Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Five inches and rising.

As I look out of the kitchen window and see the rain gauge, and see that it is almost full again, I can tell you that we have so far had almost five inches of rain in the last thirty-six hours and it is still pouring as I write.   The field opposite is a lake, as are the fields above and below it; our drive is underwater and I cannot get out of the lane.

I usually go to Tesco on a Tuesday morning and then on to a friend's house for coffee - it is always a jolly occasion as we have so many interests in common and can chat non-stop.  But she rang me earlier this morning to say that not only had she got water coming through her roof but that also the approaches to her house were cut off by water.

There is something very scary about our rivers up here.   They can rise as much as twenty feet in an hour and when they are in spate they make a noise like an express train going through.   They sweep away everything in their path.

I did try to go into our little market town a while ago, but where our lane joins the main road into town there was stationary traffice because the dip in the road a hundred yards further up was impassable.  So it is lunch from the freezer today.   Luckily it is full, as always, so we shall not go hungry.

I feel sorry for the cattle out in the fields.   They stand dejected up against the hedge sheltering them from the worst of the weather.   They have their heads down and look as though they are just waiting for it to pass over.

The same can be said for me.   I shall sit by the wood burner, crochet another Afghan square for my blanket and read my book.   I have just finished reading Julian Fellowes's 'Past Imperfect' which was an interesting book because it gives the reader such an insight into what life was like for the upper class in the days before we all became equal (ha!ha!).   He is the chap who wrote 'Downton Abbey' which I didn't watch but which was very popular I understand.   If they ever put 'Past Imperfect' on the TV I shall at least know what happens.    It has a very good story line.

If you are suffering from this awful weather - keep dry and warm.


Tom Stephenson said...

Stay dry, Weave. In our part of Somerset it is not too bad at all and the sun is out. I have heard about your part of the world though.

The Solitary Walker said...

Ark-building seems to be the order of the day, Pat.

Gerry Snape said...

Pat...so sorry about all of this...it's raining again here and even Penketh is now on the danger list...no doubt the Mersey will come up to meet us!

Elizabeth said...

Too much rain altogether!
Reminds me a little of the famous opening line""There was no possibility of a walk that day" ....
Yes, a perfect opportunity to catch up on a good book and other projects.
Re the wet schoolboys in the post below. Let them get wet, says me! I think we were almost always wet as school children.
Arthritis is so unpleasant, but I'm not sure you 'catch it' --just the result of being on the planet for a while.
Happy reading. ps Julian Fellowes film "Gosford Park" is well worth seeing. Sharper than Downton Abbey --which I also enjoyed.

Heather said...

Many fields in this area are under water and my tutor woke up to find the ground floor of her Somerset cottage flooded yesterday. We are more fortunate and although there have been very heavy showers, at present it is dry but there are plenty of dark clouds rushing along. Hope your situation soon improves and you can get out and about again.

John Going Gently said...

bad here pat and getting wetter!
just rescued a hen who almost gave up the ghost in this bloody awful weather... I have had her sat in the airing cupboard, which has helped
stay safe

mrsnesbitt said...

Aye - heard layburn mentioned in the news Pat - for all the wrong reasons too! Keep warm and stay dry. Dxxx

angryparsnip said...

So sad to read... it seems you have nothing but rain.
What you need today was a DUKW or better known as a Duck, amphibious truck car.
You can drive them on land then zoom right into the water and drive away.
Goodness I hope your get some sunny weather soon.
How are the chickens ? mrsnesbitt wrote about hers today.
Our fall has started and it is so lovely after a long and hot monsoon season. Wish I could send you some blue skies.

cheers, parsnip

MorningAJ said...

Five inches? I don't think we've had that much. But it is raining pretty heavily round here.

Anonymous said...

Having just been watching the news, it seems you got the worst of it.

Hope all is well, and enjoy the woodburner.

Pondside said...

I think I left just in time! I've been following the weather reports - I hope the rains end sometime soon.

thousandflower said...

I loved Downton Abbey and just put in interlibrary loan request for Past Imperfect. Thanks for the book review.

Bovey Belle said...

For once, our part of Wales has been on the edge of this weather front (thank heavens), but I know exactly what you mean about your rivers going up and down like yo-yos as ours are capable of the same. I hope the rain buzzes off and leaves you alone soon, to dry out a bit. Mind you, sitting by the fire with crochet and/or a good book sounds like heaven to me!

I will have a look at Past Imperfect in the book shop. A Library request isn't possible, as our mobile library hasn't turned up this month (the old driver retired) so I don't know when we will see the new one.

The Weaver of Grass said...

The worst is past, the water is draining away and people are clearing up. We have a few fences to mend but that is all.
My son, however, has had the road in front of his cottage washed away and as it is an unadopted lane, the residents now have to arrange a new lane - so watch this space. Thanks for the commiserations -