Friday, 26 June 2020

British Summer Time

Three fine days and then a thunderstorm they say.   Well true this week - three days of sunny weather   getting hotter and hotter and humidity rising.   Then today plenty of black clouds around and still high humidi ty.   As the day went on clouds rolled in and out, sunshine came and went.   An hour ago a storm erupted - heavy black clouds, spectacular lightning, loud thunder, heavy downpour - now away it goes and the air feels fresher.   Will it return?   Only time will tell.

At one time such a downpour would have flattened the corn at this time of year when it is just beginning to ripen, but not any more as in corn growing areas (not here)  wheat and barley have been bred with shorter stems.    But it certainly does its worst on the taller plants in my herbaceous borders - but I hate to see plants tied up and restricted so I let them grow and take their chance.   Strong winds are forecast for the weekend - so plants beware that too.

I shall now go an prepare myself for a one hour feast of Monty.   He is on early tonight - half past seven - I don' t like to miss a min ute of the hour long Gardeners' World - as somebody said - he has become a National Treasure to rival Mary Berry.
I learnsomething new every week.


Rachel Phillips said...
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George said...

My wife and I have watched all of the Monty Don show available on Netflix, and have enjoyed them immensely. It sounds like you are watching new shows. I hope that's the case, which would mean that we can look forward to some new episodes in the states.

Bonnie said...

I love to watch a thunderstorm and then enjoy the fesh air after it leaves. I hope it has not damaged your lovely flowers. Enjoy your gardening show!

Fiona said...

It sounds like the thunderstorm brought much welcome relief. I love Monty too, a national treasure is a good description of him.

Derek Faulkner said...

The wheat being grown here on Sheppey has full ears of corn and is just beginning to change colour towards ripening and yet is only around 15 inches high, so I guess you are right Pat about the newer, shorter varieties.
Watching that lady in her 90's on Gardener's World tonight reminded me of you with her no nonsense opinions on what she wanted to do.

Rachel Phillips said...
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Sue said...

There is something very relaxing and reassuring about Gardener's World.

Atm Card said...
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Heather said...

My little corner of the country has been spared the thunderstorms so far but it has certainly been hot and humid. Slightly cooler tonight thank goodness.
Monty is my favourite gardener too. He explains everything clearly and his voice is so easy to listen to.
I hope your garden suffers no damage from our unsettled summer weather.

jinxxxygirl said...

Arkansas Summer Time.... hot, humid, stagnant... what it must feel like in a jungle.. Rain is either feast or famine... right now its famine... in the Spring is was feast... Praying for some rain before the 4th of July holiday so the fireworks won't start fires... people don't think before they shoot them off.. We could use one of those thunder showers... Hugs!deb

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Crazy here, we had black clouds and rumbles of thunder, but no storm or rain, blazing hot with incredible humidity

Joanne Noragon said...

I like a good rain; I don't have to water the plants.

Cro Magnon said...

We've just had our second night of storms. Last night it was accompanied by large lumps of hail that bounced off our bedroom Velux window. No damage I hope.

thelma said...

I am still sad about Nigel his lovely companion dog dying, Monty called him a 'media tart' but obviously loved him dearly. Nellie seems to be filling the place of Nigel as she sprawls on the path and the little Yorkshire terrier is cute. And no we haven't had any thunderstorms but it is unbearably humid.

Sue in Suffolk said...

No thunder storms in Mid Suffolk on Friday - a totally different look to the weather outside this (saturday)morning.
Have a good day

Yellow Shoes said...

I loved Gardeners World this week, particularly the home made videos. x

Yellow Shoes said...

They are new and have improved, if that were possible!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

No rain to speak of here yesterday but a nice wetting overnight. Monty Don is one of the few reasons I might buy a TV one day.

Jennyff said...

We had the fiercest thunder storm early evening yesterday, wind, hail, sideways rain. I went for a walk afterwards, lots of branches down, flooding in the town and the roads were steaming. Monsoon season.

Amanda said...

I watched a bit of Monty Don, but decided I really liked the guy when he did a series on American gardens, and fell passionately in love with one of my favorite things - big Live Oak trees. I do love a big old Live Oak, and to hear somebody with Don's stature in the gardening world go into such raptures about them was a treat.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks everyone.

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