Monday, 2 December 2019


The sun has gone today and in its place just clouds.   I am sure it is slightly warmer if one looks at a thermometer but in fact it feels colder because it is back to being cheerless weather.   Book Group this morning at S's house - I always enjoy going there - he makes the most delicious flapjack. 

We had a good hour discussing Robinson Crusoe - most interesting too.   The next book is my choice and we had intended to read and discuss Salley Vickers 'Grandmothers' which is advertised as coming out in November in paperback but not so according to our local bookshop.   So there will have to be a change of plan and as it is Christmas month and we will all be busy one way or another and don't want to read anything too heavy I have suggested Clive James's 'Unreliable Memoirs'  and am waiting to see what the others think.

Chiropodist this afternoon, walk round with dog and now all shut up and snug and warm.   Set to get warmer over the next few days - time will tell.


Heather said...

I hope the milder weather doesn't mean more rain. I have enjoyed the recent crisp, cold but bright and dry days. Proper winter weather.
The mention of flapjack made my mouth water. I am avoiding sweet things in an attempt to keep my weight down. I did quite well during the summer and don't want to ruin it. No doubt Christmas will upset things a bit but I shall enjoy a bit of feasting.
Keep snug and hopefully dry too.

Margaret Butterworth said...

I’ve just read the first 2 chapters of Unreliable Memoirs. You can get these as a free sample from Amazon Kindle. Clive James is witty and amusing. I think it will be a relief from all the doom and gloom about.

Chris said...

Must put Clive James' book on my list. Always open to good book suggestions!

Margaret Butterworth said...

Grandmothers is also available as an e-book on Amazon.

lynney62 said...

Hello Weave :) I live in Illinois, USA, and have been reading your daily blog for about a year or thought it was about time I spoke up and said "Hi". I so enjoy your blog! Our weather here is much like what you are experiencing in The Dales, except this week we are expected to warm up a bit, maybe up to 50 degrees F....2 days ago we got 2 inches of snow..In the central US, they always say "blink and the weather has changed again" :) My lawn is still completely covered with fallen leaves...My wonderful "yard guy" hopes to scoop them all up this week if it warms up a bit. I am like you, a senior lady, widowed twice, retired RN, been retired now for 13 yrs. after working in the hospital environment for about 40 yrs. I love reading many of your friend's blogs too, to keep appraised of life and politics in the UK. I must admit I'm a bit lazy and rarely "comment" on the blogs I read but just wanted to say "Hello" to you and wish you and your family/friends a most "Merry Christmas"! And being a dog (and cat) lover, give Tess a big pet and hug from me.

Librarian said...

We've had some sunny days, including yesterday, with a rainy Sunday morning in between - it should have come down as snow but was too warm for that at 4 Celsius.
Sunny again today, but it will be pitch black by the time I get out of the office. Frosty, this morning, too; I have heard the neighbours scratching their cars free of ice before they left for work.
I don't know either of the books (Grandmother and Unreliable Memoirs), but would like to know more about them.

Dianne said...

Grandmothers by Sally Vickers currently being read at noon on radio 4.
Very good

pam nash said...

We've also had some chilly sunny days here. It is supposed to start warming up though and back to the middle-upper 70's F. Getting others view of books is interesting but I find as I grow older, I'd rather read "light and fluffy" rather than "ripped from the headlines". I've done all the serious reading, not I just want to enjoy!