Tuesday, 20 October 2015


No post yesterday because friend W and I were out for the day.   Our last visit of the year to Kirby Lonsdale to meet our friends - and what a journey it was.   There is no doubt that the scenery has never been more beautiful.   I didn't take any photographs - selfish of me I know - but I just wanted to enjoy the Autumn colour.

The sun shone all the way there and lit up the leaves - all colours from pale yellow to deep red.   The fields were full of cattle grazing off the last of this Summer's grass, or sheep in the Autumn sunshine.   By the time we returned the sky had clouded in and yet still it was all beautiful.

Today, after meeting friend C for coffee and a scone it was home to cook the lunch, then walk Tess and then go on another beautiful drive just a short distance and to the most unlikely place for beauty.   The refuse collectors forgot to collect our paper and plastic on Friday, so I took them both up to the tip.   The tip itself is well hidden, a half mile drive off the main road.   The lane down is fringed with trees in Autumn leaf.   One side is a fairly steep bank but the other side looks over green fields and stone walls (again the fields are full of sheep).   I have to say that the tip itself, constantly manned by a couple of charming helpers, is absolutely immaculate. The chap unloaded and emptied my containers cheerfully and I drove away very impressed.

Then it was back to plant up another container with sixty miniature narcissi and a handful of crocus.   I am now searching for some large purple striped crocus - I have tried everywhere and they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.   I have left a corner for them in my planter - so live in hopes.

I took Tess out into the yard with me as she enjoys sitting in the sunshine (and it is another nice day).   She disgraced herself (and me) when three Jack Russell terriers and their owner walked past.   For some reason she hates them with a vitriol and went berserk, disappearing up the lane.   Totally ashamed I apologised to their owner and pushed her indoors, where she sat dejectedly while I finished my job and cleaned up.

Off to get the tea now.


Terra said...

Your autumn colors sound lovely, and how nice the tip is well maintained. The one in our county reeks to high heaven when you are there. People tie bandanas over their nose and mouth if they need to drop off anything. It has been years since I've been there. I can imagine the loud encounter with Tess and the 3 dogs.

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful word picture of the Autumn colours on your drive. Your tip seems much friendlier than ours, but I suppose you are a smaller community with less pernickety regulation.
Our Jock takes great exception to a poor harmless man who walks past our front fence every day. I can't see anything unusual about him, but Jock goes totally berserk if he is outside - most embarrassing.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Kirby Lonsdale and Kirby STephen have always been signposts off the A66 to me! The main route over to Scotland for us.

angryparsnip said...

Even without your photos I can just picture all the fall colors from your post.
Sounds so beautiful.
Now I know your must be wrong about your very sweet Tess she would never do that,
would she ?

cheers, parsnip

Joanne Noragon said...

We once has a terrier who didn't know he was ankle high. A worker brought his shephard once and Angus sent it down the street. The poor fellow loped back and stood in the road, looking at his master for instructions. Angus was confined to quarters, and the man and the dog finished digging the trench.

Frances said...

Weaver, you write so well, that I could imagine I was seeing those autumn colors, and would not have minded joining you all for that scone and coffee...or perhaps tea.

Jack Russells are funny little dogs. They can be amusing, but also very excitable and noisy. Sorry that bunch interruped your walk with Tess.

(Before I forget, I thoroughly enjoyed your tale of the Farmer's discovery of eggs in an unexpected place.)

Best wishes.

thelma said...

Isn't it gorgeous the weather when it is sunny, though not today, the colours of the leaves are magnificent. My old Moss hated of all things, the little black and white wagtails that we would meet in a car park, other birds he took no notice of.

Philip said...

A bit on the late side for crocus but you could try online from Pottertons:-

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks Philip - have just been to their site - things are a little bare in the crocus department - as you say perhaps i have left it too late.

Heather said...

Sometimes it is good to enjoy the moment rather than try to capture it on camera. I often feel I have missed a lot while trying to get that perfect shot. I made the most of yesterday with a bit of gardening and lunch in the garden. I am so glad I did as today is wet and windy and such a contrast.

Gerry Snape said...

up to the house on the Bay next week and no doubt up to Kirby Lonsdale...lovely area.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Windy here today too Heather, although the rain has passed over and it is now sunny.
Thanks to everyone for calling. Enjoy your break Gerry.