Wednesday, 29 April 2020

What to do?

How are you adapting to the lockdown?   Last evening I went out for the first time in five weeks - I got into my car, drove it the half mile into town, drove round the market place and drove home again.   I thought it really was time that I gave my Corsa a run round the block.   It took me all of five minutes.

So how do I feel after five weeks of isolation?   Well, I feel I have adapted so well to it that I am not sure how easy it will be to actually snap out of being a semi recluse.   I have photographed above how I pass my time.   Well first of all I read my Times.   It comes at eight in the morning.   I poke the outer page off as it lies on the mat, pick the rest up and take it on my trolley into the kitchen where I make my first cup of tea of the day.   Then I trundle tea and Times back into the sitting room for a blissful hour.   Two Weetabix and a banana eaten and my medication taken with my first cup of tea, I make a second cup and open The Times.   It is Wednesday today so start with Matthew Parris - one of my favourite writers (one of the reasons I take The Times is for the quality of its writers).  Then the Obits -  some of the people I know, some I don't but again the quality of writing makes for interesting reading.   Only then do I read the actual news.   Then of course my favourite - Times 2 and the mind games.   Whilst my morning mind is at its sharpest I sharpen it up with the Killer sudoku, the codeword, the quick crossword and the other bits and pieces.

Then it is shower and get dressed time and after that a tidy round and the vac and duster where needed.   I try to clean one room each day during the week but really only the bathroom and the kitchen take a lot of effort - after all there is only me here to make it dirty. 

And so to the third picture - my book/books.  Two more unread ones have come through the letter box today - one of the Carol Drinkwater series on The Olive Farm and one called 'Snowdrops' - I read about the author and the book sounded interesting so I sent for it.  Coincidentally I find that Rachel is reading it a the moment so it will be good to compare notes at the end when we have both finished it.   You will see that by the side of my present book (I am half way through and shall not start either of the two which came today until I finish this one) is the TV remote  and my seat on the settee.   From there I can choose any programme I wish to watch (and there is a huge variety to choose from with so many channels and iplayer).

What else to do?   My exercise programme set by my Physio which needs to be done every day unless I walk (I cannot manage both as they are both tiring ).   My lunch needs to be cooked (and eaten).   I speak to my son by telephone every day and occasionally he pops round (he only lives a mile away) and we chat through the window.   There are two or three other friends I speak to daily on the telephone.   I also keep an eye on my garden, making a quick note if i see anything which I need to mention to D who looks after my garden for me.

In addition there is washing and ironing - once a week sees that done = the completing of my fortnightly Tesco order and my weekly fruit and veg order.   And last but by no means least - the chatting to all of you, my dear blog friends.   We have most of us communicated in this way for some years now and I feel I know you all so well and really value your friendship greatly.   So thank you all for being part of my life during lockdown.   I am going to find it hard to return to 'normal' when it does finally happen.


Jennifer said...

I love this glimpse of your daily routine in lockdown! That's a nice idea for a blog post. Have a good day! :)

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

You have a good routine going. Sustainable for the next weeks (?). Did it feel good to go out in your car? -Jenn

jinxxxygirl said...

Hello Pat! I love reading about your day... As you know i live in a house that is continually under construction.. uuughh... Sometimes i think it will never end.. other times i know better. But for now there is always dust and dirt ... We are forever involved in one project or another.. now it is the Master Bathroom.. a huge job.. But it will be a good job when done.. The last really major job in the house... So we have been laying rows of tile in the shower and the floor for weeks now... We are slow and old and not in the best shape for doing this work.. but a little at a time we can see it through.. Pictures of progress will follow soon on blog..

We had a storm blow through yesterday evening... strong winds , rain, hail... but it was short lived and the sun is shining today.. As i look outside the yard needs a mow... but it will have to wait for now.. drifts of pollen are blown off the pinetrees... i will be so glad when then is done.. I have found time in the craft room.. That always brightens my day... I will have photos of that too to come.. Well Pat hubby is out to cut more tile so its back to work after my tea...Big big hugs! Stay safe! deb

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good idea to give the car a run out.
Your day sounds nice and peaceful.
What is the snowdrops book? I shall investigate Amazon

Derek Faulkner said...

You should go for a longer drive Pat, you are allowed and the car will thank you for it.
Nice show of colour in the garden, D and you are doing well.

Terra said...

I enjoyed this peek at your day; mine has plenty of the same elements. I also on occasion wonder how it will be for me when I can be with people again. I hope I adapt instantly to socializing. I drive my car several times a week for about 20 minutes along the ocean, which is a one minute drive from my house, to keep the car ready to go, and I love seeing the ocean.

Rachel Phillips said...

I am pleased to see that Breakfast TV did not feature in this morning routine and that you are enjoying a relaxing start to the day with your breakfast and your newspaper to read.

Dartford Warbler said...

You have a good, productive day Pat, with time to think, to do necessary jobs, to read and to stay in touch with family and friends. A positive way to be. These strange days are still a part of our lives and are not for wasting.

