Wednesday, 19 December 2012

This and that.

First of all, sad to relate, the poor cow who went down and had to be hoisted up (twice on successive days) finally went down on the third day in an even more awkward position and could not be saved.   She had to be put down, although she was only a month from calving.   It is always sad to see a cow go in this manner, apart from the financial loss, which is considerable.   But we have to be stoic about it - she was suffering quite a lot and not likely to improve.

Now on to happier things.   Life is quite hectic at the moment.   The farmer has a very bad cold and is feeling rather sorry for himself, although it is a little better tonight.   He is dosing himself up with lemsips and hot whisky toddies. (that is the happy side of the cold!)
I have driven twenty odd miles to the hairdresser this morning, got back and twenty minutes later gone out to Richmond to our Christmas poetry afternoon - wonderful as usual, with a real Christmas flavour both in the poetry and in the food provided by D.

Friend G has gone to a party tonight on our local Nature Reserve and I have helped her to compile a party quiz.   I have done the wild flower bit, which is quite easy and is all about British Native Wild Flowers.   The clues are cryptic but I have purposely made them very easy.   I thought some of you might like to try it.  The number in brackets after each question relates to the number of letters in the flower.   I will print the answers in a couple of days.   If you wish to have a go - send the answers on my comment slot.

1.  You would find this at the goat's afternoon tea party.(9)
2.   2012 really was the year for this. (6,5)
3.   The chancellor expects us all to practise this. (6)
4.   A bird's beak (10)
5.   Reynard needs two pairs (8)
6.   A very fancy feline (9)
7.   Do give me your answer. (5)
8.   A bovine herb? (3,7)
9.   Hurry to fetch the water. (9)
10. Man's best friend got up. (3,4)
11. Royal drinking vessel by the edge of the water. (7)
12. Remembered in Flanders Field. (5)
13. A communist winner drops his aitches. (3,7)
14. Tie up this unwanted plant. (8)
15. Pursue this shrinking flower. (3,6)
16. Is this bird of prey thin and scraggy? (8)
17. This chap puts his money here when he sells sheep (9.5)
18. What a charming young lady. (5,6)
19. The auctioneer's hammer needs nothing to mix up a herb. (6)
20. Mother of thousands. (4,4,3,8)      


angryparsnip said...

Sorry to hear about the cow and the calf. Sad news.
Love the quiz but now answers from me living in the US because I would have to research them.
I can't wait to see the answers the clues are so interesting.

cheers, parsnip

Heather said...

Such sad news about the cow. At least worst of the farmer's cold should have gone by Christmas - don't let him breath on you!!
Love the quiz. I'm short of time this evening but I think no.5 is Foxglove, 7 Daisy, 8 Cow Parsley, 10 Dog rose, 11 King Cup, 12 Poppy, 14 Bindweed, 15 Violet, and 19 Lovage. I'll work on the rest a bit later. Keep warm and dry and free from germs.

Tom Stephenson said...

Sorry to hear about both framer and cow, but pleased about your hair-do. Sorry to hear that you made the return journey from the hairdressers in an open-top sports car without a Hermes scarf, though.

Tom Stephenson said...

'Framer'? No, we have enough of those already, but not enough 'farmers'.

Elizabeth said...

This too challenging for me!
Shepherds purse?
Fox gloves.......

So sad about the poor cow.
Hope the Farmer feels a bit better soon.

Dartford Warbler said...

Sorry to hear that the cow did not recover.

Being outside in all weathers is no fun when you have a cold. I hope the farmer soon feels better.

Your quiz looks fascinating. No time to do it now but will have another look when I can.

Liz said...

Sadly in farming losses happen but every loss is a blow. Very sorry to read about the cow going down. I have a heifer here that's ready to calve she strayed onto our property and is very young around 15 months old and far too young to have a baby of her own.

I've ready you had a birthday recently happy belated birthday to you Weaver and all the best to you and the farmer this Christmas

The Weaver of Grass said...

My friend took the quiz to a party last night and it was a great success. Well done Heather - the ones you have got are all right!
Do please join in. As for the open top sports car and the Hermes scarf Tom - I wish.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Poor cow!

Flowers - good clues and here are the answers I've been able to work out:

3. Thrift
4. Cranes bill
5. Foxgloves
6. Dandelion
7. Daisy
8. Cow parsley
10. Dog rose
11. King Cup
12. Poppy
14. Bindweed
15. Dog violet
16. Hawkweed
17 Shepherds purse
18.Sweet violet (or is it sweet cicely?)

I'll come back with more if i can!