Saturday, 17 October 2015

Train journey

Did anyone else watch Michael Portillo going through The Balkans by train to Istanbul?   What a marvellous programme - I love every series he has presented and this is no exception.

I have spent some time in Istanbul, so it was lovely to see places again.   But the places in Bulgaria I hadn't seen and it was amazing to see them all and get just a taste of what life was like there.

The whole programme is also enlivened with his choice of jacket - last night a peppermint striped one, a yellow one, a deep pink one, a green one and a deep blue one - all with contrasting trousers.
Sartorial elegance or what (the farmer leans towards the 'what?' side).

Next week he journeys from Vienna to Trieste jackets a-blazing.  Would be nice if Gwil were on the train to give us a wave.

I have to say that now my mobility is somewhat impaired and this kind of journey is almost impossible to make, being an armchair traveller is definitely the next best thing.   No case to pack, no mountain of clothes to wash on return.  What's not to like?


Tom Stephenson said...

Michael Portillo suddenly became human when he was voted out - a miracle.

Rachel Phillips said...

I watched it and loved it. I have made that journey to Istanbul on the train.

Elizabeth said...

I wonder if I can get this TV show in the US? Just the sort of thing I love!
Hope you are out and about soon.

The Weaver of Grass said...

What about his jackets Rachel? The farmer thought they detracted from the sights of the cities a bit. Istanbul is one of my favourite cities and as I said it brought it all back to me, particularly those marvellous bazaars. One of the booth-holders pinched my bottom once when I was looking at his wares (carpets as it happens, in case you were thinking otherwise) - obviously this was not yesterday!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Agree also with you Tom - he is a much better presenter than he ever was an M P!

donna baker said...

I've always wanted to go to Istanbul. Like you, I think I am a better armchair traveler.

Rachel Phillips said...

I like his colourful clothes. Peter sits there imitating him saying "My Bradshaw's Guide says...." and I tell him to shut up. He was quite interested to see it last night because I had been on the journey a few years ago but I had to admit to him I never saw anything of Sofia except the inside of the station because all I did was change trains and sit in the station for an hour eating a stale roll.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Candy stripes don't cut it at the Wensleydale Show then?

Gwil W said...

Pat, the train journey from Vienna to Trieste I did last year. The entrance into Trieste over the limestone plateau above the Adriatic is the best bit for my money. Once in Trieste there is a tram that takes you up the mountain so I hope he treats you to that as well. Look out for James Joyce. I stayed at the James Joyce Hotel, a pleasant nook with a spiral stone staircase.

angryparsnip said...

What a wonderful way to spend the evening.
I love the way because are so close to Europe that you can just zoom over.
When Son was studing there he went on so many trips, even just for the weekend.
I have been a few times but you really have to plan the whole trip plus all the airfare too.
Not just a quick lets go now !
Just found the Bake Off show on Netflix so I will get to watch it. Maybe this one will come
on also ?

cheers, parsnip

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I love travelling by train, but so so expensive now. A disgrace.

Frances said...

I will have to look into whether this series of programs might be available to me online. Just what Elizabeth has already commented.

Perhaps you know of Rossichka, a wonderful artist and puppeteer and teacher, who lives and blogs from Bulgaria? She often comments over at my place. I think that you would enjoy her posts.

I am glad to have been able to travel in Europe when the trains still had those wooden compartments for six people that made me think of The Lady Vanishes. And other atmospheric films, too. xo

Frances said...

I tried to watch the programme yesterday afternoon on virgin " on demand", but it wasn't there ! Neither could it be found on iplayer via the TV ! I know it was on at 7.30 as a repeat but I was watching strictly! I shall try again today. It sounds as if he is getting even more outlandish with his jackets etc. I am with the farmer on that one. I like his presenting, but the way he walks annoys me. He looks so self conscious .

Heather said...

I have seen a few of Michael Portillo's programmes and enjoyed them, but not this one. His jackets are colourful - you always know where he is! I love the idea of travel but it is so much easier to be an armchair or laptop traveller. Cheaper and less exhausting too.