Monday, 21 January 2013


Three inches of snow here this morning and still snowing.   The snow plough has just been up and down the lane and the farmer has just gone off in his tractor to help our neighbour empty some of his slurry out of the tank and on to the fields.   It is on days like this that he appreciates the outlay and a newer/more powerful tractor at the beginning of Winter.

I put out a tray of bits for the birds at eight o'clock this morning and by ten minutes past it had all disappeared.   They are really desperate for food.  In addition to the tray the farmer refills niger seed, mixed seed, sunflower hearts, peanuts and mealworms every day and by late afternoon they are all empty again.   I suspect all wild animals are suffering, although the fox prints suggest that the foxes are out scouting for rabbits.

We had an old hen die a week ago and we put her out for the fox - she disappeared and on Saturday, when the syndicate were shooting the marshy field, the farmer noticed the remains there, so we assumed that the fox had taken it and had a meal off it (although it was a thin old thing).

Our schools are closed today because of the snow.   Many of our rural schools have closed and children are bussed in to bigger ones which have remained open.   On days like today the buses will be unable to get to the schools so it is best to close them in advance so that parents know.  

On days like today it is a question of filling one's time with useful occupations.   I am compiling another cryptic quiz for our local Nature Reserve, so there is that to type up trying various formats (knowing my computer skills that should take up a bit of time!) and there is always my Afghan blanket to crochet - that keeps me warm while I am doing it as well.

Poor Tess has such a job to walk in this depth of snow, she has to do it in leaps and bounds, but she doesn't seem to mind and comes in wet through but happy.   What it is to be young!

I have to say that looking out of the window on to a white and silent world - it is very beautiful.   The trouble is when it begins to go then it is just a mess.   Keep warm.


mrsnesbitt said...

Keeping warm here too Pat. Today is the first day we are able to take Bing out for a walk, following his vaccinations. The snow is deeper than his little legs so will give it a miss. Am cooking some of your onion soup today too. Jon has got to the workshop but keeping an eye on the weather! The A171 is constantly mentioned in the news - I am happy to hibernate. Kettle on!

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful description as ever.
Cold here today 25'F....and going to snow later.
Glad the farmer got a new tractor.
I'm sure you are warm and busy.

Country Gal said...

I remember winters like that as a kid we loved what we called snow days off of school , living on a farm we had tons of stuff to do both fun and chores to keep us busy . I remember being out in the fridge of cold tobogganing ! We are to be in a deep freeze soon it's a coming so we are to cozy up and hunker down .Stay safe and warm and have a good day !

John Going Gently said...

My old barnevelder collapsed and died this morning pat.....the snow has a way of culling out the weak

Heather said...

I thought of you as I listened to the Countryfile forecast last night. We are at the horrid half thawed stage but could have more snow tomorrow. The garden looks dreadful.
I have been busy with housework and coursework this morning but am taking the afternoon off with my knitting.

MorningAJ said...

We had two inches of snow overnight and that was bad enough. K tried to set off for work but couldn't dig the car out. It was frosting up again as soon as he cleared the windows. So we're both working from home

angryparsnip said...

I have been reading everyones cold, freezing and snowy posts today and it seem the best place to be is inside, safe, snug and warm.
I keep nmeaning to mention how much I love the picture of Tess in the snow.

cheers, parsnip

Dartford Warbler said...

The fox must have enjoyed his meal, however thin the old hen was. The wildlife has really suffered this winter hasn`t it? First with the floods and then this prolonged time of intense cold.

We had a partial thaw today, but the temperature has dropped again and there is ice everywhere.

Robin Mac said...

Oh dear, the poor birds and animals are having a very hard time, thank goodness you are able to put out feed for some of them. The snow pictures look very romantic but I am very sure the reality is not a bit romantic. Stay warm as we try to stay cool! Cheers

Bovey Belle said...

Keep Warm. I am writing this from the internet cafe, as we are still without a phone line and it will be 8th February before they come to replace the pole (and hopefully reconnect us at the same time!)

We are surroudned by green at home, but there is snow on the surrounding hills - waiting for more to join it, my mum would have said.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Seems we are all suffering from either very cold weather or very hot weather - hopefully Spring will soon be here for us - certainly warmer weather is forecast for the weekend. Can't come soon enough! Thanks for the visit.

Granny Sue said...

It's been very cold in West Virginia too, Pat, and this evening we're getting a little snow--not much, just enough to cover the ground so far. MY husband has been sick and I've had a time trying to keep him inside; he has things to do outside, he says! I keep busy with canning--I made jam today and canned dry beans and baked scones. That and housework and a few other things keep my time filled. Stay warm.

Wendy said...

Hello - I'm also feeding the birds all day here. They really are coming in for the food as soon as I appear. And I love the picture of your dog in the snow; my own border terrier (now 9) has discovered his puppy behaviour again in this weather.

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