Wednesday, 29 May 2019


Today was friend M's birthday and nine of us took ourselves off to a restaurant for breakfast.- delicious.   We all had something different - I had 2 slices back bacon, 1 hash brown, 1 slice fried bread, mushrooms and a sausage.  Couldn't fault it!

Home again and after an hour it was out to Poetry.   Tess came too as friend S lives next door and had promised to take her (as S goes on holiday in the morning this was above and beyond the call of duty - so thank you sincerely S).

Poetry - nine of us - was a lovely peaceful and restful afternoon (just how I like it) and the choices - three poems each -  were a perfect mix.   We had lots of laughs, heard some poems we hadn't heard before, listened to some old favourites (Philip Larkin's 'Whitsun Weddings and Mary Oliver's 'Wild Geese' for example) and then finished with a slice of birthday cake and cheese for M's birthday.

The sun hasn't shown his face today, there is a breeze and it is chilly.   I have just put the central heating on (sorry Derek, but my thin blood needs it).   My visitor comes for the evening and overnight tomorrow, so I have just washed out the fridge and got it all ready to receive my Tesco order which should come in the morning between eight and nine o'clock.  After that it is my Thursday hair appointment and a walk for Tess.

The Appleby Horse Fair starts early into June and caravans pulled by horses are beginning to appear on our roads and camped on grass verges for the night.  If I spot one I will photograph it and put it on to my post.


JayCee said...

Your day sounds pretty good. I would have loved that breakfast as a special treat - blow the cholesterol! We too have had such cold and miserable weather today that we have had to switch the heating on. Where is that heat wave everyone has been talking about? I hope you enjoy your time with your visitors and would love to see photos of the horse fair entourage.

Jean said...

That breakfast and poetry sounds just the sort of day I would enjoy.

Heather said...

The weather has been pretty dire here too, for May. I daresay we will get a sudden heatwave in June which will make us all wilt. Your breakfast sounds delicious but I couldn't tackle it early in the day. Enjoy your friend's visit and how lovely to have a Horse Fair still occurring in these modern times. I hope you manage to get a photo or two to show us.

Joanne Noragon said...

I am hoping for a caravan picture.

Cro Magnon said...

We had friends who came down from England in a horse drawn wagon. They did an average of 10 miles a day. What a lovely way to travel.

Derek Faulkner said...

It'll be interesting to see what rubbish gets left by or hidden along those grass verges. We have a terrible problem down here with these travellers/gypsies which always results in the council at rate payers expense, not the travellers, having to clean up after them. Do the travellers clean up the Fair site and surrounding area before they go.

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thelma said...

Well the breakfast sounds delicious, there is nothing quite like breakfast cooked by someone else. As for the horse fair and their fast trotting ponies, hope they are well looked after. We have some travellers, the father sharpens knives, who are exceptionally tidy Derek. No rubbish after they have left. Their ponies graze the verges and even the little dog has a kennel outside.

Rachel Phillips said...

Well you are very lucky Thelma is all I can say.

Derek Faulkner said...

I agree Rachel. People need to get away from this romantic image of these people from many years ago and look behind the woodwork. Just last week we had several caravans of these people pitch up on a children's play area in a housing estate and when moved on two days later by the council, umpteen bags of rubbish had to be collected.

Anonymous said...

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Anne Brew said...

I love Whitsun Weddings and the odd emphases he puts into the first line “That WHITSUN we were LATE getTING away...”

Anne Brew said...

...sorry that should have read “I was late...” not “we we’re late...”
Thank you Google!
My godfather was the GP in Appleby for many years. He treated everyone equally, only once observing that the itinerant community seemed to save up their ailments till they saw him annually.
This was probably because of his non judgemental attitude to all his “customers “

Rachel Phillips said...

We treat them all equally and they get treated a bit more equally than the rest of us.

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