Tuesday, 27 January 2015

An M O T?

Well, I am certainly old enough to need one!   I needed to go to see my Doctor this morning - I keep a list and when there are three things on it I make a visit to see her.  That took up a good hour of this morning.

By lunch time it was clear that my hearing-aid was just not working properly.   I was hearing everything from a great distance and muffled at that.   So this afternoon it was drive over to Richmond (7 miles away) to visit the Hearing-aid Clinic.   Luckily the lady there was able to repair my aid - the trouble is that since I got home it seems to be whistling at every opportunity.  So it will no doubt be aother visit next week, weather permitting as snow is forecast from tomorrow onwards.

Keep your fingers crossed that the snow doesn't begin tomorrow as it is our monthly Poetry afternoon, and missing that is not good.   I need that monthly dose of culture to keep me going.  (John Clare's 'January', or rather bits of it as it is very long, is on the menu from me tomorrow.)

Just as the farmer and I were getting into a sweat ten minutes ago at the non-delivery of our oil supply (promised for today), the tanker backed into the farmyard and we now have a tank full of oil.   We are nearly empty and as such bad weather is forecast and both our heating and our Aga run on oil, the situation was getting dire.   Now the tank is full again.  The tanker-man - Eddie - an old faithful friend, delivered it.   It is pitch dark and well after half past seven in the evening - so he deserves a medal I think rather than the cup of tea I gave him.


angryparsnip said...

I am so happy the oil man came.
I have just the opposite problem here. After some much needed rain it is sunny and too warm here !
I want more rain in the valley and snow in the mountains.

cheers, parsnip

Joanne Noragon said...

Don't you find that service men such as your oil man go out of their way to be sure folks won't run dry in a storm.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Used to heat with oil. I think I would prefer trying to burn dirt over this wretched "heat pump" (geothermal) contraptions that put out tepid "heat" when it's cold out. They pull heat out of the ground or air -even in winter. Only problem is when you live in a place where the winters can get quite cold like we do, there's not a lot of warmth to pull out of the ground. They work ok in Florida and California, but not here. (Rant over.)
Poor Josephine has a cold. Watching her to make sure it's nothing more serious.

Tom Stephenson said...

Ah, the secure feeling of a full fuel tank when the snow is about to come down hard. I almost envy you, Weave.

Frances said...

Hoping that your snow forecast will be inaccurate in the same way as our own NYC forecast was.

Even so, I'm sure that having that oil delivery is much appreciated. Eddie sounds like a gem, and I do hope his employer appreciates his value.

I found my way to your site via our mutual friend Elizabeth. Buster's mum, and more. I wish that I could tell you how much I do enjoy visiting here.

Stay warm, and in touch with the poetry, too.

Twiggy said...

It's good that you can rest easy now the oil man has been. I don't want the snow yet either, I am supposed to be going to a Scout group committee meeting at a pub high in the Pennines tomorrow night, boo!!

Cro Magnon said...

I hope the cost of your tank full reflected the current fall in the price of crude. But somehow I doubt it.

Gwil W said...

Hope your hearing aid is up to the job at the poetry session!

thelma said...

The wilds of Yorkshire and heating with oil (or LPG), glad your oil turned up eventually, an excellent service from your oil man. This is one of the first things we saw in our proposed move to Yorkshire, having to pay up front for a full tank.. We have an open fire here in event of electricity failure, coal and wood already stocked in the shed.

Heather said...

Glad you are well stocked with oil before the weather turns nasty on us. We had an oilfired Aga many years ago which I learned to love. Sadly I've not had the opportunity to get another.
Hope your hearing aids and the weather behave themselves for the poetry afternoon tomorrow, and that we get out to do our weekly shop. Batten down the hatches!

Elizabeth said...

So glad your oil arrived just in time.
Good to be prepared for snow.
Glad you gave Eddie a cup of tea.
Funny story -there is a charming English Christmas story for children by the Arlbergs (spelling?) called The Jolly Christmas postman - who goes about on his bike delivering letters to Goldilocks etc. At the last place he visits he is given a beer.
One of the reviewers on Amazon said the book most unsuitable for children as it encouraged alcohol abuse!!!!
Our 'blizzard' was a bit of a damp squib in the city - it veered out to sea and Long Island and Boston git it instead.
It was fine to shut the city down -we all had a nice peaceful day.

Hope they sort out your hearing aids. How horribly irritating!

MorningAJ said...

Glad your oil arrived. We had to have the central heating fixed last week and I'm glad it was sorted in time for the threatened white-out!

Mac n' Janet said...

I try not to visit my regular doctor more than twice a year, in between I have to see my dermatologist and retina specialist. This getting older is hard.
Hope you don't get too much snow. We're cold and clear.
Glad your oil man got there, we're getting low on propane, we use it for our fireplaces and to cook with, so we'll be getting our tank filled shortly too.

Linda said...

I think a nice cup of tea and some good friends is always reward enough.


Bovey Belle said...

I'm glad that you got your oil delivered just in time. We keep the faith with the same oil company as their prices are competative, and when mum was still alive, they would always make the effort to deliver in cold weather if we were low, as they knew she was bed-bound and we HAD to keep the house warm.

How frustrating about your hearing aid. I can remember my mum's whistling on occasion.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for calling in - your visits always cheerup a freezing cold day!

Robin Mac said...

How amazing that you are able to lead a fairly normal life in the midst of all that show! I had to laugh to myself when you talked about the tractor cabin being heated - I had never thought of that, we all think of air conditioning cooling the cabins over here, especially in the awful heat we are enduring at present. Cheers