Saturday 25 May 2019


Or rather a shortage of it.   My newly-planted long border was really desperate.   As it is on a slope the rain tends to run down and the top end becomes dry.   My Gardener turned up, mowed the lawn, emptied my pots for me and filled them with new compost ready for me to plant up and then watered the long border well with the hose on the outside tap.   As he tidied up to go it began to rain and now, five hours later, it is still raining heavily.  It is not warm but at least the plants are getting a good drink.

Tess would very much like to go out but each time I open the door and she sees the weather conditions she turns and comes back inside.   I must say I feel the same and have even switched on the central heating.   I feel sorry for anyone up here for the Bank Holiday week-end but we really do need the rain urgently. 

Friend and neighbour H came round for a cup of tea this afternoon and we passed a pleasant couple of hours talking about this and that.  I had been going to plant up my pots for either side of the front step but that was before it began to rain.   Now I shall try to do that job in the morning if it is fine and before I go out for my usual Sunday lunch. 

I am trying to avoid looking at the News now for a couple of weeks because it will be all about speculation around the new leader and all the in-fighting.   If I was Mrs May I would be sleeping more easily in my bed tonight than I had done for many months.   Surely she must feel as though a giant weight has been lifted from her shoulders.
Enjoy your Saturday evening.


Anne Brew said...

Although she still has to go into work for the next month. But I know what you mean.
Sunny and dry in East Yorkshire on the coast. We need some rain for the garden. x

Derek Faulkner said...

Rain here, is now as it has been for the last few summers, a forgotten thing. It has been hot and sunny all day.
Central Heating on at the end of May? - unbelievable!

Sue said...

Just a few spots of rain in Lincolnshire. Things are very dry here, we need some proper rain.

Penhill said...

No rain here in Yarm.

JayCee said...

Rain here too today, and we switched on our heating as it got quite chilly.

Joanne Noragon said...

Thank you for thinking kindly of the Prime Minister. She has a lot of sympathy from me.

Cro Magnon said...

Yes, Mrs May can now sleep soundly. She has left her tenure with the lowest level of unemployment ever, the highest level of employment ever, and the NHS with the highest ever funding in its history. Other than the Brexit mess; the gal done good!

Rachel Phillips said...

I doubt she sleeps more easily. She will be disappointed and angry that she failed with her Brexit negotiations and that she is not going to be heralded as being a great leader or likely to be remembered as such. Her secret negotiations with the EU will no doubt eventually emerge She will be forever remembered as the Home Secretary who stopped 'stop and search' and was instrumental in the rise in knife crime we now have; and she will be remembered, erroneously, for the Windrush scandal we now have. Sleep well? No.

Anonymous said...

She has a poisoned chalice. There is no consensus on what Brexit meant. The referendum should have had too clearly defined options as opposed to “stay or leave”. No one knew what leave might mean.

She has made plenty mistakes along the way. Calling the election when she did and then campaigning on a platform that was going to reduce the benefits the grey haired vote gets. Even thinking of touching the triple lock on pensions, thinking about means testing the winter fuel allowance and surely people shouldn’t have to spend any of their own money for care! Then triggering Article 50 when she did but I did t think anyone else would have done better under the circumstances.

Librarian said...

Since Thursday, we have been having beautiful weather, not too hot yer (rather chilly mornings) and plenty of sunshine. Before that, heavy rainfall caused flooding in many areas not far from where I live.
Yesterday, O.K. and I were able to have our meals on the balcony, which is especially lovely when there is a beautiful evening sky to watch.

Heather said...

No rain here, plenty of cloud, but I believe some has fallen a few miles away.
It will be interesting to learn the effect that the recent elections have had. I think I am resigned to accepting whatever comes - I don't have the energy to get angry any more!

thelma said...

Think we all have to learn tolerance for awhile, I was quite intrigued by Larry the cat's dismissal from Theresa's final speech, as the policeman scooped him up and took him indoors. It sort of summed up Britain.
As for rain Pat, it is raining here as well now and it is a beautiful sight, splattered raindrops on the window.

Derek Faulkner said...

Rachel sums it all up quite well, feeling sorry for her because she had a little cry at the end, overlooks all her failings. If she'd of resigned six months ago when she still had some credibility it would of been OK but this last few months of lies, changing her mind and then crawling to the Labour Party, lost it all for me.
As for David Cameron saying he felt sorry for her, it was his spineless act of resigning the minute the Referendum vote went against him, that put her in that position.

ss said...
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The Weaver of Grass said...

Politically I agree with Rachel and Derek - But like Heather I have no enery to worry about any of it. Thanks for your comments.

Tom Stephenson said...

I'll let you know if WW2 breaks out, Weave.

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