Friday, 24 June 2022

Anybody there?

Is there anybody there said the traveller,

Knocking on the moonlit  door?


I feel a bit like that.  Why has Google suddenly made it so difficult?   I said I was having a couple of day's break but of course, after a good night's sleep I feel more or less back to normal. 

So - here is today's attempt - sometimes it works, then sometimes it doesn't.   I have answered  some of you, others reject me out of hand.   I will keep going - perhaps it will right itself.

I had a lovely day with my friends over from Grange over Sands, what's better than a nice relaxed, civilised lunch out with friends?   But by golly I was tired yesterday.    In the afternoon friends S and T called for a nice chat (don't forget I would love a look at the Sea Salt catalogue please S!) and then friend S called; we all had a nice chat and then S and T went home and S stayed until 7 - so another super day.   Tired again today.   But frankly, don't know about anyone else but what with the terrible world situation - earthquakes, wars, famines - I just need to be tired in order to sleep well.   None of us can do anything about it so best we can just get on with our lives.

Last evening as darkness fell I think we had twenty drops of rain but it was still very warm and I think at least ten of them dried before they hit the ground.

As far as the garden is concerned, my gardener will be pleased that this hot spell is bringing out my poppies.   They are not his favourite and they are everywhere - semi wild - all the same darkish purple and they are lovely.   As is the Birds' Foot Trefoil in my front lawn (more of it than grass) - such a pretty weed and it brings back so many happy memories of my father as we collected wild flowers for me to try and draw and write about.   My Dad was such a wonderful Dad - sharing his love of poetry and nature with yme - loves which have never left me throughtout my life.   I wish I could tell him - but then there will be many of us in that position.

Looking out of the window the garden is full of pollinators - many of them very large bumble bees like giant bombers flying low just above the ground.  And there is plenty for them to go at now - apart from the poppies the other things which seed freely and I always leave are antirrhinums - mainly yellow ones which I have never sewn - they just appeared - this year a dark red one too.

Luckily as you know I trying to maintain a non political stance on this blog.   Good job this morning because there is such a lot I could say!!!

Hopefully see you all tomorrow if I can get on. 


Librarian said...

Your social life is so rich, and I am glad your friends bring you so much joy - it is of course the same the other way round.

We finally had more than just a few drops of rain, it has done the gardens around here good. I have not had a chance to walk on the fields yesterday and today, but I guess they will have benefited greatly, too.

SueJay said...

Yes, we are all here and enjoying reading your posts - hopefully my comment will get through. I love your description of bumble bees as giant bombers. I have lots of them flying over my lawn, enjoying the clover.

Sarah Browne said...

I’m here, down in Dorset awaiting a thunderstorm, it’s very muggy. I have nothing to offer news wise as I neither watch or listen to news outlets so unaware of world events. I do know that around my local area there are Skylarks, Marbled white butterflies, pyramid orchids and grasses of every kind, nearly 5ft high in places. The ground is dry, fields are already golden and ripened, hay and silage has been cut, nuts are forming on hazel bushes and blackberry flowers in abundance. Hope all is peaceful in Yorkshire. Sarah Browne.

Chris said...

Sorry I can't help you with your blog, my other blog has stopped updating people that I have a new post, so perhaps why you no longer visit? Anyway pleased you have that garden to watch, nothing better than 'time to stop and stare!'

Ellen D. said...

Glad you are able to keep posting. I have no advice as I am a blog reader/commenter but not a blogger. I have had no trouble visiting your blog and leaving comments, thank goodness!
I am so glad your friends have been round to socialize and you are enjoying your garden so much. It makes all the difference and brings joy to our lives.

Barbara Anne said...

I'm in Virginia, happy to pop in for a visit with you! How marvelous to be a good tired from delightful lunch with friends and visits from other friends. Hope S remembers to bring that Sea Salt catalog to you. I didn't even know there were enough kinds of Sea Salt to need a catalog. Live and learn!
We. too, have huge bumblebees in the garden but I wish for little honey bees.
It's oddly cool here (28*C) when it's usually 35*C this time of year but we're not complaining!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Barbara Anne - your reply brought a smile! Sea Salt is a clothing firm here selling top quality clothing for ladies - we can buy sea salt too of course but try going on line and see what lovely casual clothing they sell.
Sarah Browne - lovely reply oozing nature - very uplifting in these troubled times.

