Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Warmer out than in.

Today is one of those days when it is much warmer out than it is inside.   The wind has almost dropped (make the most of it as it is set to return by the week-end).   There is little or no sun but it is not cold.   Inside I shall no doubt have to put the central heating on after tea as already the whole house is getting chilly.

Tomorrow morning, very early, is our waste - garden bin, plastic and paper- collecting day and it has to be put out tonight.   Because of my age and mobility problems the men collect mine from the gate at the top of the drive but I still have to get the plastic and paper out of the garage - I must remember to do that before bed time.   Getting the green bin out meant I had to pass my side garden - I feared the worst after several days of severe gales but apart from three or four clumps of one plant (no idea what it is - just pretty but small red/pink flowers- most of the plants have stayed more or less upright.

I walked round the block - didn't feel like it after several days in - but made myself do it, had a couple of pleasant chats on the circuit, came back, made myself a cup of tea and then came to put on a post before Flog It.   It is a programme which fascinates me - people bring in things for valuation which are so obviously worth little or nothing (yes, there are exceptions), get quite excited at getting perhaps £80 for the item - which when Auctioneer's Fees and VAT are taken off makes the whole thing hardly worth the effort.   And many of the items which one glimpses in the queue are so obviously worthless - why do people bring them?
And sometimes people pick up an item at a Car Boot Sale which turns out to be quite valuable - there was one item last evening- I am not a Car Boot Sale Fan - and have only ever been to one.  Are you a fan of such things?   If so I  would love to hear what kind of things you look for and what bargains you have picked up.

Anyone who is a fan must feel very neglected this year as because of Covid all such events have been cancelled.   I think it is the crowds which put me off. 

The other events which I guess will have been cancelled will be the Agricultural Shows.   Up here each Dale has its own show and - certainly in the old days - such events may well have been the only 'holidays' the farmer got.   My farmer never missed a single year at the Wensleydale Show, held in the fields just behind my bungalow now.  There was so much to see - the livestock, the machinery, the equipment, the competitions, the events in the Showring and also - most important - the big tents for everyone to compete with their fruit and vegetables, knitting, crochet, flower arranging, baking, stick-making.   How they will miss it all this year.

Time to go and put the kettle on.   Have a good evening and if you are in an area where it is chilly - put that central heating back on - or another couple of sweaters.


Jennyff said...

We are practically within spitting distance of you and cannot get our apartment cool. Its 17 degrees outside now, 23 inside and we are both in short sleeved t shirts with the balcony doors and our windows open. We sleep with the bedroom windows open and its still too hot. It must be to do with the stone of the building retaining warmth, even in winter we hardly use the central heating. Only happens on the top floor though, other apartments are much cooler and envy our solar gain.

Derek Faulkner said...

Certainly a lot cooler down here in North Kent today, no where near warranting CH on but at the same time nothing like the 33 degrees we were experiencing last week. It's also damp are a bit of rain today (more grass wetting than soil soaking rain) but appreciated.
Technically we're supposed to put our bins out overnight but only about 50% do, mine goes out first thing in the morning. Nothing worse on a windy night than to hear bins being blown over and finding rubbish blowing up and down the street in the morning.

Christine Hancock said...

It was breezy but pleasant in the garden this afternoon, but I was busy so didn't notice, but you're right it was chilly in the house.. cardi time!

Heather said...

I have had to put on a cardigan today - bliss, after the humid heat of last week. Apologies to those who love the heat.
I enjoy Flog It. You never know what will turn up and it is always interesting.
I think I am now 'past it' where agricultural shows are concerned, but we always went to the Three Counties Show which coincided with our youngest daughter's birthday. She loved it too, and was very disappointed one year when it rained so heavily we decided to turn back and come home. She was about 5 at the time so I made the sun come out by switching on the light and we had a picnic on the floor and made a Three Counties Show out of Lego and farm animals. It is sad that so many of the smaller shows no longer attract enough visitors to make it viable.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Heather I love your story about the Lego farm show - beautiful.

Cherie said...

Back into my winter coat for my morning walk. I think it will be the warm jimjams tonight. Hoping for a bit if warm sunshine... but not too warm.

Bonnie said...

How nice to hear you got your walk in today! I bet you felt better for it. Even in cool weather it is nice to get a bit of fresh air and visit with a neighbor or two. We have very hot weather here in Missouri and are staying in most of the time due to the heat. I'm sorry to hear of many of the Farm Shows being canceled due to Covid. Things like that and even all the holiday fireworks shows have been canceled here as well. I hope you are enjoying your week!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

I think Masham Sheep fair is hoping to go ahead in September. I expect everyone is waiting to see if we get another spike of the virus. I am missing the Open Gardens more than anything. I only ever had a stall to sell at a car boot sale - there are not many big ones round our way and I much prefer to be going round a garden than a boot sale.

Joanne Noragon said...

Thanks for the post, Weaver, and do stay warm.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

We had a bit of sun, and the butterflies were loving it

Rozzie said...

I was wondering what on earth stick making could be, but good old Google came to my aid. I could do with another walking stick!
Unfortunately, I am way too "unhandy" to make such a thing but might ask my son, who is not only a wonderful handyman, but loves working with wood. He and his South African wife live in Mauritius, but thanks to this wretched virus, she is stuck in SA and he is stuck here. They have not seen one a other for over 3 months. Chose the wrong time for their overseas holiday...

The Weaver of Grass said...

Rozzie - stick making is quite an art here. Makers go round looking for suitable pieces of wood, season them well, straighten them and then carve heads - bird or animal heads often or sometimes fix si lver or bone handles - or deer antlers.

A Smaller Life said...

Yes all the agricultural shows here in North Wales have been cancelled, so no giant show vegetables to be awed at, or livestock winning rosettes this year unfortunately.

I used to love buying at car boot sales, when I had my little lavender shop I would wander the car boot sales on a Sunday morning and pick up nice linens and doilies and pretty china, just odd plates, jugs etc and sell them on in the shop. I only made small profits on them but they lifted the look of the shop and pretty bowls always looked lovely filled with lavender bags or loose lavender.

These days I have been using the local car boot sales to downscale our belongings, selling everything that we no longer need or want. I am hoping there will be at least one or two this year as I have a shed full of boxes that really do need to go.

Rachel Phillips said...

I think so often that people have very feeble reasons for wanting to sell. I stopped looking, I found it too depressing. It becomes like a game for the presenters and all else is forgotten.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I agree with you to some extent Rachel. I think people look around when they see the show is coming to their area and just find something to take. Alm ost always the thing is of little or no value - I think it must be quite hard for the valuers to keep so jolly and appear so interested.

Thanks every one.

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