Thursday, 23 December 2010

Never too late.

In reply to a query from NanU - it is never too late for the poetry bus. The old bus trundles round cyber space, stopping here and there to pick up and put down passengers, maybe stopping to look at the odd lovely view, or for everyone to hop off and enjoy and mince pie and a mug of hot chocolate. The only time it stops completely is when it has a change of driver - so if you have a poem on last week's theme then feel free - or indeed a poem on anything - there is no one in this world more free and easy that TFE - and he organises the whole thing, so I think I can say foe him - "Anything Goes"!


Gerry Snape said...

I've popped a poem on my blog today and although the word star is not in it ,the idea was taken from that star journalist Simon Barnes from a quote that he made conce4rning his mother a while back.

Helen said...

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

The Poetry Bus is a proper country bus where the drivers stop at convenient places for passengers to get on or off, and not just at authorised bus stops. I haven't seen a star for nights now, it's been so cloudy, but did catch a brief glimse of the moon last night. Sadly not a sign of it for the eclipse though.

Elizabeth said...

I have just been enjoying your last few posts.
I totally agree about the real-world Christmas cards. I love looking at them and remembering who sent them and keep them from years to year.
However, we always design and make our own and it takes ages......
so some are only going to arrive in the New Year!!!
Do hope you are feeling well.
Daughter and boyfriend were due here on Tues --now arriving from London on the 27th!!!


NanU said...

I'm actually a little embarrassed to have re-asked to get on the list - Have genes will travel was indeed there, but I was stuck on looking for NanU. My head is too full these days...! You're a great P-Bus driver. Have a merry Christmas, and see you soon on the Bus!

Jenn Jilks said...

I missed the bus, love your 24th post. Still fighting whooping cough, but loving your links.

I gave up Christmas cards as a single mom. Just couldn't afford, nor fit it in. I've since done Christmas photo cards, sending them after school let out since school was crazy. I just haven't gotten back into the spirit of it.

Merry Christmas from Canada!