Thursday, 6 December 2012

Farm Shops

Do you have them round where you live?

There is a plethora of Farm Shops around here and they all have their ways of attracting you in.   One has a large play park for children and a lot of unusual animals, another has KuneKune pigs and rare breed hens.   But once inside the shop one is very like another.

Our most popular one, which I intend to visit once the weather here is less than abominable, has a super cafe and a super range of home baking which can be bought.  

Today I went with my daughter in law to one which is much nearer.  It is fairly new on the Farm Shop circuit and has won a lot of awards this year.   Certainly the cafe is lovely, the quality of the coffee is excellent and the scones are light and tasty (we ignored the rest of what looked like a scrumptious lot of home-baked cakes).   There was a butchery selling local high quality meat and a whole range of speciality olive oils, chutneys etc.  It was nice for a little trip out on a miserable afternoon, but that is as far as it goes.   I shall report on the other one when I eventually get there.   I have heard excellent reports.

I have to report that my friend who lost her husband yesterday is much better today.   Yesterday was an awful day of shock but today she sounded much more like her old self when I spoke to her this morning.   The difference?   She has her family round her.  There is nothing like family to give one a sense of strength and love is there? 


angryparsnip said...

Sounds like fun and very interesting.
But I still don't know what a farm shop is ? It sound like local foods only ?
I would love to see the pigs and the chickens.
How are your chickens doing in the cold weather ?

cheers, parsnip

MorningAJ said...

I love farm shops and we have a selection we visit semi regularly, plus I seek them out whenever we go away on holiday. We found a wonderful one at Hawarden on the Welsh border this year. But our favourite is Denstone Hall near Uttoxeter. I'm planning a trip there before Christmas to stock up on bacon and sausages.

Em Parkinson said...

Amazingly, we don't. You'd think there would be hundreds but the closest is in Okehampton and it's not actually on the farm which is a shame. Yours sound lovely!

Heather said...

It is good that your friend has her family to support her when she needs it most - I daresay they will all support one another.
Yes, there are several farm shops in this part of the world but they vary considerably. I often admire the baked goods but then feel dreadfully guilty about buying them when I ought to make them myself! One shop in particular has excellent meat but the vegetables are not good. I suppose supermarkets are to blame for us hoping to find all we want under one roof.
It's pouring with rain after two or three lovely dry but very cold days, and the wind is roaring through the trees outside the window. Back to normal - wet and windy.

Cloudia said...

My heart just goes out to your friend.

Friendly Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

~ > < } } ( ° >

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >

Pondside said...

I enjoyed visiting farm shops when I was in England, but we don't really have them over here. I envy you!

The Weaver of Grass said...

My friend came round this morning - lots of hugs all round. She is taking such comfort from her family and is bearing up very well. Thanks for the concern.