Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Under the Walnut Tree/

An abnormal amount of clucking under the walnut tree alerted the farmer this morning to a pullet nest with ten eggs!!  So from today they are to be let out only after mid-day until they learn to lay in the nest boxes,   As he has been keeping poultry all his life, who am I to argue?

Tomorrow, when I have (or rather had) a free morning, I shall now break them carefully one by one into a basin and make a fruit cake with them, so that they do not go to waste.

This afternoon has been exercise for the over sixties - I can't say that it gets any easier as the weeks go by.   We exercise the top half of the body (I find that very easy), then the trunk and the legs (harder) and then for half an hour we do movement exercises to music (very hard).   By the end I am ready to drop off my perch.   But half an hour's sit down with a cup of tea and I am raring to go again.

Nobody in blogland has had much to say about Jeremy Corbyn's refusing the invitation to last night's State Banquet (along with Prince Charles I might add).   Perhaps it is a sign of the times and perhaps I am getting old but although I would love to be unconventional I am afraid I find it very difficult.   I was brought up in a very conventional family and don't think I would have the courage of my convictions in such circumstances.   Would that it were so.  (and in any case I would have liked to sample the menu!)

I do also feel for the Queen who has to hold such banquets whether she agrees with things or not - admittedly she doesn#t sit there pondering over the menu, nor does she have to lay the table and cook and serve the meal - but she does have to be there, be courteous and welcoming (always) and look as though she is enjoying it.

China is such a powerful country, a country which my late first husband (who lived there for some years in the 1930's) thought was a wonderful country.   He loved the people and when we returned in the seventies he loved it even more, when he saw the improvements in living standards, housing and the like.

Luckily I really don't have to give an opinion on what I think to the present state of affairs between our two countries - I am too old for it to really affect me. 

Please note that after reading today's paper I find thatr Jeremy Corbyn did go after all to the State Banquet and that he did wear a white tie.   He has gone up greatly in my estimation -  I am so glad he changed his mind.   Prince Charles's reason for not going was an altogether different kettle of fish - I understand it was a protest against the Chinese use of ivory.   This is going to be a long and hard 'habit' to break and I do respect him for a protest.


A Heron's View said...

Trafalgar Day 21st October and none of the English blogs have mentioned this
important day.
Tell me has all connection to Lord Nelson, the sea and history been forgotten ?

Heather said...

10 eggs! A lovely surprise and I'm sure the cake will be first rate.
I have gently gardened on three consecutive days this week assuming it would become easier. Not so - today I am exhausted. I admire your perseverance with the exercise classes.
I hope Jeremy Corbin never becomes Prime Minister for the Queen's sake. How could he carry out all his duties when he keeps refusing to meet her?

angryparsnip said...

Love that The Farmer knows what what to do to teach the new chickens where to lay the eggs.
10 eggs wow that is quite a full nest. What a great idea to use them in a cake.
I have been thinking ou Sue's (?) leftover mince quick cake from last year. I want to try it.
So I will go looking for the recipe .
If you have time please take a photo of how big your chickens have grown.

cheers, parsnip

John Going Gently said...

Are their nesting boxes very dark pat?

Bovey Belle said...

We used to have a hen with "laid away" but we never found where until several months after they had been rehomed, and we found a sack of binder twine in the shed with a pile of (addled!) eggs in it!

Penhill said...

Jeremy Corbyn went and wore white tie.Prince Charles has my full respect!

Midmarsh John said...

You could have a book for people to guess where they will lay the next egg.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

People keep urban hens in this town, which no doubt keeps the town foxes interested. THere's an urban farm on my Clay Lane running route, the inmates of which are always escaping!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Have just read the paper for today and found that after all Jeremy Corbyn did go and also that he did wear a white tie. So apologies Jeremy - and also take a gold star from me. I respect (and agree with) many of your views - you have gone up in my estimation.

Cro Magnon said...

I watched PMQ's yesterday, and noticed that Corbyn hadn't buttoned his shirt collar. What a bloody mess he is. No dress sense, and no common sense.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Although I have no desire to sample the banquet menu I wouldn't mind a taste of your fruit cake.

potty said...

Heron. Plenty of time for 600 years before 25 10 15 for Agincourt to be remembered.

Beverley said...

I admire Prince Charles for his standards.