Sunday, 12 May 2019

What a difference a day makes.

All week the rain has poured down and the weather has been really dismal.   Now at long last it has settled for the time being at least into a pattern of seasonably warm, sunny weather with just a light breeze.  I don't know whether it is just me, but the sun makes a huge difference to how I feel these days and today, driving up to our weekly lunch date at the local Golf Club we were all in a much jollier mood.   It was salmon for all four of us today - it really is so beautifully cooked and for two of us it is salmon florentine (served on a bed of spinach) and served with roast, mashed and croquette potatoes, carrots, broccoli and swede and the mash decorated with a delicious roast parsnip.   The salmon covered with Hollandaise Sauce it all looks most appetising.   I have completely gone off sweet puddings so usually have a starter while the other three are eating their puds - today I had a prawn salad, which complemented my salmon course beautifully.

As soon as I got home I took Tess for her walk round (she had already had one early this morning) and met a friend who walked part of our walk with us.   As she had only returned from a short holiday this morning it was pleasant to catch up with her too. Then I spent an hour in the garden tidying up the tulips - they look so pretty but are beginning to be bedraggled after the days of rain so needed tidying up here and there.   I managed to collect a bag full of weeds in the process.   No sign of the mare's tail weed yet - it is always quite late in putting in an appearance.   But we have one more dose of weed killer to give it when it shows its face.

How quickly The Chelsea Flower Show comes round each year.   It is one of the things which the BBC does so very well and there was an hour's pre show programme at tea time.   What a lot of work goes into it all.

A busy week looms ahead.   Three things on tomorrow, two on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, two on Thursday and then out to lunch on Friday and it will be another weekend before I have had time to turn around.   Enjoy your week.


Heather said...

It has been a glorious day here, so different from yesterday when I felt cold, exhausted and useless all day long. Today I got so much done including a good clear out of things I no longer use, so it will be visits to the tip, charity shop and Lions Club book shop tomorrow. As you say, what a difference a day makes.

Gwil W said...

It's our turn for the bad weather. Cold polar air collides with warm damp air from the Med and we get the result! It's the same every year. They call it the Ice Men. Today it was 7 C in Salzburg. And very windy and not warmer here.

justjill said...

Been glorious here in the NE of Scotland but still the nip in the air. Yes the sun helps the mood. I have to brave the GP surgery tomorrow for a routine blood test. All those germs... dreading it.

Sue said...

I agree, the weather makes a big difference in my mood. I normally work hard to be an upbeat person and usually do pretty well. But weeks of rain and clouds with just a couple of nice days thrown in have really gotten me down. I was driving home from church today and just started crying out of the blue. I felt better after letting it all out, but enough of these dismal days! We're forecast to have at least another week of it.

Joanne Noragon said...

It sounds you have a full week ahead. I do hope the weather is perfect and going up.

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Rachel Phillips said...

I couldn't eat all that. Your plate must have been huge. The sun shone here yesterday but still cold.

Librarian said...

It sounds like a sumptuous meal and very delicious apart from the salmon and the prawns (I really like fish but strangely enough, not salmon, and I don't like crabs and prawns etc.).
Yes, the sun makes a huge difference! It was beautiful yesterday, actually too beautiful to get on two trains for two hours and travel home, but I had no choice as work starts again today.

thelma said...

The sunny weather is beautiful, but our grass is two foot high almost, Paul has not been well lately and we are getting someone in to do it. The meal sounds lovely but such a lot of food.

Share my Garden said...

My need for sunshine seems to increase as I age and when it appears it lifts my mood immeasurably. I spend much of the year in this country well wrapped up but feeling not quite warm enough!

JayCee said...

I agree that the sunshine makes a huge difference to mood. Yesterday was glorious here and today looks promising too. Your lunch would be my ideal meal - I love salmon, although can't eat prawns. It sounds as though you are going to be very busy this week. Take care.