Thursday, 16 April 2020


I have had a busy day doing nothing today.   In order to understand how I can do that you have to imagine how difficult it is for me to walk.   When the door bell rings I first of all have to get up from wherever I am sitting - for this I need my stick.   Then I have to walk to the front door and often by the time I  get there whoever rang the bell is at the bottom of the drive having decided I am not in.  This morning I had four different rings of the doorbell.

First came L, the lady who kindly does dribs and drabs of shopping for me between Tesco orders.  This is usually fruit and fresh veg and all needs washing in soapy water and rinsing - and this entails standing at the sink.   Then it needs putting away - today grapes, bananas and tomatoes.  The rest needed a wipe and putting into the fridge.

Then came a book a dear friend had ordered as a gift for me.   It is a delight - a poetry book which The Times describes as 'A collection of favourite half-remembered lines and phrases from school days'.   I am looking forward to having a real dib into it after tea tonight - there is enough to keep our Poetry Group going for years and every single one will be remembered by all of us from days past.

Then came a pair of shoes I had ordered (I do not find it easy to get shoes which I find easy to walk in these days).   After trying them on, deciding to keep them and disposing of all the packaging it was time to get my lunch and hardly had I finished that when the window cleaner came and I had to get up to put his money on the doorstep (observing social distancing).

Then round the block with Percy - didn't feel like it but the sun is shining and I need the fresh air.   Back home it is now four in the afternoon - so what have I done?   Nothing at all really but am pretty weary and ready for a cup of tea - so goodbye until tomorrow.   Take care.


A Smaller Life said...

Sometimes it's the days we seem to do 'nothing' that are the most tiring for all of us.

I know what you mean though my poor Mum is exactly the same as you, by the time she gets to the phone it has stopped ringing, by the time she gets to the door the caller has moved on to the next bungalow and she has to shout them back over and just as she settles at one job she realises she has forgotten to finish off the last and has to go back to that. She can't walk far on her own, even with her stick and she doesn't have a Percy, so she has been having a gentle stroll around the park with my brother each week.

He gets her shopping, leaves it on her doorstep and goes and sits and reads his book for a while in his car, which she puts her fridge and freezer shopping away, then she goes out to his car and they walk 2 metres apart around the park across the road from her.

If she doesn't do this and make an effort have a sit in the garden each day she would be seizing up completely.

JayCee said...

I have typed up a card which is taped to the glass of my front door asking visitors to ring the bell for several seconds rather than one quick press as I am rather deaf. Perhaps you could have something similar asking people to give you time to get to your door?

Librarian said...

It sounds like a pretty active day to me! My doorbell is rung only very rarely - certainly not four times a day, unless I am having a party and the guests appear in ones and twos (no parties for a while yet, of course). Your friends and neighbours probably know that it may take you a while to get to the door and won't be almost gone before you've had a chance to speak to them.
Good about the shoes; I much prefer shopping for clothes and shoes when I can try them on at the shop, but sometimes ordering is the better alternative.

Sue in Suffolk said...

4 People ringing the doorbell sounds pretty hectic to me!

The bell did ring once today here it was the postman leaving on the doorstep something that wouldn't fit through the letter box.

Lovely to get some shoes that are comfy that's good news

Hope you have a good night after your doorbell day

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Your day has a lot of exercise by doorbell. The word reminds me of the type you turn to make a throaty ring.
Have a restful night

Heather said...

It sounds like quite a busy day. You may not have done anything you wanted to do, but have dealt with various callers and all that entailed.
Glad you had the energy to get out for a walk with Percy and I hope you settle down with that book after your supper.

jinxxxygirl said...

I could see how you could be weary Pat.. I was up this morning by 7:30 am.. not too shabby for me.. coffee.. toast... a browse around the internet.. then hubby announces a trip to town needed...uughh... We had tried iphones to see if we liked them because our daughter wanted to do FaceTime chat... Well we thought what a great idea since we don't see our granddaughter much.. Well.. we didn't like the phones or service and terrible reception.. so we had to send the phones back so a trip to town was in order.. We decided to keep our old phones and service and found a video chat app that works with our Android phones and their iphones..done and done.. and last night we had a lovely video conversation before granddaughter went to

While in town we stopped at a beautiful town lake park for a walk in the sunshine... not many people.. last time we tried we decided not to go because it was too crowded.. geese.. ducks .. swallow.. cranes.. beautiful and well worth it..Now we are home eating a grilled chicken salad.. Take care dear Pat.. Hugs! deb

Sewing mamie said...

I do sympathize I am twenty years younger than you and struggling at the moment , I had a sore knee for about ten days and I think when I was walking I over compensated so now the knee is feeling better my other hip is hurting , my husband says I am a sight to behold . Keep your chin up the lockdown must end at some point .

angryparsnip said...

Such a day but it kept you busy.
I think of you everyday.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Doesn't blogging keep us all going folks?

Bonnie said...

Yes, I love how blogging keeps us going and in touch with one another. You had quite a busy day. It sounds like your day worked you rather than the other way around! There are no choices about the level of activity when going back and forth to the door all day. At least you had the joy of both a new poetry book and new shoes!

Rachel Phillips said...

Yes, it is wonderful to have a blog friend like you Weave.

justjill said...

Not sure how I would cope without reading blogs such as yours. My problem is forgetting to take the phone with me. By the time I get to answer it the caller has hung up and so I have to do 1471 to check if I want to speak to them. Then if its a caller withheld I worry as that is usually the doctor or consultant!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks to you all. On my way to bed now. Tomorrow is another day.

Tom Stephenson said...

To me, that sounds like a packed day.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

You sound busy enough to me doing nothing!

Joanne Noragon said...

Sounds like my day, except too cold to go out. said...

I usually avoid excess technology but you might look into a "Ring" doorbell. People press a doorbell-like button, which chimes. You receive the Ring on your cell phone, as well as being able to see who is there, and converse with them, even when not at home.

Poppy Q said...

Could you just put a note on your door asking people to wait an extra few minutes for you to get to the door, or that if they have something for you for them just to leave it?

This is the ring doorbell from Argos and there are some videos on how it works on youtube.


Amanda said...

One of my favorite books is an old book of poetry my Mom let me have when my Dad died - "Best Loved Poems of the American People." Like your new book, it's full of those "half-remember lines and phrases from school days." That book is at least as old as I am. I think I began reading it when I was 10 or 11. It doesn't look like much, but that old book is one of my treasures.

Cro Magnon said...

It sounds as if you need a communication system with outside the front door; they often come with a door bell. I don't think they're expensive, and could save you a lot of getting up and down.

Frances said...

A word of caution regarding putting a note on the would alert anyone with bad intentions to the fact that you are possibly elderly and frail. We have a "Ring" doorbell and it works quite well most of the time, but not always reliable.....sometimes doesn't
open on the phone, or takes too long, but worth it in the long run. Anyone at the door knows that you might be looking at them, or filming them. Keep walking. XX

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks everyone.

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