I have just looked out of the window and tthe patio is damp and I heard a rumble of thunder.

Barbara R. said...

We are having a really lovely cloudy day (may have rain late in the afternoon, or may not)'s really brought the temperatures down. I will certainly check the catalog out "Sea Salt." I'm thrilled to read your blog daily! Words from your part of the world just spin over to mine! (Western North Carolina)

Wendy said...

Hello, feeling sorry for your blogger problems. Now I am by no means an IT expert but can google well. Maybe you can try this:

1.On your computer, open Chrome.
2.At the top right, click More Settings.
3.At the bottom, click Advanced.
4.Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings Cookies.
5.Turn Allow sites to save and read cookie data on or off.

Now I have everything in Dutch so I cannot fully control if all the steps are correct stated but hope one of your readers can.
And ofcourse I hope it is THE solution :-)

Kindest regards,

ps: love your blog

Rachel Phillips said...

I have more or less given up with advice on Blogs and settings and the last set of advice I gave you I suggested you may need your computer savvy friend to help (not blogger savvy, just computer savvy). I will say it one more time, turn on cross site tracking. Enjoy relaxation and friends staying until 7pm in the evening would be just too much for me. Maybe we are different in Norfolk but there is no way I would have a friend staying through my teatime.

Red said...

Aw , come on . We need some political commentary!

LouC said...

These days it’s so refreshing to find a place to share and enjoy the camaraderie without the sullying of politics. We’ve found wonderful people the world over just doing their best to get on with their lives. Many more similarities than differences. Your days are such an inspiration for me so keep on keeping on just as you are and know that you have a friend out here on the far northern coast of California who doesn’t comment often but wouldn’t miss a post. I’m grateful that you are a part of my day.

Heather said...

I too am having laptop problems. After 2 or 3 weeks of trying this or that, I think I shall have to bite the bullet and buy a new one. This one is currently slower than I am!
Very cloudy all day today plus a few drops of rain, but mercifully cooler than of late. Your garden must be looking wonderful just now. It must give you so much pleasure each time you look out of your windows. Sleep well.

Brenda said...

I now have to type in my name on some
Blogs and am pretty savvy on iPhone iPad and laptop. As I said before one of my favorite blogs is Her in Him Out 2 and I can’t respond even when I sign into Google. I hope she doesn’t think I have ignored her

Tom Stephenson said...

You allude to a favourite childhood poem of mine, I think.

Susan said...

Hi Pat, it's me, Susan from Massachusetts. Looks like your blogging issues have resolved. I love checking-in and reading along with all your other followers. Your garden with the bees buzzing around and enjoying the flowers sounds lovely. You might feel tired today but it's a good tired as you've had a wonderful day with friends.

Joanne Noragon said...

Bumble bees are fun to watch. They should be clumsy, but they're only slow.

Debby said...

Sure, we are all here! I check in for my daily dose of Pat practicality!

The Weaver of Grass said...

You are all trying so hard to help me with my computer problem. Ra chel tries so hard for example - I try to follow her instructions. press a button and then I go to pieces as nothing seems where it is supposed to be. Sorry Rawill appear,chel - it is my befuddled brain.
Thank you everyone for trying. This almost 90 year old brain hs just given up on anything "Computer" but thank you all for trying - especially you Rachel you have tried so many times to help.Hopefuly one day it will right itself or somebody who is completely literate in computers and lives near (I wish) will appear.

thelma said...

I enjoy politics, my perogative is I think to write what I want on my blog. Our writings belong to ourselves and not to the dictates of others;) people just don't have to read me. Pat as you are communicating via your blog there is no problem for the moment. A computer is basically made up into two things, hardware and software. The software are the programmes that run it. Get those initial programmes sorted, and yes they do undergo change (we live in a modern age) but all you need is someone who is a competent programmer to set it. And don't panic. X