Tuesday 31 March 2020

That great Inviter

Yes, you've guessed it.   The Sun!   Grey,bleak days and then suddenly the sun comes out and it is altogether a different day out there.   The patio could do with a good sweep and there are three herbaceous geraniums waiting there on the garage window sill to be planted but it is not inviting out there with a cold North wind blowing - but then the sun comes out - so maybe I will go out there when I have written my today's post.

The birds are definitely nesting in my garden hedge.    A dunnock keeps darting and out and further along a blackbird.   It's a good thick hedge with plenty of cover so I hope both succeed and that the babies emerge to a warmer world than today.

Shopping is becoming a problem because it is nigh on impossible to get a delivery slot from Tesco.   My last slot is on April 10th and after that there is nothing - I am told that the only way to secure a slot is to go on to the site at midnight, which is when they put their next day deliverly slots on - and they are snapped up rapidly.   I just can't face staying up until that time so I am having to rely on the kindness of friends and neighbours.

I haven't looked at the News at all today - I have become saturated with it all - without listening I am fully aware of the seriousness of the situation, I am grateful for the friendships which are keeping me going, I am grateful for my son and his wife who ring up daily to see if I need anything, and I am grateful to all my blogging friends - we are riding along on the crest of the wave of our bloggy friendships aren't we?   And long may it continue until all this is over and we can get back to normal.   Take care.


Librarian said...

Dear Pat, you are so right about how our friendships - online and offline - can help us through this. And I am in no doubt that your son, ringing you every day, will make sure you have everything you need.
It has been similar to what you describe yesterday: The sun was out and it looked so inviting outdoors, but it was really cold. This morning at 7:00 it was -2 or -3 C after a very clear starry night. I worry about the little birds and other tiny animals and hope most of them will survive the cold. At least it has been dry.

JayCee said...

I hope your sunshine lasts for many days. It lifts the mood and makes everything less bleak.
The garden birds are all busily checking out nesting sites and singing away and more spring flowers are brightening up the gardens.
I am sure that you will find many people only too willing to help you out with shopping etc if you are unable to get a Tesco slot. You have many friends, and also your family, who care about you.
Take care x

Sue in Suffolk said...

Cold and mostly grey again here today but there is hope for warmer weather for the weekend. I would have said car boot weather but not this year!
Stay safe and keep blogging.

Jean Winnipeg said...

Regarding the delivery slots from Tesco's--- here its really hard to get a delivery slot also, however, they
have a button to select if you are a senior and I find I can sometimes get a seniors slot. This is from Save on Foods in Canada -
Just a thought to see if they have something similar. We are being told to isolate and get groceries delivered - easier said than done. We did do an early morning seniors shopping slot but used gloves and masks. We picked our smaller local store where there would be less traffic.

DUTA said...

Doesn't your local authority send out volunteers?
I'm over seventy and live alone. During this period, I get a daily gourme meal which I warm up. I've just ordered online a list through the supermarket's application, and the volunteer will bring me the bag the same day of the order. No money involved except the price of the groceries.
I like shopping myself, but people are not keeping distance and it's risky.

Rachel Phillips said...

I leave on-line shopping to those who need it. But even then it doesn't mean it is readily available for you by the sounds of what you describe Weave. I doubt you eat much though really, one person, not a lot needed. you could eat like a little sparrow and make your food last for days and days and days.

jinxxxygirl said...

The sun is shining here too Pat after a night of rain.. Promises to be in the 60's F today i think.. Just right for me.. not too hot or too cold.. The birds are visiting the feeder. i see tufted titmouse...juncos ... oh and there goes a crow.. I think they are nesting in the pines again this year.. Last year the red shouldered hawks and a crow family both tried nesting in my pine trees... It was a squawky battle all summer.. I hope they sort it out this year.. lol I've put my hummingbird feeder out. I think i'm about a week early but a friend has put his out thinking they will be early this year because of the mild winter.. We shall see... :) Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment Pat.. Its always nice to hear from you.. I'm so glad your friends and neighbor are making sure your ok.. Hugs! deb

Bonnie said...

Isn't the sun a wonderful thing! We went so long without it so now even if it's too cold outside I am thrilled to see it through my window. Now is the time to get creative with our meals. I'm trying to figure out the best ways to use and combine the food I have left.

Enjoy your sun!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a relative, friend or neighbor is comfortable being awake at midnight and could get a slot for you to receive groceries? Might be worth mentioning your problem with making this call yourself to a few folks in case anyone then volunteers to help.

