Thursday, 29 January 2015

Winter again.

Winter has really struck us again.   There are heavy snow showers and during these it is really 'blizzard conditions'.   There are no papers this morning as the local delivery man who brings them to our newsagent for us to collect, lives ' in the back of beyond' as we say up here.

The main roads are clear but there is a strong wind when it snows and the snow blows through the gateways and begins to block the roads.   Our lane is also very icy.
Yet, in spite of all this, our poetry group met yesterday as usual.   Fine for me, who lives just down the road.   But friend, S, who usually calls for me, lives in Coverdale  which is a really remote dale.   Almost all the group turned out, in spite of some of them living in places where conditions were worse than here in our village.

Friend W, who hosts the afternoon, has a lovely large conservatory with underfloor heating - so we can watch the weather in all its fury and yet be snug and warm at the same time.   And, as usual, we had some super poems - Robert Bridges, George McBeth, John Betjamen, John Clare, several modern poets, and always others which I can't remember but which were equally interesting.

 And while all this was going on, our fertiliser for the year arrived at the farm in the middle of a blizzard.   As the lorry was also pulling a trailer, the farmer had to unload the very heavy bags at the farm gate - but of course his tractor is heated - so it wasn't all that much of an effort.   It is always good when we have the fertiliser for Spring ready in the big barn for the right weather to put it on the fields.

Today is certainly a day for sitting by the wood burner.  But hairdresser's appointment at midday means I shall have to negotiate the lane at least once during the day (and possibly our neighbour's sheep, who have suddenly got a taste for roaming down the lane rather than staying in the field).   As I write the sun is shining - a good sign I hope.


Cro Magnon said...

Not too bad here today.... warmer than recently.

Maywyn Studio said...

The image of your poetry group is beautiful. You are blessed to have such a wonderful experience. Drive safe and have a relaxing time at the hairdresser. I still call it a beauty parlor. :)

Gwil W said...

The grass is always greener somewhere else for the sheep. Tomorrow there is a demonstration. Rent-a-mob-of-sheep is coming from various places. Half the town centre will be off limits. Disruption and vandalism will be great. As it was last year.

Heather said...

So pleased you got your poetry meeting in before to much disruption, and I hope you get too and from the hairdresser without any adventures.
We have sunshine but big grey clouds are building up. We must wait and see what develops. Keep safe and warm.

Twiggy said...

I'm glad you got to your poetry group, it sounds lovely. The weather up here is very snowy and cold and thundery today. Take care when you go out later.

Gerry Snape said...

Snow here today though I'm certain not as bad as with you....I love the selection of poets..since going twice to the Aldeburgh festival I've started reading more of the 21stC poets...some I like...some I don't!...nothing new there....keep warm!

The Broad said...

What a lovely image it is to imagine you with your poetry group -- the elements raging, while you are cozy and warm with a fire listening to poetry. Life can be so very good...

Elizabeth said...

What fun to sit in a conservatory to admire the weather without suffering from it!

angryparsnip said...

Oh My Goodness, what a picture you painted in today's post.
Farmer said winter was not over yet and he was right.
I love the poetry group sitting in a conservatory warm and snug while the weather is swirling around you.
The sheep are just plain nutty ! Snow, wind, ice and white outs and that is when the sheep decide to take a walk about. I wonder how many will cause a car crash. White sheep white snow.

How are the chickens and has Tess decided to stay in her bed ?

cheers, parsnip

Mary said...

I take it you weren't within the earthquake area last night!

All sounds pleasant, and very much reminds me of listening to The Archers back in the fifties! How I loved that radio show which, I believe, is still running, right?
Mary -