Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Some days can be jolly frustrating, can't they?

Today is Exercise Class at 1.30pm, and I arrived to be told that the tutor was unable to come as her car had broken down.   She had only just rung, so there had been almost no time to work through the list of those intending to come.   T is pretty well down the list, so I made a useless journey.

Thinking to salvage something I went round to our Medical Centre to collect a Prescription from the Dispensary, only to find a notice saying that in future the Dispensary (from December 1st) would close from 1pm to 2pm.

The saving grace is that it is a glorious day - sharp cold and sunny and still.   There was a hard frost, which has fetched the last of the leaves off the trees - and made the robin's song clearer than usual.   How lucky we are to have that little bird singing all Winter when all the other birds lie low.


Gwil W said...

They have exercises for the elderly in our local swimming pool in the shallow end. I think it's a good idea and also safe as no one is likely to get injured if they lose their balance. Even throwing a ball to each other in a circle is to finish the session is good for the reactions, which you couldn't do on dry land as someone might fall over.

Twiggy said...

Sometimes we get days like this don't we. How lovely though you got the best out of it by noticing the little things. It really has been a glorious day hasn't it?

Twiggy said...
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MorningAJ said...

I think a large coffee and a slice of cake were in order. Fate was clearly trying to tell you to take the day off!

Heather said...

We have had lovely blue skies today too. Sorry you had those frustrations and I hope all will be back to normal next week. A robin always comes to sing to me when I am gardening - I love them.

angryparsnip said...

When I was visiting son at Cambridge
to help move home after school. I must have bought up every Christmas card I could find of the Robins at winter.
I am so happy to know this bird is still around to sing their song.

cheers, parsnip

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I still love to hear the Robin singing even though I know that he's only saying "Clear off!" to other Robins. I should have thought the tutor would have jogged over to see you!

jinxxxygirl said...

Well....... it was just not meant to be today .... :) Maybe all that was meant today was for you to enjoy a glorious day crisp and cold with sunlight on your face and clear song of the robin in your heart... and cancelling that exercise class was the only way the Universe could think of to get you out in Big Hugs Weaver! deb

Frances said...

You are a wise lady to realize that the day still had much to offer. My job requires me to be able to constantly recalibrate my agenda with what the unpredictable day presents.

I smile as I write this, but I do think that this sort of mental gymnastic exercising is good for us.

Going back to your post about Nicci French. I do think I have read one of those books, but my current read is Peter Robinson's Abattoir of the DCI Banks detective novels set in Yorkshire. I've been reading this series for decades and have had the opportunity to meet Mr Robinson on a book tour ages ago.

I wonder if you think that he captures Yorkshire well?

Best wishes.

Cloudia said...

sounds a random strangely special day....the robin sang!

"The observer
is a prince
enjoying his incognito
wherever he goes.”

ALOHA from Honolulu

Hildred said...

One of my sons has taken in a little white crowned sparrow who got left behind when everyone else left and the temperature plunged to 36 degrees below zero (F), He lives in a little cage, warm and well fed and with a mirror attached between food and drink to make him believe he has company. Glad you were mindful of the small things midst all the frustration, Pat.

Anonymous said...

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