Monday, 6 April 2020

Another week begins.

Another week begins - Monday again and with the Post came my Tax Return for the year.   I have never been able to put things like this to one side for another day so, after putting lunch in the oven and a rice pud in my slow cooker I settled down to organising everything to send to my accountant.   There will come a day when my tax return is simple and I can do it myself but at present, until the farmer's affairs are settled, I prefer to let someone else do the job for me.

Then it was a walk across to the Post Box with all the information.   Just putting the envelope in the box was enough to take my mind off the whole thing.    Before I went back into the house I had a quick walk round the back garden - a couple of days of sun and a couple of showers overnight and the garden is a different place.    Two more weeks of Springlike weather and we shall really get going.

 A knock on the door announced the arrival of friend G, who lives at the other end of this estate and who likes to walk round it regularly on her exercise.   She had responded to my post the other day saying she sometimes passed but never saw me and I suggested she knocked on the door.   Ten minutes distance chat followed - lovely - and she took my photograph (she is trying to take one every day over the lockdown).

Right outside my computer room window is an Iris which I bought last year.    In the catalogue it looked so beautiful.   Over the last few weeks I have watched it grow - it is sturdy and healthy.   Will it produce flower heads?   I wonder - I do hope so and if it does then you shall have a photograph.   I will leave you to guess the colour it will be if it does but here's a clue - it is called 'Pink Lady'.


Marcia LaRue said...

Oh my ... Pink Lady ... let me guess ... will it end up being YELLOW?
Just kidding ... it will be a beauty for sure!

Rachel Phillips said...

I would not have contact with anyone even at distance from doorstep. I usually wait a few weeks before getting my papers ready for the accountant as things seem to float in for several weeks. But I will do them soon. I am aware that accountants are very busy dealing with their self employed and government measures on the table at the moment.

JayCee said...

Since retiring we are now able to complete our tax return online. It was too complicated before when my husband was self employed. Now though the various pension payments are already prefilled for us and we just have to add any small extras for the year where necessary. Quick and easy.
Rice pudding? I haven't had that for quite some time. I may give that a try soon.
Hope we get to see a photo of your Pink Lady when she flowers.

Margie from Toronto said...

I've managed a couple of remote conversations (from 10 to 20 feet apart) in the last 3 weeks and I can't believe how welcome they were - and worth the risk as far as my mental health is concerned. Hope the Iris blooms for you.

the veg artist said...

Our accountant does both our business and personal returns, although we are pretty hot on the prep work.
Spring is more evident down here in West Wales too. I can see the fuzz on the trees, so they won't be long coming in to leaf.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

My dear neighbor and I cackled like to school girls over the fence yesterday. We haven't seen each other in person for going on two months.
Afterwards, I felt a distinct appreciation for friendship, and companionship.
Tax filing is my job to take care of, at least being retired makes for easier filing.
I'm drooling at the thought of your rice pudding, do you use evaporated milk or just whole milk ?
Can't wait to see a picture of your Iris in bloom. Over the pond here the Pink Lady is a beautiful Japanese Iris, sometimes called Butterfly Iris, the centre being a gorgeous yellow flame. The Iris is our Tennessee state flower, my appreciation for them is shared by many.
Stay well !

Heather said...

I sat in the garden in full sun for half an hour this morning while my washing machine worked it's magic for me. It was glorious - birds singing, flower borders rapidly filling out and more colour appearing each day. I had two or three chats with neighbours at a safe distance and can't complain about my isolation.
Looking forward to seeing the photo of your iris. I could only grow the miniature and early ones in my garden, but love the later more voluptuous ones.

Joanne Noragon said...

Here in Ohio, the iris bloom in late May.

Penny said...

I do hope your iris flowers. I am not normally a panic person but this trying to get a time slot for grocery delivery is becoming a nightmare. We finally got one but a phone call this morning tells me hat no sorry that won't work and we will ring you with another one. So John has had to see what he can get while having the punctured tyre picked up. It is fresh fruit and veg we need most but suddenly there is no dog food. Plus the normally welcome, but now unwelcome influx of Aster holiday visitors to our town. Hope you are bearing up xx.

Gwil W said...

Some official papers arrived from England and instead of the normal 14 days to fill them in they've given me 16 weeks!

Tom Stephenson said...

Pink. Do I get a prize?

A Smaller Life said...

Pink ... or a gentle shade of red :-)

Isn't it lovely to have a little chat with someone, even at a distance. We're not really meant to be so isolated are we.

Librarian said...

A few years ago, I started doing my tax stuff online; it works well and is not too complicated. But then of course it is easy for just me, with nothing like what you call the affairs of the Farmer to consider.
It's been lovely here, around 20C yesterday and it could be even a few degrees warmer today. I went walking after work and before I knew it, had clocked up 9 km. That gave me a good appetite for my tea.
I distance-chat occasionally with my neighbour, and also with my sister and my parents. But I have not been nearer my Dad than myself on the street in front of the house and he on the balcony on the third floor.

Gerry Snape said...

So glad you have sunshine makes such a difference...xx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks everyone and I think we are all on Boris's side.


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