Thursday, 14 March 2013

Looking for inspiration.

I do try to write something on my blog every day - alright I miss the odd day if I am too busy - but on the whole I guess I blog about six times a week.   But there comes a day, now and again, when I can think of nothing to say.   Do all writers have these kinds of days, when they feel flat and when their novels seem to be going nowhere fast?    And if they do, do they have a day off or do they sit with pen in hand, or I suppose it is computer screen on these days, and wait for inspiration to strike?   Because there is absolutely no doubt about it, it is only by writing regularly that one can achieve any kind of continuity in one's writing.

So what to write about today.

Well for a start, did you watch the emergence of the new Pope from behind the red curtain at the Vatican shortly after 8pm last night?   I am not a Roman Catholic, in fact I am a nothing - not religious in any sense of the word - but I had the feeling that I was watching History in the Making as he stepped out in front of a crowd estimated at over 150,000  - and all of them shouting 'Il Papa'.

I once ran across Rome, over the Tiber and up the road leading to St Peter's Square, in order to see the Pope of the day give his Sunday blessing.   His tiny figure appeared at a high window and his voice echoed round the square as the thousands fell silent and fingered their rosaries.   It was a very moving experience which I suspect had little to do with whether or not I was religious.

So we have a new Pope - the first Jesuit Pope, the first Pope from the Americas (albeit with Italian parentage) and the first Pope to take the name Francis - most likely after St Francis of Assisi.   After next Tuesday's installation things will settle back to normal I expect.

Well, there you are, I started today without any idea of what to write about - but I have managed it and I feel better for it.   Verbal constipation is not good for the soul.


Heather said...

You are an example to us all Pat, with your almost daily posts and they are always interesting. I am ashamed that it is nearly 2 weeks since I posted.
I couldn't help thinking it is a shame that a younger man wasn't elected to be Pope - it must be such an arduous task for someone in his late 70s. The previous Pope was the same age and was hoping to retire when he was elected.

Helsie said...

I know how you feel. I often have trouble thinking what to say and I rarely post more than three times a week. You've inspired me to get moving and post more often.

A said...

I have now seen two new popes emerge in my lifetime - I agree with the feelings you have about history in the making. Even without religious affiliation, events like this do have a great emotional impact.

Gwil W said...

I am not a member of any religious group but I try and tune in as an individual to the source of the Creation as it were. It's a kind of faith but I wouldn't want to label it.

I have watched the unfolding events with great interest especially after a lightning bolt struck the cross on top of St Peter's dome 2 hours after Benedict XVI resigned.

Then I was struck by the presence of a seagull for about half an hour it seemed to me perched on the Sistine Chapel chimney before the white smoke.

But when I saw the new Pope and saw his smile and heard his voice and discovered the name he had chosen for himself I thought to myself this is the right man and everything, including the seagull, fell into place.

Interesting is a comment from the Austrian cardinal following the choice. Everybody is happy. Everybody around the Vatican is in a good mood and smiling even the cleaning ladies.

I have a sense of a cloud being lifted.

John Going Gently said...

I am like you. My blogging is part of my daily routine
It's like,
Cup of coffee
And write.....

John Going Gently said...

As for the pope...
Sounds like he's rather old fashioned as popes go

MorningAJ said...

I get paid to write in my job (among other things) so missing a blog day isn't as detrimental to my style and output as it might be. But of course all writers have days like that. Even as a journalist, when the facts were not in doubt and I didn't have to create a plot, I still had times when I didn't know where to start.

(Good tip from a great former sub-editor: start at paragraph 2, it's less daunting. Add the intro later. )

You've probably seen my take on the new pope and you probably realised I wouldn't take it terribly seriously.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I think it's really positive that there's now a pope from South America and one who seems to have lived a life of true simplicity. It will certainly be interesting to see how he does.

As for blogging, I aim to post six days a week - like you I find myself short of inspiration sometimes, but then other times I have so many ideas i write a few posts at once and set them all at draft, so i can use them when I've no ideas.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for all you comments - I find Gwilym's particularly interesting didn't know you were a bit of a mystic Gwil.