I have just posted my first blog photos for a very long time. I hope it will become a part of my life again in these weeks and months of solitude.
Best wishes, DW

JayCee said...

You sound contented, which is good, and you seem to have plenty to occupy yourself as well as contact with other people. Your garden is looking very pretty so that must give you lots of pleasure too.
I have been busier since taking up a hobby so that keeps me from thinking too much about anything else - especially chocolate!!

Ellen D. said...

Sounds like a lovely routine! No wonder you are happy and content! Your garden is looking very colorful! Mine needs a lot of work but little by little, I will get to it. I have all the time in the world! Thanks for the bright post!

Sue said...

Your garden is looking very pretty Pat.

Bonnie said...

I love seeing your favorite "spots" around the house and following through your daily routine. Pat, your garden is just gorgeous! It has filled in so well with such a nice variety of plants and flowers. Thank you for sharing these pictures and taking us through your day.

Bovey Belle said...

We miss our daily paper here but haven't taken it for about 6 weeks now. Fortunately I have a hoard of half-finished puzzle books here so have been doing several a day (Codewords are my favourite) to keep my brain ticking over.

I check up on blogland first thing, think about blog posts on mine, get distracted, go to the Forum I'm a member of (just 5 of us, very close friends), and catch up on the latest news. I normally do the few bits of ironing daily too.

On the dry days, I've been outside all day long, gardening and walking or just sitting with a book. There is always plenty of cooking, sewing and the like to do, and sometimes a daytime tv programme if one tempts us. Comedy is a boon at a time like this.

Domestic Economy was saved up until this wet weather, only basic necessary jobs having been done when it was sunny.

I'm missing the longer walks already - just a short one today, in a dry spell.

Your garden looks beautiful by the way.

Jules said...

It's a good idea to give your car a run out. Mine wouldn't start a few weeks ago when I wanted to go to the supermarket. X

Red said...

You really know how to keep yourself busy. We will need to get out to freedom after all this is over.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Honestly, I am in no hurry for lockdown to end!

Joanne Noragon said...

Yes, this new normal is not a bad normal, except for masks and no hugging.

Heather said...

My days are spent much like yours with the exception of a garden to enjoy, though the communal garden here is very pleasant. I have often wondered what it will be like when lockdown is over and we are allowed to go out and about again. Will we feel nervous and exposed at first, or will we simply re-adapt?

Frances said...

Lovely to see your home and colourful garden, and to hear your daily routine. I read you every day but don't comment very often. You are well organised. Must be missing your lunches with your friends though? X

Jennyff said...

I think you have a great routine, and a beautiful garden. I feel much more relaxed during lock down, happy that I've tackled a few jobs round the house that needed doing, not worrying about the state of my hair, really enjoying my brisk walks and sleeping so well. Maybe we needed more quiet time, less tv (which has become so boring) and a different interaction with friends and family. I too won't be in a hurry to get back out there and the thought of post pandemic parties appals me.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

You have a nice balanced day with your routine and seem to be coping with the lock down very well. The thing I miss most is seeing the grandchildren and all the hugs from them and my mum of course - my sister is doing a brilliant job whilst I cannot go up to North Yorkshire to visit her.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks everyone. Keep smiling.

Tom Stephenson said...

You sound as busy as ever Weave.

Librarian said...

Not a minute's boredom in your day, just like mine! Alhough of course our daily routines greatly differ, the outcome is the same - we have been adapting well and it is not easy to imagine getting back to more or less what our days and weeks were like before.

angryparsnip said...

Love your day !
I am still sleeping way to much and I have much to do.
Stay well and keep safe.

A Smaller Life said...

I bet it felt a bit surreal driving your car on the now much emptier roads, but I bet it would thank you for a turning over of the engine and a chance to stretch it's tyres along roads. They don't like sitting still ... you should see the dust on mine!! I must use it for a shopping expedition next week.

It sounds like you're keeping your brain much more active than I'm keeping mine .... I must confess to just eating two doughnuts one after the other while drinking a lukewarm cup of coffee and only completing half of the 'Easy' crossword in our local free sheet.

Your garden is starting to look lovely and colourful.

Pollyanne said...

Just a line to say hello and how I enjoy your blogs which I have read for quite a time. I have today pressed the friend button but unfortunately I do not know how to put my photograph on (I only have basic tech knowledge). My day is very similar to yours and I wonder when it will end although to be honest my day is not very different from what it is normally. The only thing I miss is going for a ride in my car.

Gwil said...

In the old days you’d have to start the thing with a starting handle after five weeks of idleness. It’s enough to put your shoulder out. And then you’d have to drive for 20 minutes just to charge up the battery. Good to see that you’re managing very well.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for all keeping in touch.

Tasker Dunham said...

I'm impressed by anyone who does the Times crossword. I just can't do them at all.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Tasker - I have been doing it for donkeys years - but never finish it when it is set by Paul.

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