Friday, 19 December 2014

A few stories.

Folk seem to fall into two categories about cleaning and Christmas.   There are those who say there is not a lot of point in giving everywhere a thorough cleaning when all the decorations and pine needles are going to be creating a mess anyway.   There are the other kind - of which I am one - who get delight in having everywhere spick and span before any decorations go up.

To this end I suggested to the farmer as we drove back from the market this morning, that he help me this afternoon to clean the utility room (where almost everyone enters the farmhouse, our front entrance being rarely used.)   A look of horror passed over his face and he assured me that it was only about six weeks since it had had a thorough clean (I do have a cleaner each Monday who cleans it anyway).  He was lying.   I recognise a lie when it jumps into my ears and moving the long (and heavy) sideboard revealed a mountain of dust, cobwebs, dropped dog biscuits (which the dog has been trying to get at for weeks) and so much dirt that even the farmer had to admit that 'maybe it was a little longer since the sideboard had been moved out.' 

This was followed (the whole joint operation took no longer than three quarters of an hour) by cleaning the vestibule - the front entrance, rarely used but with a beautiful tiled floor which does need an occasional wash.   So the vestibule was duly cobwebbed, mopped and thoroughly cleaning.   Windows were also cleaned and now I feel a lot better.

There is a moral to this tale though.   Thorough and rather frantic cleaning of ceiling corners, architraves, window frames and the like with a feather duster does eventually lead to a great deal of moulting of said duster.   There are now so few feathers left that it would be a farce to use it for the purpose for which it was intended.
So a new one is on the shopping list for the next big clean behind the giant sideboard in the utility room. (easter?)
And speaking of moulting feather dusters reminds me that I must tell you of a wonderful advert which has been in the 'Pets for Sale' column of the newspaper this week.   There is a high fashion here for certain cross-breed dogs like Yorkiepoo (miniature poodle/Yorkshire terrier)  and Labradoodle (labrador/poodle).  There has been an advert for Yorkiepoo dogs for sale which says they are 'non-melting' - obviously meaning 'non-moulting' - but can't help wondering whether they have been sold.  The ad has disappeared.(or melted).

I'll sign off from my sparkling farmhouse - sitting and dining rooms to be attacked later - brass to clean, windows to clean etc.  Once my cleaner has been on Monday, that is it - decorating will take place and we shall be ready for the celebrations. 


Cloudia said...

Growing up in a family janitorial firm we used those ostrich feather dusters. . . . something primal about preparing our space.

Do have lovely holidays, P!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Joanne Noragon said...

It's the windows that bog me down. We have too many.

John Going Gently said...

I'm with you oat
Clean and tidy before Christmas
Ps thank you for your card x

angryparsnip said...

I too clean before the Christmas decorations go up.
I don't understand decorating a dirty home.
I also received your card. I hope mine got to you ok !

cheers, parsnip

Heather said...

I like to have a good cleaning session before the decorations go up, though I have joked about just sprinkling glitter on the cobwebs! Love the wording for that dog advertisement but when I was young all these 'new' breeds were just mongrels! Thankyou for your sheepy Christmas card - I love it.

MorningAJ said...

I'm with you totally on this one. Big clean before so much as a bauble came down from the attic!

Balisha said...

I like a clean home before I decorate too. Then I can sit back and enjoy with everyone else,
I watched a Christmas movie last night and it showed Joseph tidying the stable before the baby Jesus was born.
As Catholics, we go to confession to "clean our souls" before Christmas.
Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday,

Mac n' Janet said...

I clean some before the decorations go up, but putting all the Christmas stuff away is the signal to begin Spring cleaning in earnest

jinxxxygirl said...

I like to clean when company is expected.......which come to think of it might be an excellent question for a blog post for you since i know you like to pose questions. :) Do you like to know ahead of time that company is coming? Do you consider it 'bad form' for someone to just show up on your doorstep?

Anyway.... whenever i know company is coming i always go a little crazy cleaning the house whether it be Christmas or holidays or otherwise... theres a certain amount of dust and such that hubby and i are willing to live with but i do not expect my company to be that way and would rather put on a fresh to speak.....I for one do NOT like to be surprised by company and consider common courtesy to call first to make sure we are not busy or some such.... Big Hugs! Deb

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

I clean as I decorate. Tree went up today. Lights went on it. If it is still standing in the morning, will decorate it. This is Josephine's first Indoor Tree Experience. She is quite excited.
:) m & jb
Going out to buy that cribbage set tomorrow, too!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Good for you! The Fly Lady website has really good feather dusters, but I imagine you can get wonderful ones much closer to home!

A said...

I am definitely on your side re: cleaning before decorating. I like the "clean slate" feeling of it and it gives me an excuse to clean everything well since in all likelyhood I won't have done it for months beforehand!

Cro Magnon said...

I think it may be easier just to set light to our house, and re-build.

Bovey Belle said...

Love the "non-melting" puppies . . .

I have a good clean up for Christmas - there is nothing like putting up decorations for finding cobwebs for starters! I am about to tackle the kitchen floor, which desperately needs doing. Polishing the horse brasses probably won't get done, but just family here (us and the girls) so not the end of the world anyway.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I shall be interested to hear from Maureen how Josephine has behaved with the tree - I have had cats in the past who have gone ballistic when the baubles have gone up.
Thanks for the comments - keep up the polishing.