Monday, 27 May 2019

Bank Holidays

If someone looked into the weather over Bank Holidays here in the UK I am sure that  they would find far more wet and chilly ones than they would dry, sunny ones.   Or is it just my imagination?

Like yesterday we had a fine morning but just as I went out with plant trays in my hand to plant up my pots by the front door giant spots of rain fell and soon there was a downpour.   I did manage, between showers, to plant up the three pots in the front but have left the ones for the back garden for another day.   But it is a busy week so it may well be next week before they get planted.

When you live alone Bank Holidays are not fun times I'm afraid.   Bank Holidays are for families to go out and enjoy themselves - for those of us on our own the shops are full, there are no Parking Spaces, cafes tend to be full - in fact best to stay home until it is over.   When I think back to the few Bank Holidays when I was a child - the most important one was the August Bank Holiday  which fell on the first Monday in August.   When workers first got two weeks holiday in the Summer this meant a huge exodus from Lincoln, the city near to where I lived.   Extra trains were put on to the Holiday Camps and Boarding Houses in places like Skegness, Mablethorpe, Cleethorpes and (for those who could afford to go a bit further afield - Cromer, Yarmouth, Scarborough and the like).   Foreign holidays for the likes of us were not even contemplated.   How times have changed.

If you have access to More 4 on Television there is a programme on The Lakes and the Yorkshire Dales starting tonight at 9pm - there have been previous series and they are very good.   I would like you to see snippets of places near to where I live; the scenery is so very beautiful.



JayCee said...

Oh yes, we have watched those series and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I agree with you about staying at home during the Bank Holiday weekend. When we lived in Sussex we decided one Bank Holiday to take a little drive to Arundel for a picnic near the castle. Big mistake. After an hour on the road and only moving 2 miles we managed to turn around and went back home to eat our picnic in the garden.

justjill said...

In Scotland we tend to ignore Bank Holidays. And the sun shone! Schools were open, shops, not sure banks as I do it online.

Kathy said...

Thank you Weaver so much for telling me about the programme, turned over right away and thoroughly enjoying it, hate all the adverts in between, but hey ho. Had to put the electric fan on tonight down here in Cornwall, turned very cold, but hopefully warmer tomorrow, more planting to do, always something to do in the garden but I love it. Take care.

Virginia said...

I’d like to try to see that Pat, but I’ll need to Netflix it. Can you put the exact title up for me please. You do live in a beautiful part of the country.

Rachel Phillips said...

Beautiful here, rain even looked nice late this afternoon in a strange sort of way.

Heather said...

A very changeable day today, weatherwise. I find that a Bank Holiday is much like any other and I don't take much notice of them.
I don't think the programme about the Dales is being shown down here, but I would love to see it.
I hope your weather allows you to get the rest of your plants tucked up.

Cro Magnon said...

I take little notice of Bank Holidays, but I did notice that we have one on Thursday. I couldn't understand why my neighbouring village was holding a Boot Sale on a Thursday; now I know.

Gwil W said...

We''re in the same boat as Cro. Next one is on Thursday here too. The weather forecast is fine for the 'holy day' on Thursday. Today and tomorrow, especially tomorrow, we have more rain. It's been the coldest May for 44 years.

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Tom Stephenson said...

I can't remember the ratio of wet to dry holidays, but I think we've had a few good ones down here recently. These days I tend to hide from scorching sun.

Chris said...

I can’t remember doing anything on bank holidays maybe it is to do with living in a seaside town. Bank holidays were for doing household chores. Now we are older we can’t stand the crowds so we just strollaround the block early inthe morning and then stay at home.

Rachel Phillips said...

Bank holidays have mixed weather, some good some bad. Even August Bank Holidays have been known to be endless rain, the bank holiday which should in theory have the best weather. But on balance the August Bank Holiday weather is usually good. The rest of them are at times of the year when our weather is changeable so unpredictable.

Meanqueen said...

I stay at home on Bank Holidays, can't be doing with all the crowds. I happened to catch a travel programme last week while in a hotel down south, it was about Cromford near Matlock. Lovely to watch and see places I have been to. I wish there were more UK travel programmes.

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