Friday, 6 March 2020

March 6th

Another  lovely sunny day here although a slight breeze makes it necessary to have a coat on.   I had my usual trip into town this morning, to collect my prescription from the Chemists, to choose fish for my lunch (haddock today, but not a patch on the sea bass I had last week) and then to go into the cafe to meet friends for coffee.   As usual we all had a good chat and I didn't leave until after eleven when friend H and I went home together in my car.   By the time I had done the Times 'Mind Games' (which I do every day) it was time to give my haddock a quick fry in butter while the sprouts were cooking.   A quick squeeze of lemon juice and it was all ready to eat.

After lunch it would have been easy to persuade myself that I had walked round town this morning and didn't need another walk but I must keep up my resolve to walk every day.   So I put on my coat and Percy and I did a different walk round the estate, stopping to chat here and there to various men busy tidying up their gardens - how the sun brings them out with a sweeping brush for the paths and a bucket for the weeds.   The sun had brought out every crocus on the estate - purple, yellow, white, purple striped - such a brilliant display.   And I saw my first patch of coltsfoot - yes I do know it is a weed but it is a plant I love - the flowers burst forth before the leaves and what a pretty sight they are.

Now it is almost four in the afternoon - the days fly by - and by the time I have finished this it will be time for tea - I need to eat up my sweet and sour chicken with rice so that will only take a minute to get ready.   At the moment there is nothing on television that  has the slightest appeal so I shall probably watch another episode of Inspector Montelbano from iplayer (thank you Tom for suggesting it  - it is just my cup of tea).  And I think there are about another thirty episodes to go - I even enjoy the subtitles.   My hearing is not brilliant and I don't have to listen I can just relax and read what they are saying.

The first Saturday in the month tomorrow which means Church Coffee morning - it will seem very strange going along without my darling Tess who always went with me.


A Smaller Life said...

The Crocus' are looking lovely at the moment aren't they. I stopped to look at a lovely display as I walked Suky around Garstang this morning. A half circle of lovely fresh Violet coloured Crocus' set off by a thick line of Narcissi, absolutely beautiful.

justjill said...

Our garden is struggling back into life, crocus, daffs in bud and those little ones in bloom.
Need to get out with the pruning tool tho.

Gwil said...

My walk never got started today. I was standing in the back of the tram taking me to the my starting point when an elderly woman wearing unsuitable shoes carrying a walking cane and handbag came hurtling towards me flailing her arms and totally out of control as the tram sped up the hill. I had two choices. I could either step out of her way and let her crash into the back of the tram and break a few bones or stay put and cushion her impact. Naturally I opted for the latter and we both fell to the floor - she as far as anyone could tell unhurt. So now I’m nursing sore ribs and having a beer and a pizza to compensate. In life you never know what’s round the corner.

JayCee said...

Haddock and sprouts - an unusual combination but perhaps I should try it.
We usually have haddock or cod on Fridays but, as we have already had salmon fishcakes on Monday, battered cod on Tuesday and sardine pasta on Wednesday I thought we should try something different this evening so we have just had ostrich steaks with mixed veg "chips".
I loved all the Montalbano series. "Pronto. Montalbano sonno!". Perfect.

Heather said...

It's been a lovely day here too and even felt like Spring though there was a frost early on. Everyone seemed a bit brighter and today our communal grassed areas had their first mowing of the year. A step in the right direction perhaps.

angryparsnip said...

Just noticed that so many Wild flowers and plants are starting to bloom in the Desert. We are warming up and had some nice rains.
I have been sitting outside in the morning with the gud dugs as they go forth and sniff the breezes.
Hope your Coffee Morning will be not to sad for you.
parsnip xx

Joanne Noragon said...

Our spring is not so forthcoming. You go out and enjoy yours!

Librarian said...

Crocus make the whole place look so cheerful, don't they! I have to look up coltsfoot, I don't know what it looks like.
Your haddock fried in butter sounds very good. I do not eat fish often enough, I think; we had fillet of smoked trout with horseradish cream and champagne last Sunday for breakfast, as it was the fourth anniversary of our first meeting. Other than that, I can hardly remember when I last had a proper fried fish.

Sue said...

We have a mobile fishmonger from Grimsby who visits the village every week. Scallops and seabass are my favourite purchase from him, always wonderfully fresh.

Rachel Phillips said...

I couldn't eat two main meals in one day.

Gwil said...

Neither could I



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