Monday, 20 June 2022


 Another busy day.   I don't like to have nothing to do but sometimes lots of things crowd in at once.   But that is life I suppose.   I slept in this morning - quarter to seven and my carer comes at seven - so it was out of bed, blinds drawn swiftly - just in time as J pulled into the drive.

My first job was another good watering as it promised another hot day.   This watering took an hour of my time and I suspect it will be the same again this evening.   But the pots are all looking very nice.

My son called by with the bits and pieces he had got on his Tesco order for me. I put these away and said good-bye to him just as H next door crossed the road to post a letter, so she came in for a chat and a coffee as we hadn't had one yesterday and by this time it was lunch time.

Friend M rang to say she was walking round for a coffee and a chat and friend W rang to  say she was calling to make arrangements for our lunch outing on Wednesday.   So the three of us had a pleasant afternoon talking about this and that and they have only just gone.   Half past five = it has been a lovely day weather-wise - sunny but with a nice cooling breeze.   I fear I may now have to go round again with that watering can.   But it is the price I pay for my lovely pots.

Take care everyone.   Until tomorrow.


Barbara Anne said...

What a lovely day you've had with a short visit from your son, your carer in, visits with friends indoors and out, and the pretty weather! 'Who could ask for anything more' as the lyrics of an old song go.
We're having lovely weather, too, and this morning there was a wee rabbit eating some of the clover in our front yard and a deer barely visible in the back near the creek.
I hope to sew Rail Fence blocks together that were made by my sweet AMIL and also sew Single Irish Chain blocks together for a new Christmas quilt.


Rachel Phillips said...

How quickly your day passed, particularly the morning.

Jennyff said...

No matter the size of garden we love our pots don’t we. I tell myself not to have so many because of all the watering but I never listen, besides they make me happy and the terraces lovely. As you say the price we pay and so worth it.

Gail, northern California said...

It must be such a comfort for your son to know that you have so many friends and acquaintances checking on you almost daily, sometimes 2 and 3 times a day! You're very lucky. Imagine how lonely your life would be without them.

Ellen D. said...

You certainly are popular! It is nice that you have so many near that care for you. Lucky lady!

the veg artist said...

A lunch out to look forward to. Now that is something!

Joanne Noragon said...

Too bad about having to carry water to plants. I don't like it a bit.

Hilde said...

You surely have a lot of good friends. And you are lucky with your neighbours, too.
I will have to buy some new plants for my pots because after the rain we had, the slugs got into them and reduced some of the plants to just a few naked stems.
Hilde in Germany

Librarian said...

You are keeping quite the open house, aren't you - it is lovely, as you seem to enjoy it greatly.
My Mum and my sister compare notes each morning about how many watering cans they have been giving to their balcony plants, plus my sister now has the allotment to take care of. All that dragging cans back and forth must make for very muscular arms!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Librarian- I have a hose fitted to an outdoor tap but it is hard and quite dangerous as I have to use Priscilla as well.
Joanne - mostly hose pipe so not quite as strenuous.
Rachel - don't know about you but I like my days to pass quickly on the whole
Barbara Anne - sounds lovely - wish I could still quilt but hands are too shaky

Thanks everyone for responding to such a boring post.