Tuesday, 28 April 2020


Two more days and we are into May.   What a strange April this has been - certainly like no other for any of us I would guess.   It is to the stage now when most of us know someone who has got 'it' or at least knows someone who knows someone who has got 'it'.   And there is no longer any need to speculate on what I mean by 'it'.   Other than my allowed fresh air quota each day (sometimes a walk, sometimes a bit of gardening, sometimes my exercises - and today none of these as I am tired and it is cold outside) I have been nowhere at all.

The days pass in a kind of blur.   I get up, breakfast, shower, do one cleaning job thoroughly - today was the bathroom - cook a lunch and then read, or watch a TV programme, or do something in the craft line, or garden.   I looked on Cro's veggie garden on his blog today and envied his ability to do that - there was a time when I could have done it but not any more.   The News consists of Covid 19 and nothing else - it is as though the world has stood still to try and deal with this, which in a way it has. 

As I write this rainspots appear on the window.   Not many, just odd ones here and there.   I hear from Derek  in Essex today that they have had a good downpour starting in the middle of the night and still going strong when he sent me an e mail a short while ago.   Up here we are desperate but it is obvious we are on the very edge of the rain front and it is going to pass us by.

Is anyone else watching 'Normal People' -an adaptation of Sally Rooney's book of the same name?   The first two episodes were on BBC1 and the rest is on iplayer (BBC THREE).   The acting is superb.   And having spent my teaching life in a Comprehensive school it is particularly poignant.
Until tomorrow....


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I'm glad you told me it was May in a couple of days - I'd lost track of that and the weather today is certainly giving no clue; showers and rain pretty much all day today.

JayCee said...

Cool and damp here too today. At least that has meant there are not many people out and about which is good for social distancing!

Ellen D. said...

It is a lovely sunny day here in Naperville, Illinois, USA. I just came in from the garden where I have just made a very small dent in the vast amount of weeds! It felt so good to be out there, altho, I am pretty tired! I must do as you do and set a task each day and soon it will get done. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sue said...

We have light rain in Lincs at the moment, good for the garden but maybe not enough to fill the water butts.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

I haven't seen Normal People as I am in America, but just today I found a new program on Amazon Prime called The Indian Doctor. A bit like Doc Martin but not as overtly funny. About a doctor and his wife from India who settle in a Welsh mining town in 1963. So far, so good.

Penhill said...

Cold and very wet in the North Cotswolds today, at least my potatoes I planted three weeks ago have had a good soaking! Watched Normal People last night,not a book that I had read,but thought the casting and acting superb.

Sue in Suffolk said...

A dull cold wet day here. I've done nothing - what a waste of a day!

Derek Faulkner said...

It's Derek in Kent Pat, not Essex. It has been a very wet day and cold with it.
I watched Normal People and thought the acting was superb, especially the young girl, who I thought was brave to do the naked sequences.
Be surprised if it doesn't win awards.

Bonnie said...

This has indeed been a strange April. It is hard to believe it's almost May already. I'm looking forward to more warmer, sunnier days ahead. I hope you find something good to read or watch on TV tonight and have a good evening.

Heather said...

I was surprised by how cold it has been today, and wet too, but that was needed. I didn't go out at all so will have to try to pick the right time for a walk tomorrow.
This year is flying by, but I think I have said that for the past three or four years.
Looking forward to being able to have the windows open again in order to hear the birds singing.
Keep warm, keep dry and keep safe.

Cro Magnon said...

If I didn't have my veg' garden, I would go crazy. It gives me something to look forward to; even if it's just seeing the first potato leaves sprouting up through the soil.

Librarian said...

It has been a strange six weeks or so, working exclusively from home and going for after-work walks or runs EVERY day. Also, it has not rained all of April until yesterday, when finally, finally, finally we had a few long awaited and badly needed showers during the day.
Plus it is raining as we speak, hooray!
The 1st of May and the few days before and after were usually very very busy for us, what with setting up everything for the May Fest in O.K.'s village, working in the food tent (me), playing with the band (O.K.) and then helping to clear up everything afterwards. No May fest this year, of course...
O.K.'s father turns 80 today but there won't be a big birthday do, and O.K.'s own birthday is on Sunday; again, no celebration but we will still make these special days special for the special people in our lives.

Eileen in Fla. said...

Here in N. Florida, warm and humid with severe storms/tornado warnings tonight. I so enjoy the personal weather reports and envy your cool, damp weather since Summer here is interminable.

Share my Garden said...

I agree with you that the tv version of 'Normal People' is excellent, very well acted and staying close to the book. I was rather underwhelmed when I read the book, but on the strength of the series I shall read it again.
Good weather has made the lockdown little problem for people like me who are fortunate to have a garden. It has taken six weeks to get a food delivery slot however! Very cold and wet today and if it continues for too long I might go just a little stir crazy!

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