Monday, 12 July 2010


After several days of life not following its usual pattern I feel totally disorientated today. I have not switched the computer on for two whole days as we have had visitors staying. Farming friends from Essex came up to see us, so we have been eating, walking, chatting farming and generally having a relaxed time of it.
In addition, the central heating boiler was delivered and this morning, just as our friends were planning to leave, the engineers came to fit the new boiler. This meant emptying the box room so that they could get into the false roof - so the contents of the box room are now in our bedroom. After tea the farmer and I will sort all the things out and put them back - then hopefully we shall be back to 'normal' whatever that is.
So, dear blog friends, it is a short blog today (but a happy one) but to end on a newsy note - I took a photograph of the engineers working on the boiler and told them I did a blog every day - they were quite chuffed at the idea of their photograph going round the world - so here they are trying not to pose for the camera. And another shot of our friends at the breakfast table.
Back to blogging tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

Tell your boiler chums that they are world famous!
or at least in New York!
We have had a spate of visitors too.
Tomorrow we are having a new oven put in since a mouse ate the wiring of the old one and there was billowing smoke......and a stink of ex-mouse
much love
ps where in Essex?

Heather said...

Famous boiler men - hope they don't charge extra for the photo shoot! Glad you had a nice weekend and hope your friends had a good journey home.

Reader Wil said...

Your boiler men are even famous in the Netherlands! Thanks for your visit. Yes the statue is a continuous reminder of that terrible bombardment. We will hope that it will never happen again.

Jeannette StG said...

Hope your boiler is fixed now! I know, when there's a whirlwind of activities and people in your house, it's hard to stick to blogging!

angryparsnip said...

Well the very charming boiler men are now famous in the Wild Wild West of Arizona...
Any time I have to move something I try to throwout some too !
At lest the boiler came as your friend were leaving, nice timing.

cheers, parsnip

Hildred said...

Your friends look like lovely visitors to have around, and I'm so glad to note that you are a fan of Kellog's Special K - I shall think of you as I pour our portion over the blueberries or bananas at the breakfast table!

Perhaps someone will make a poster of the boiler men and make them really famous!

Cloudia said...

aloha, boiler lads!

Aloha from Hawaii, friend :)

Comfort Spiral

Acornmoon said...

Thanks for inviting us into your home and telling us about your world. I am sure you will be more than thankful for that new boiler in a few months time. In the meantime, I hope the weather proves Billy Connolly wrong!

Gwil W said...

Disorientated here too! Painters in.

OK until one shouts: millions of them, there's millions of them.


Good luck. We all need it.

Tess Kincaid said...

Love your boiler guys. I've been disoriented, too, since my daughter was visiting all last week. I'm slowly making my way down the streets of the bloggyhood.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Wow - those boiler men are International in the blink of an eye - isn't cyberspace wonderul.

Thanks for the comments.

annie said...

Well, I am a almost two weeks late but I must give a wave from Texas to your boiler chums. Plumbers and electricians and boiler engineers hang the moon for me--way out here in the boonies, we really appreciate them making the long trips to help us.