Friday, 1 August 2008

My week (3)

A sure sign that haymaking is over - my hens find a freshly mown field and are in it like a shot - plenty of creepy crawlies to find - they are in their element.
Only phase one of haymaking is over as the weather has turned very wet. Yesterday we had over one inch of rain in eight hours, so the ground is far too wet to continue and it will be several days before the grass is dry enough. It makes the phrase "All is safely gathered in" very real. These days with machinery we can gather the crops in quickly. In the old days, when they relied on man (and horse) power it took much longer and farmers, who relied on hay to feed their stock in winter, must have had sleepless nights over getting their hay into a stack and getting it thatched.
Tess our Border Terrier claimed one rack of hay bales as her own. She thinks haymaking is great fun!

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