Tuesday 2 June 2020


Look what arrived in the post this morning from Gayle, Winston and Agatha (two little square black dogs) in Tucson.   A lovely surprise - it cheered me up - so thank you so much to the three of you and kisses all round.

Us gardeners are anxiously peering out of the windows at twenty past seven in the evening.   The wind has dropped - it is very still - the blue sky has disappeared and in its place is thick black cloud and it is very warm.   Praying for rain is an under statement here at the moment.   The sun has just broken through - not a good sign I would have thought but we shall have to wait and see.

Bouts of ironing interspersed with lots of sitting with my feet up and having another cup of tea means that at last I have my Summer wardrobe of T shirts and blouses in place and my Winter jumpers put away for another year.   Cold weather is forecast for tomorrow!  (it happens every year).
Just the trousers and jackets in the other wardrobe to do now and I might well leave those for a couple of days before I start again.

It is nice to have people beginning to call again even if we do still have to obey the rules and stay well apart.   Today a ZoomCoffee morning at 10 with the friends where I just cannot seem to stay on line.   A tea party on Zoom on Monday with friends in The Lakes and I stayed on happily with no effort but today - with friends just down the road - and after twenty minutes I just came off and couldn't get back on again.   All very odd and it happens almost every time.   But real contacts, rather than on line, meant that first H next door, then S and T and then W to bring me a book to read - all called this afternoon which made the time fly by.   I have now put out all the recycling on to the front path for the men to collect in the morning.   We are very lucky in the we have an excellent collection team here.


JayCee said...

It is still quite warm here this evening but the sky definitely looks black and threatening rain. We shall see.

Heather said...

Rain is forecast for us tomorrow and then lower temperatures later in the week. I shall not be sorry as the heat really affects me and I have to take my walk early in the day then stay indoors to feel comfortable.
That is a very sweet gift from your friends.
Our groundsman cut the grass this morning even though it looked so dry and brown. Hopefully a good downpour will help it re-green.

justjill said...

Rained all day here. You could hear the earth swallowing. More tomorrow. Hope you get some. x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Jill, I saw the rain centred over your part of Scotland. It is black here but no rain falling.

angryparsnip said...

So happy you liked the little cactus but I thought as a gardner you might like them.
It is monsoon time and we are having rain in the mountains all around the vally of Tucson but NOT here at my home !
We could use some rain here also.

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope you get the rain.

Bonnie said...

That was so thoughtful and sweet of Gayle! Hopefully you will get some rain soon. Take care.

Derek Faulkner said...

I rather suspect that over the next couple of days, that your blog will be gleefully reporting rain at last, while we in North Kent will be getting colder and windier weather but merely light showers that replenish nothing. That's the pattern of recent summers.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Bonnie - Gayle is always thoughtful and sweet - she has the two luckiest dogs in the world as I am sure you will agree/

Librarian said...

What a lovely surprise to find this in the post!
I still have not taken all my summer dresses out of the storage box they are in during the colder season. Maybe I will just leave it at that, and find them all "new" again waiting for me next year.
It's been 27C here yesterday and sunny, but thunderstorms and RAIN are forecast here from tomorrow onwards, with possibly a bit of a foretaste as early as this afternoon. We'll see!
If your "falling out" of Zoom meetings happens roughly at the same time every time, I suspect network/bandwith problems due to someone in your neighbourhood making use of the network at the same time as you. I have had similar problems when I know my neighbours have been watching a film not on regular TV but streaming it from the internet.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

You now have the rain you want!