Wednesday 4 March 2020


I was just preparing to go for my morning walk with Percy on a lovely, still, sunny Spring morning, but in the time it took me to get my coat and boots on an enormous black cloud came over and now the sun has disappeared.   As I am hoping to go to an exercise class this afternoon I shall forego the walk - I do not wish to get wet.

In my bid to make one recipe a week from the slow cooker recipe book bought for me by friends S and T I have amassed all the ingredients necessary to make Sweet and Sour Chicken which I shall do when I return from the class - it will need six hours on low so I should be able to cook it this evening before I go to bed and it will be ready for eating tomorrow.

This seems to be the week for filling in forms - and how I hate it - alright so I can do it on the computer but sometimes the questions are so ambiguous or the web site goes awry.   I noticed yesterday that my Free TV Licence ex pired on the twenty ninth of February so this morning I went on line to update it (still free until May 31st when the Government decide whether they are going to start charging the over 75 s again.)   All went well until I typed in my Post Code and address when the site told me they didn't match.   After doing it three times it decided on the last time that they did match (and no I hadn't typed it in wrongly, I checked very carefully).

Yesterday it was renewing my Blue Disabled Badge (you need to allow six weeks for it to be renewed - goodness knows why).   And the day before it was renewing my Driving Licence - I am now hoping that is the end of Form Filling for a while. 

On a cheerful note - my garden is suddenly full of birds.   I would love to feed them but a) there are such a lot of cats who trek through my garden on their daily walk, taking exactly the same route each day (and marking the same bushes on their way through!) and b) there are days when my ankle is just not up to going out and replenishing the seeds and it is bad to start and then discontinue.   But for now I enjoying the blackbirds, the little wren almost always scratching under the hedge, the thrush that sings each morning on my neighbours bush - and not forgetting the rooks of course.

Exercise class soon.    I can only do the sitting down ones - but that's better than nothing - and it is going out and meeting people.



mccart katty said...
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Virginia said...

Oh, I do sympathise- filling forms on websites is often so frustrating! I tried to arrange National Super online and towards the end it required you to verify your address by linking to the NZ Post site... at which point it went around in circles! After trying three times I gave up and closed the darn computer down. A few days later I got a phone call from a very helpfully woman who asked why I hadn’t completed, and I told her, saying I’d thrown the computer at the wall! “ I fully understand “ she said, and got me to come in for an appointment, when she did it for me!

Enjoy exercise class!

Bonnie said...

Enjoy your exercise class. We take one twice a week that is designed for people over 65 so not overly challenging. It helps with arthritis and other similar problems. Have a good day!

Heather said...

Exercise is so important to keep us going and my legs let me know if I have missed a day. It is lovely to hear birds singing, though it's mostly sparrows here but I have heard a wren. Your slow cooker recipe sounds delicious. I don't have one but make casseroles in the oven, enough to feed six, eat one portion and freeze the rest.
I don't like doing things online as I am not confident and worry that they haven't gone through.

Chris said...

Most pet cats here are indoor cats so none prowling my neighbourhood. Even light exercise is good especially with some like minded souls. I usually stay for coffee and a snack with friends after my Gentle Fit class, although it does negate the benefits of exercise somewhat! Congratulations on successfully completing the forms.

AK Coldweather said...

The birds are just making their way back to my neck of the woods with the warming weather and they are indeed a welcome sight.

Librarian said...

That bit about your postcode apparently not matching your address is a typical problem with online forms, and very annoying! One should think that programmers and administrators are able to solve such issues - but most of the time, they never hear about it, because we are just relieved when it finally works and don't tell the company or institution behind the website about it.
I also very much enjoy the birds round house and garden here, and I am sure the ones visiting your garden find plenty of natural food right now, or they wouldn't be there.
Exercise class is certainly good for you, no matter how many exercises you can actually do.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for reading me everyone.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Even a modest amount of exercise is better than none to keep the muscles flexible and joints well oiled. I think this is part of the problem with mum that she has almost ceased up altogether now and is on a downward spiral.
Lovely to hear the birds in the garden - just wish it was a little bit warmer.x



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