Monday, 29 June 2020


How quickly Mondays come along don't they?  Weather-wise it is still just as unseasonably windy and cold but so far much drier than it has been over the week end.   At present the sun is out and sitting here in my computer room it looks quite nice outside.   But I have just opened the front door to E, a friend, who promised to take a parcel to the Post Office for me and I was met by an icy blast.  What variable weather we have here in the U K.  Can you remember the heat wave we had last Monday and Tuesday - too hot to move about almost.

I am walking on air because the chiropodist has been for the first time in twelve weeks.   She came by appointment at mid day decked out in full PPE gear and insisted I wear a mask while she was here.   Her instruction as she left was to wipe all door handles with disinfectant and wash my hands well.

Lunch was crisply fried Jersey Royals (I boiled them earlier in the morning) with some good quality roast ham slices, three large fried tomatoes and a fried egg.   It was delicious and I was eating it within a quarter of an hour of my chirpodist leaving.  I don't expect to eat much more today.

The field behind my bungalow is full of rooks and they are making such a din.   Every now and then a group of them rise up into the air and fly directly  into the wind.   Of course it is too strong for them and they are stationary for a minute, hanging in the air, before they drift back to the ground.   I made me think about swifts - those mysterious little birds that we know so little about.   They nest here, the young are fledged here and then in a very short while they take off for a thousands of miles journey to Africa - hardly if ever letting their feet touch the ground again.   What must it be like for them in gale force winds?
What a mysterious world we live in.



Sue said...

You brought back some happy memories there, of me watching Alan escorting his Mum up the little lane my shop used to be in. He had just taken her for an emergency chiropody appointment while she was visiting us in Ulverston, as back home in Scotland her chiropodist had been ill and had missed two appointments.

She was so happy she did a little jig as she walked along and her laughter filled the air.

jinxxxygirl said...

I enjoy your bird observations Pat.. The crows are raising a family in our pines again this year.. I never realized the variety of noises the crows make until i've lived among them.. I thought they were all caw caw caw.... and it was the ravens that made the different sounds.. Hawks nested in our trees with the crows last year.. What a noisy bunch they were as neither tolerates the other very well.. I guess the hawks didn't want to put up with that this year.. lol

So glad you feel better... must be so nice to get some relief. And i'm so glad she took such precautions and protected you and herself.. Hugs! deb

Sue said...

Your lunch sounds like heaven. Delicious!

Derek Faulkner said...

My big day comes next Monday Pat, my barber's shop re-opens and I have a haircut booked. It won't be a short back and sides but it'll at last be under control again.

Another day of strong, gusty winds and alternating very warm sunshine and clouds. Desperately hard to keep the taller plants from being snapped in half and even harder to keep them supplied with enough water in this drought.

Librarian said...

Jersey Royals? I still have not managed to taste them, in spite of me having been on Jersey for a holiday four years ago! I would have thought their time is over by now; I remember from our holidays in Ripon that every time I asked for them in the groceries shops, I was told that I should have come in May.
Swifts and many other migrating birds are fascinating; I simply can not imagine how they do it!

Heather said...

It took quite a bit of energy walking into the wind this morning, but at least I didn't get wet today. I am looking forward to hearing from my chiropodist but at least I have a hair appointment for July 6th, so things are gently moving on.
A large crowd of noisy rooks flew overhead earlier today. I wonder if the wind makes them restless. All other birds seem noticeable by their absence.

JayCee said...

I cannot imagine ever visiting a chiropodist. I hate my feet being touched for some reason.
We have a family of crows nearby and they have been circling overhead recently, presumably on the lookout for fledglings and baby rabbits. Nature doing what is necessary I suppose.

thelma said...

Talking of weather, a motorcyclist ended up in the river at Hawe, trying to cross the ford.
He sat in the middle of the water whilst rescuers roped across the river and he was eventually led to safety. The wind is quite cold such a difference from last week.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good news about the chiropodist and as for todays weather - awful sums it up here.

justjill said...

Still waiting for my chiropodist. I have a hair appointment she visits here and so I cant see the problem with the chirop. unless its another holiday she has loads of them!

DUTA said...

The virus drives people to big expenses.
Chiropodist and hairdresser salons have never been, nor will they ever be fully sterile even in normal times. The best (for those who cannot handle these things on their own) is to bring the above services home.

Joanne Noragon said...

I do love to watch swifts in flight. And--I'll be walking on air tomorrow. What a difference.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for your comments everyone.

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