Thursday, 4 October 2012

Peace at last.

At last a day without having to go places.   Tuesday is always my shopping day, followed by calling on my friend G for coffee.   Last Tuesday had the added hindrance of having to go to the hospital for an X Ray on an ankle which is being a nuisance.   Our local Catterick Garrison has a perfectly good hospital which the Powers that Be chose to virtually close down, but luckily the X Ray Department is still open so I was able to go there - just round the corner from both Tesco and my friend.   I wonder why everything has to change just when it is working properly.

In the afternoon I washed out the fridge before putting the new food away, got down on my knees to do so and found myself physically unable to get up!   Luckily the farmer was upstairs and he came to my rescue, but it made me realise that I have got to start doing something about it.

An idea came yesterday afternoon when it was our monthly Poetry meeting.   It is one of my favourite afternoons of the month, meeting at friend W's house, sitting in her conservatory and reading out our favourite poems.   Yesterday there were only six of us but - as always - there was such a lot of interesting poetry and such good conversation.  Afterwards, talking of being unable to get up the day before, two of the group demonstrated "the dog" - I think a Yoga exercise - designed to strengthen one's arm muscles.   I tried it when I got home and found I could do it quite easily.   So this morning I added six 'dogs' to my growing list of morning exercises.   Now I wait to see if it makes things any better.

Today the farmer has gone to Hawes with his niece.   There is a special Blue-faced Leicester sheep sale at the Auction Mart and his niece is thinking of buying some so wants to look what is available and what sort of prices they are fetching.   If you know the Blue-faced Leicester you will know that it is a perfect example of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.  But then, I suppose that applies to everything.


Dartford Warbler said...

The Yoga sounds a good idea. Do you have a local Pilates or Alexander Technique class or teacher? Both of those would be good ways to keep strong and flexible!

I too welcome the occasional day of "nothing much to do", but they are few and far between. Better to be busy I suppose.....

angryparsnip said...

I had to look up the Blue-faced Leicester sheep.
I think they are so sweet. Their heads look like a cross between a Deer and a Sheep.
The photos I looked at some have large dark coloring around the nose area which makes them very cute.
But then I pretty much think all the sheep I have seen so far look very charming especially the ones that the horns curl.

cheers, parsnip

Heather said...

Do hope your ankle will start behaving itself again and that the 'dogs' are helping.
I think most breeds of sheep are attractive animals - that goes for cattle too - but no doubt there will be one or two exceptions.
I love my group's meetings too and they are all coming to me next Tuesday.

Em Parkinson said...

I do know the blue faced characters and I absolutely love them.

I also remember 'the dog' from my yoga days before having my son. Am going down the pilates on the rug road myself after the spinal surgery last year, and am finding it exhausting!

Gwil W said...

Hi Pat, Here's a good one for the farmer!
On You Tube enter "Stantonhammer Sheep Invade Sports Shop". These are our local sheep. Instead of going down the street they all followed each other into a sports shop. It was one of these shops where the door slides open when someone or some animal walks past.

John Going Gently said...

reading poetry in the conservatory
you do gthings PROPERLY PATRICIA!

Dominic Rivron said...

Washing out the fridge is not my idea of peace.