

Christine Hancock said...

Another scorchio day forecast here too, but with little that needs to be done, a day sitting under the shade of the trees in our garden is planned. A good book and a cold drink will join me.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

"Little or nothing" sounds like an excellent plan to me for what is already a very warm day. I'm always fascinated by bats too; the nearby wildlife park has a special almost-dark enclosure for fruit bats which we often used to visit with the children from school, all the children loved it though some of the staff were less keen!

Bovey Belle said...

Hot here already at 9 a.m. and I finished the weeding I was doing and headed inside! I may do a bit in dense shade shortly. Mowing the lawn plans have been swiftly abandoned though.

We are staying inside mostly today. I may rip back the "too long" charity quilt I have been finishing off, though it hurts my Aries soul to do it!

We are expecting one or more bats to arrive in the house when it gets really hot later and they are roasting under the roof tiles. Don't know where they squeeze through but they do ...

Derek Faulkner - Bournemouth beach has ALWAYS been heaving like an ants nest - Welsh beaches, especially when well away from the main car park, have plenty of room.

Tom Stephenson said...

I heard an interesting thing about bats. The reason why they are such disease carriers is because they have an internal system which just shuts down any virus from causing them illness. They still carry the virus, but it doesn't affect them.

Rachel Phillips said...

Perhaps we should have bat insides transplants Tom.

Librarian said...

I love bats, too.
Many years ago during one of those extremely hot summers I spent on Sicily with my Sicilian husband and his family, we had a small bat fly into our bedroom. Maybe it was young, maybe it was just upset and confused; anyway, it did not find the way back out on its own. Very carefully, I caught it in a lightweight bed sheet. It rested on my palm, its body being just a little shorter than the length of my palm. I looked at its little face, its eyes looking back at me. It probably thought I was going to kill and eat it, but of course I did no such thing. Instead, I carried it to the balcony and waited until it flew off my hand into the night, hopefully to a long and good bat life.

JayCee said...

It is a lovely warm morning here so far - 20C at 10:00 am which is quite hot for us! I had an early blood test appointment at the GP surgery so was able to get out and back before the pollen levels rose too high, although I am now sneezing fit to shatter the windows.

The Weaver of Grass said...

2.20 and a scorcher here.

Derek Faulkner said...

Certainly the case here Pat, it must be touching 30 degrees. After the reserve visit this morning I had a lengthy cycle ride along the sea front near me, where the beaches were fairly packed but there was lovely cooling sea breezes. I'm just about to repeat the cycle ride again, this weather is so lovely.

Ruth said...

I like bats, too, but not in my living quarters! There's a place somewhere in our log home where they enter. After 33 years we've never found that spot. We keep a fishing net upstairs to catch them so we can release them outside. There once were 4 of them flying around my bedroom when my husband was working the night shift. I was able to catch them one by one and release them through a window. There's a great downside to their presence - their droppings and urine streaks on mirrors and framed picture glass, and when it touches metal (such as the radiator covers) it's corrosive. You would think there'd be a smell if they're sleeping somewhere inside during the day, but there isn't. It's all a mystery. We had a spell a few years back where there were no bats as they had been decimated by a disease. Thank goodness there were a few last year. So far I haven't seen any, but now that I'm reminded I'll sit outside at dusk to check.

Stay cool today, Pat. The heat probably won't last long. We're not air conditioned, and depend on the heat not lasting long!!!!!

DUTA said...

Evidence suggests corona virus jumped from bats, so I wouldn't want them anywhere near me.

A Smaller Life said...

DUTA ... only from people having bats and domesticated animals side by side in a 'wet' market and then slaughtering them for food totally NOT the bats fault!!

I didn't know that about the Sahara ending up in the ocean to that extent ... wow!! I had heard some bits about it after having quite a few years of dusty cars at this time of the year especially when we lived down South.

I really do not like hot weather at all ... me and Suky follow the shade and look for any breeze we can find.

Mary said...

I like bats around here because they keep the mosquito population down! A huge plus for me who attracts them and suffers terribly from mosquito bites!
I did see gigantic bats hanging in trees in Western Australia - now they were really scary.

thelma said...

Well very hot here, we just have bats in the belfry of the church I presume, I see them at night. I see the barn owls in the fields early morning, they are such a beautiful sight, gliding low over the grass.

Rachel Phillips said...

I always think it is exciting when my car gets covered in sand from the Sahara. I remember this happening from when I had my first car, so for at least 50 years. When I was last there, the Sahara was still going good and strong.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks everyone. Nice cooling breeze getting up here.

Heather said...

I try to take my walk by 9am at the latest, but for the last two mornings it has already been very warm by then. By the time I get back to the flat I am pooped but my walk for the day. Windows open, blinds closed as until 2pm the sun shines right into all my windows. I know there are those who love this weather but it drains me of energy and I have to hibernate. We used to have bats where I lived before and there would be several flying around when I took the dog out for her last walk of the day. My husband fixed a bat box to the side of the house but I am not sure they ever used it.

Heather said...

That should read 'my walk for the day is done'. The hot weather even affects my brain!

Joanne Noragon said...

We had rain four days this week, Weave. I hope if finally gets to you.

Rachel Phillips said...

My nephew lives a few miles from Weave, Joanne. He would like the good weather to continue. He has had plenty of rain.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks as usual everybody. Early Friday morning here and there is a different feel to the day.

Derek Faulkner said...

There's a different feel to the day here as well Pat. After a storm at 05.30 and some rain, we now have hot sunshine again and the humidity, thanks to the dampness, is going through the roof.
I love the hot sun but could do without this humidity.

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