Sunday, 30 September 2018


A short respite before the hordes descend on me for a meal of sorts.   I find I am past getting huge meals ready these days so I offered them Farmhouse Soup (lots of veg plus herbs, beans, pasta etc.) with really good bread and parmesan.   This to be followed by home made apple crumble and either ice cream or home made custard.   I made it all first thing this morning and have just set the table, so resting until they arrive (they being my Great grand-daughter and her mum plus her dad (my son) and his wife.  Now that all the work is done and all I have left to do is scatter the chopped parsley on the soup I can relax.

Isn't it odd how we have just gone smoothly into Autumn after that long hot Summer.   Fleeces have made an appearance again on the early morning dog walk and shorts (mainly on men) have largely disappeared and I can't say I am sorry.   Middle aged and elderly legs on either sex are, in my opinion, best kept under wraps

It is a funny sort of day.  As I sit here and glance out of the window sometimes it is raining and at other times there is bright sunshine.   It can't make up its mind exactly what it wishes to do today.
I dashed into town to get something for my soup which I had forgotten and made the stupid mistake of buying a Sunday paper.   I take the Times all week and The Guardian on Saturdays.   Sundays I give myself a rest.   Wish I had done so today.   Brexit is not the headline today - oh no - it is Party Conference Time (shudder).   Now, just in case you don't know, it is WAR between Boris and Teresa on the eve of their party conference.   I shall make a point of not watching the news for the next three days.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I've just made myself some soup for later, but probably not as tasty as yours as I just chuck in anything that's available. If Boris appears at the party conference wearing shorts I'll let you know!

Derek Faulkner said...

It'll probably be shorts and a cycling helmet John.
Pat, you always say that you're fed up with Brexit and politics and yet both seem to appear in most of your posts??

Joanne Noragon said...

It looks to be a nice day underway for you, newspapers be damned!

Bovey Belle said...

I was going to make soup today, but got distracted and baked two cakes instead (Lemon Drizzle and a lovely Dorset Apple Cake (with Lemon). I will have to make another of the latter for next weekend's Fair, as this won't last till then - K and I had a piece each for dessert tonight.

As it has been hot all this week there are still bare-legged men around. Some really do NOT suit the look and are best keeping those legs under wraps, I agree! Only on a summer like this do I get tempted into a pair and then ONLY in the garden where no-one can see me!

Back to 3 layers today (warm fleece being the top one) and electric blanket on setting 2 at nights . . .

Sue said...

Your farmhouse soup sounds delicious.

Heather said...

I still have some homemade soup in the freezer which has been there since our heatwave summer made it's appearance. I am sure whatever you give to your guests will be delicious. My catering skills have taken a nosedive in recent years, and I can't believe I cooked for seven people daily at one time.
I walk to the shops to buy a regional local paper which covers most topical items and scan the headlines for national items as I buy it. None of it makes uplifting reading but the puzzle pages are good!
I'm with you on the shorts too!
Hope you had a lovely day with your family.

The Weaver of Grass said...

John, I make a lot of that kind of soup. I call it 'fridge bottom soup' - in a way this is what I made today but I tarted it up with various herbs, a tin of tomatoes, red kidney beans from a tin, and a good handful of pasta. It was delicious and plenty left for tomorrow.

Jan said...

Your soup sounds wonderful-I think it's about time for me to make a pot of soup myself. The news here in the U.S. is dreadful no matter which side you're on. I'm inclined to keep the TV off this week.

Librarian said...

I am a soup fan but rarely make one for myself. Yours sounds delicious!
As for middle aged legs - mine are still presentable, but I know when it is appropriate to wear shorts (for instance when I'm out running and it is warm enough) and when it is not (for instance at work or when it is cold).

thelma said...

Well my soup is tomato, a friend and I picked absolitely dozens of small tomatoes from another friends greenhouse, he has gone into a care home and the bungalow is on the market. So what do you do with green tomatoes, know you can fry them as there is a book about it!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Green tomato chutney? Thelma.
Thanks everyone. The soup was well received and was delicious. Plenty left for today and tomorrow.

angryparsnip said...

Your soup sounds wonderful. I have always enjoyed reading about all your lunch and dinners.
Because of Tropical Storm Rosa, we have had a few storms even though our ''Official Monsoon Season" just ended Saturday.

cheers, parsnip and badger

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