Marcia LaRue said...

Well, the sun is out in S. Colorado this morning and we're suppose to get into the low 70s today! However, we sure could use some rain ... the East Coast seems to have gotten all the raindrops ... we did get about a dozen drops yesterday morning, so that must have been our predicted 40% chance of precipitation! LOL
Once we get past November and, hopefully, have a new, sane president ... we hope to get back to some semblance of "normal" living! I shall remain with you, now that I've found you and your delightful blog!
Hugs ... Marcia

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I've got a slot for next Monday, but after that I think I'll rely on the local shop and farm shop in the village. As I don't drive and we're told not to use public transport it seems the only option available. I hope you're able to get something sorted out, it does seem that communities are gradually getting on top of things.

GillyK said...

Hi Pat
Walked past your bungalow a couple of times recently during my daily half hour of permissible exercise. As I walk I glance towards the windows of the houses I pass, just in case there is anyone sat looking out of the window. I try to see people so that I can give them a friendly wave so that just for a second they have a spark of human contact. I know it's not much but hopefully it might help someone.

the veg artist said...

I noticed today that some stores are starting to lift the restrictions on how many of an item shoppers can buy at one time, so that's a good sign of things levelling out. A few days ago, I think it was Tesco, asked for those who could shop in-store to do so, so hopefully that will also ease pressure on deliveries. But I'm sure your friends and family will not let you starve!

Jules said...

The sun is such a welcome sight after so many weeks of dark days and wet weather.
You are blessed to have such kind friends and neighbours and it's heart warming to see people looking out for one another. X

diana said...

Our grocery delivery is the same.

Anonymous said...


Just something that may help with the on line shopping

As you are in the priority group if you go onto the .govuk website , ( sorry this is not the correct web address) but its the government web site , Find the section about shopping , follow instructions and then the next time you go to make a shopping delivery there will be some slots for priority shopping . . . Sorry this is a bit bitty but I semi heard it on the radio this afternoon. .

stay well and happy
Barbara (Kent)

Bovey Belle said...

We couldn't get a click and collect slot until 17th April, when we will also ask our friend/neighbour up the lane if there's anything she wants. She in turn, added some things to her list for us today, so that will work quite well.

I think Waitrose are giving the at risk people priority, so they have got their act together. Just needs Tesco etc to do the same. We will be putting a meat order into our butcher (so I have something nice for my birthday meal soon) and we have found out we can do a Click and Collect at the greengrocery warehouse we use. Things are all starting to come together.

Like you, any news is too much news at the moment. We have kept very busy in the garden today - sown some more seeds and K and I have carried on with the logging . . . I think my upper body strength certainly had a workout today!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Everybody seems to be adapting well - the wartime spirit is kicking in I think. Thanks for calling and cheering me up. Take care one and all. Virtual hugs all round. Will look out for you Gilly K.

Heather said...

I only watch the news headlines to see if anything new needs my attention. It is very heartening to hear how water in rivers and lakes, and air pollution is clearing with far less traffic in the air and on the roads, and no tourists anywhere. I hope we don't get back to normal too quickly and spoil all the good we are doing by staying at home.
I too am grateful for my family and Facebook friends for keeping me fed and amused.
More sunshine for most of today - it does help, doesn't it?
I am sure your neighbours and/or friends wouldn't mind helping you out with shopping, but it is nicer to do one's own, I know.

Virginia said...

I tried to shop online too Weaver, but couldn’t get a delivery, or a click and collect, time. I woke shortly after midnight and tried again, but the new day’s times were all taken already. Mt son added our list to theirs, and so we’re not starving, but it’s one more thing for him to manage.

When the food arrived, I donned the gear and followed the instructions on a very good video I’d watched about disposing of the packaging and washing the rest thoroughly. It was time consuming but I’m not taking any risks. Apparently covid survives on cardboard for at least a day, according to some recent research,, so I guess just putting the packets aside would work. The link is .... . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjDuwc9KBps&app=desktop

Keep safe, keep in your bubble, keep happy,

Joanne Noragon said...

And I'm grateful to all your friends for taking care of you, too. I haven't tried shopping on line yet.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Gilly K - if you read this cross over and knock on my sitting room window or ring the doorbell - at least we can have a short distance chat.

Thanks Virginia for the up to date info on packaging.

Keep safe everyone.