Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Producing a Book.

Our Writers' Group have just finished producing another book - this one to be sold in aid of the Great Northern and Yorkshire Air Ambulance Services.

We are quite a thriving group with around a dozen members and everyone has produced two pieces for insertion in the book, which is called 'Flights of Fancy'.   All the entries are loosely based on flight of some kind.

What people don''t realise is just how much work goes into the production of such a book - and how the work always falls on a few.   The committee, elected at the beginning of the year, have done the work willingly; some have done more than others.   Our chairwoman, H, has worked so hard to oversee it - negotiating with the publisher, who himself is retired and is working on it for peanuts as a favour; negotiating with the proof-reader (twice and still mistakes are being found); organising the launch party.   It all takes time and energy and we are none of us in our youth.   One of our members has done all the illustrations and I must say they are brilliant.

What have I done?   Well not much to be honest.   I am retiring from the committee this year as I feel ashamed of how little I am able to do, particularly as I don't drive at the moment.   I am at least in charge of the wine at the launch party, so am able to do one thing. 

There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from the finished article, when all these stories, articles and poems come together as a cohesive whole and we are able to look at the book collectively and say "we did that!"   But, make no mistake about it, such a work does not produce itself and inevitably the work tends to fall on one or two.
Our Secretary, H, has very good computer skills and these have stood her in really good stead as she has sent e mails to and fro and invited various dignitaries to the launch.  I really don't know how  she keeps up with the work.   I wish I could send you all a copy.   


Heather said...

What an exciting time you all have in store when your book is born!
You make me think of my group's exhibitions with just three members hanging and arranging all the pieces of work done by themselves and the rest of us. They do a wonderful job and I always feel as if I am not pulling my weight.

Robin Mac said...

I know how much work goes into producing the book Pat, we are in the process of producing a children's book for the tenth birthday of our Botanic Gardens as well as a calendar illustrated by the Botanic Art Group. It is exhausting, but very satisfying to see the end results. I am sure you have been a big help. Cheers

Elizabeth said...

I imagine you have quietly done lots!
Yes, producing anything is a gargantuan effort --but utterly worth it, I always think!

H said...

It must be a wonderful feeling to hold a book of your own works, and the air ambulance is a worthy recipient of the proceeds. The children at our school have just chosen the East Midlands Air Ambulance as one of the charities we will support. I am delighted :)

Gwil W said...

Being "in charge of the wine" is really the top job.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Congratulations to your group on getting the book produced!

I'm thinking of producing a book of writing from the short story course I'm teaching at the moment, but yes I guess it is a huge amount of work.

Friko said...

I would most certainly love to have a copy.

You are a well-organised lot, a wrtiters’ group with a committee! I am impressed.

steven said...

i've gotta agree with gwil w., weaver. the procurer of wine is by far and away the most critical piece in any book launch!!! steven

The Weaver of Grass said...

If anyone in the uK would like a copy I will put details on my blog when we have had the launch.
Thanks for visiting.