Saturday 7 March 2020

Another Saturday

Saturdays seem to come round with increasing speed these days - maybe it is because I manage to fill my time easily and have little spare.   As I have mentioned numerous times before, Saturdays are the one day in the week when I am often at a loose end and the day seems to drag - but not so today.   After several pleasant and still days the wind has risen as the day has gone on and although the temperature has risen the wind has made it feel cold.   It was the first Saturday in the month and as such it was our village Coffee Morning - I always go although I no longer live in the village.   There were less there than usual although it was fairly well attended.   Whether this was due to the Coronavirus or to various coughs and colds I have no idea.   Friend W and I both bought our Turkey and Lentil Lasagnes from A who makes them specially for the day.   They are in individual packs for one and are delicious.  I like to keep two or three in my freezer.   I usually have one of the ones I buy for lunch on the Saturday but today W and I had decided to go out for lunch so both packs bought today were frozen straight away.

Then it was out to lunch - Panninis - bacon, chorizo and sweet chilli sauce with salad and sweet potato chips for me and chicken and sweet chilli for W - and they were, as always, so tasty.   Friend M is shortly moving house into Leyburn and has had various jobs done on her new bungalow, so we called in to see how she was getting along - it is all coming along nicely.    She will be living quite near to where I live so perhaps once the weather gets a bit more summery I might be able to walk there with Percy (he has a seat so that I can sit down on the way for a rest if it is too far).

After a few years of not taking The Lady magazine (in my education days I used to write articles which were often published in it) I have started taking it again.   It is now a fortnightly magazine and my main reason for taking it is to do the quite difficult and highly enjoyable Ladygrams (2 of them) - cryptic crossword type puzzles which occupy my mind for a large part of the week end and at the same time keep my old mind active.   Walking and my exercise class for my body, Ladygrams for my mind and good food for my digestive system - hopefully I am on the right track.

Like Tom I am enjoying the Inspector Montalbano series on iplayer and for the last two nights have watched an episode.   Last night, for the first time in a fortnight, my son called in so it was quite late before I started watching and this meant I didn't get to bed until half past midnight - hence a day today when I have felt tired all day.   So it is early to bed tonight.   Have a good Saturday evening.   See you tomorrow.


gmv said...

Your days seem to have such a wonderful flow to them. I feel a mellowness in reading your posts.

Heather said...

The days and weeks simply fly by so fast I can't keep up. We had a lovely springlike day yesterday but today not so. I think we are allowed only one find day at a time incase we all get overexcited!
How nice that another friend will be living near you. Your lunch sounds delicious as always.
Sleep well and sweet dreams.

JayCee said...

Your Saturday was so much more energetic than mine and I like the sound of your lunch too. I am quite envious. I am sure that Percy will enjoy being taken out to meet more charming ladies. I hope he behaves himself.

Gwil said...

I hope he can eat like a horse :-)

Jules said...

I'm glad your Saturday has been better this week. I often find myself at a loose end too, especially as the recent bad weather has made getting out for a walk almost impossible.
It will be lovely to have a friend living so close by. X

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Wow, there's a lot of great food being talked about!

Bonnie said...

The days do seem to speed by a bit faster each week. It is wonderful that your friend M will be moving close to you! It is always nice to have a friend near to get together with occasionally. I hope you have a good weekend and the weather is bright.

Tom Stephenson said...

Just finished watching another episode - they are so well made!

Librarian said...

How nice that your friend is going to move to a place where you may be able to walk to. You definitely are on the right track regarding your activities for body and mind, and making sure of a healthy and varied diet.
When I travelled to OK yesterday, the trains and stations where as crowded as always - no sign of people staying home because of corona.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

It will be so nice to be able to walk with Percy to your friends. When we manage a visit to see you I will make sure it is a Saturday then and not one when it might colide with the coffee morning. x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for calling everyone.

Sandi said...

Those panninis sound good!

pam nash said...

Your days always seem to be full, fun, and nice!

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