Sunday, 28 December 2014

Over for another year.

Thanks for the Christmas and New Year Greetings everyone - much appreciated.

Now Christmas is over.   The turkey is almost all eaten (only bought a crown) and the orange-flavoured ham has just enough left for a sandwich at tea time today.  All the many Boxing Day vegetables (red cabbage, ratatouille, swede and carrot mashed, carrots, sprouts, peas, roast parsnips, jacket potatoes) were eaten
again yesterday and what is left has just been given to the hens as a treat.   They descended on it all as though they hadn#t eaten for a month.  The fridge is almost empty except for remnants of Camembert and Brie - which will soon disappear.   Then tomorrow it will have to be fill the fridge again day as all my grandchildren (all vegetarian) come for a buffet meal - and then for New Year's Eve, when I always make a large fish pie and this year a topside pot roast too.  But so far everything has run smoothly and it has been great fun.

Yesterday the farmer and I were alone and we spent the afternoon doing a jig-saw of scenes from Downton Abbey (which we actually don't watch) - it was a really interesting one to do.   But when we finished it there was a piece missing.   We searched the carpet thoroughly as Tess adores chewing up a piece of jig saw, but there was absolutely no sign of it anywhere.  Later in the evening we were having a game of Rummikub when the farmer dropped a tile by his chair.   When he bent to pick it up the lost piece of jig saw was right next to the tile.   How is it that you can miss things like that?

My Christmas books are delicious.   I have already read the second book written by Alan Johnson about his rise to political fame from an extremely poor childhood.  The first one was bought me when it came out.   This one - Please Mr Postman - has been just as interesting and I was quite sorry when I finished it.

Now I have started H is for Hawk - by Helen Macdonald.  Absolutely fascinating reading - and beautifully written.   Books are the very nicest presents aren't they?  (although my shelves are full to bursting and I am constantly trying to cull one or two books to make room for the new ones.)

We have missed the snow here apart from a sprinkling on the hill tops in the distance, and the weather yesterday and so far today is wall-to-wall sunshine, although almost freezing.

Salmon and new potatoes for lunch today - a light food day methinks.   Have a nice day.


Heather said...

I have had several books for Christmas too - my favourite gifts. I'm not ready to think about food for a while! Just as well we are not entertaining over New Year. I'll just see what comes to hand from the fridge and freezer.
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I have great difficulty culling my books, even the ones I didn't enjoy much.
Hot and cold salads for the next week or so me thinks.

Jayview said...

Here in southeastern Australia, I have just finished reading 'H is for Hawk'. I agree she is a brilliant writer and I loved most of it though the gore did get to me towards the end. You might see our weather here if you catch any of the Boxing Day test - though as it is not the Ashes but Australia and India perhaps it won't be shown there? The sound of cricket on the radio means summer to me and signals peaceful days of lazing and reading. Happy new year. Jean

Elizabeth said...

Happy wind reading!
There is something rather peaceful after all the excitement of Christmas is over and one can sit back and reflect ...or do nothing.
Loved your puzzle piece story. We had a similar experience on Christmas Eve. Henry aged 5 had a most complex Lego thing to build...took ages and he did it all himself.....but there was one teeny weeny sticker missing...oh no!
We looked on our shoes. We looked every where!
Tears...we said we would send off for another sticker...It was finally discovered....stuck to his plaid shirt! What a relief. Happy New Year.

Elizabeth said...

should be 'winter' reading!
auto correct makes me quite mad!

Balisha said...

Books used to be a favorite gift for me.
I am having some issues with my eyes and can only read for a short time. I find that I am losing that love for reading that I once had. Just started books on tape
I now try to find books that are like journals...things to read day by day and short stories which I never liked before. I guess we all have to make adjustments as we age.

jinxxxygirl said...

Food food Christmas ham has been all packaged and put in the freezer. And all the leftovers are gone... We do not do anything special for NewYears except MAYBE stay up and watch the NY ball fall..... I have a vegetarian in the family. Do you have any special vegetarian dishes that are well received??? Hugs! deb

angryparsnip said...

Salmon and new potatoes sound just wonderful !
We also love books and not just novels. Daughter was given an illustrated children's book.
Glad the chickens enjoyed some leftovers !

cheers, parsnip

Cloudia said...

Post like this express the best of what a personal blog can share day by day, through the year. It is always a privilege to visit, and to hear what you have to say.

ALOHA from Honolulu

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Books for Christmas for me too. Like you I have to try to make room in the bookshelves for them. I guess I will have to be brutal, but it's SO difficult.
Enjoy your grandchildren!